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Cow Gets Separated From The Dog That She Raised.. (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

This dog and cow are inseparable But the cow gets taken away? I grew attached so I didn’t want to sell her But it’s hard to raise two cows So I’m selling one of them Rookie is left in tearsㅠㅜ Cries out for the mother.. Ends up running away from home Rookie! Rookie! And follows the cow’s voice There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you! I missed you so much! Overwhelmed with emotion Do you like it that much? Rookie, how did you find this place? Don’t ever leave me again! The dog will be okay after awhile Let’s go home All day.. Sitting and waiting Rookie, eat something The mom comes back! Surprise! Do you like it that much? Isn’t it obvi I decided to keep her for Rookie’s sake If the dog continues to live with the cow like this, Rookie might have a lack in social skills Rookie needs to be given the opportunity to make new friends A new friend! I should arrange more play dates with other dogs Takes the cow’s scent And puts it on the dog for a sense of familiarity As well as a play date with the owner!


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