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Clever dog rings doorbell at 2am to wake owners after getting locked out of home – Today News

 A clever dog who was accidentally locked outside by her owners rang the doorbell to be let back in  Chika, a Labrador-mix, was stranded outside her home in McDonough in Georgia, USA after owner Robert Fox went to bed  Hours passed and the pooch was left to rack her brain for a solution. She finally plucked up the courage to ring the doorbell at 2 18am.  Mr Fox, Angelia Fox and their son Gavin Cooper had been asleep at the time But on the sound of the doorbell, Mr Fox woke up tired and confused and went to investigate    He was surprised to see their beloved pet on the front porch and eventually let the dog in after realising his mistake  Brilliant footage captured from the family’s doorbell-cam shows the Labrador-mix trying to get her owners’ attention by ringing the doorbell twice  The video begins with the dog’s head popping up from the bottom. She then uses her snout to push the buzzer and the doorbell can be heard chiming  Chika returns to the porch and waits to be let in. After a while, she appears to see or hear something and runs down the front steps  But the sharp-witted pooch later returns and uses her paw to ring the doorbell for the second time  The video ends as she steps back and waits patiently for her owners.

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