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Comforting a Scared Dog | Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation

andrew and i are watching a Bay Area dog rescuer name pelle assess Cassie shape has been stranger fear are a pit bull puppy who’s in danger of being pulled down because she appears to be aggressive it’s okay so girl Denise more socialization that she doesn’t you coming in because you’re you know maybe a mad yeah a lot of times when a dog’s infared it’s gonna be no males let’s see if you come out if you post to hurt ya ok just wait yeah that’s the parking well yeah just offer this male know like three right there there you move it redirecting it or creating an attraction based on those not ears or eyes she’s looking at things and that’s what makes her nervous so we’re what we say right now is don’t pay attention to that and pay attention to what your nose is saying and then she creates that attachment to a male yeah its nose eyes ears vs ears eyes nose now under change the defeating touch the chest and so now she has a memory human males can that can help me feel like a dog and gain trust


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