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¿Cómo saber si mi Husky Siberiano es de raza?

Hello with you, are the pitcher sevilla Welcome to my YouTube channel today I bring you a new video I hope you like it and give me a like and subscribe how to know if my siberian husky is of breed it’s a very controversial issue there is much discussion about whether purebred dogs are really better or not and this leads to one as owner ask yourself if my daughter is a race first you have to define well what the colloquial term of race means This term is used in purebred dogs means that your dog’s family tree is pure its Siberian and its characteristics remain the same as the oldest copies if your dog is not purebred, do not be discouraged, it only means that within your family tree there is a dog of another breed it could be a Alaskan malamute a Samoyed or even a very different dog like a labrador Still, if your dog looks like a husky, it means that the other dog’s genes almost didn’t affect the line. as a purebred Siberian identified the easiest way is to find a pedigree pedigree dog in English The pedigree is a document that certifies that the dog meets the characteristics of the standard given by cynological federation international fih and that in all its family tree there is usquil Siberians also with pedigree that your husky has a pilgrim means that it will be a championship dog These certificates also have categories and can raise a puppy’s price a lot If you want to know more about pedigree I leave an article of the Mexican canófila federation under the characteristics of a husky even if your husky doesn’t have a certificate if it complies with most of the physical characteristics that distinguish the breed most likely meet the other characteristics such as temperament the great resistance to fatigue head the siberian husky has a medium and semi-rounded skull proportional to its body the snout is long and is thinning gradually your nose is almond-shaped and can be glacier blue brown a peculiarity of these races that may have a brown eye and a blue eye to this condition is called ether occurred and is very common in siberians the ears have a triangular shape and rounded tips and are very close to each other body and tail The husky are medium-sized dog and it is of thin complexion but with a good musculature developed has a straight back and a narrow but deep chest the hind limbs should not have a spur inner finger the tail is well covered with brush-shaped hair and is worn on the curled back fur husky fur is double is medium long and stupid the color can be black gray brown and red all combined with white there are also forests that are completely white different brands are accepted on the face including some that do not appear in any other race Size the height at the cross is 53.5 to 60 centimeters in males and of 50.5 to 56 centimeters in females are light dogs for their height males weigh between 20 points 5 to 28 kilos and females range from 15.5 to 23 kilos these are the main characteristics of this breed but the afi is very specific with all the characteristics there is a link with the most detailed document about the appearance of a husky always remember that not because a husky has a pedigree means that it is better than others If you have the possibility of adopting one, do not doubt how much fat a tireless friend gives you love Do not and I know that it is the one that yes to you Marifil over na to 6 and his life those is If it were for me well Those good rocky no angerer arena What did I ask if you had Yes d Similar now It’s like that I am done Pizzi very well Bari na There is nothing So here Do not For you and Your


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