Cute Animal Best Friend: Themba The Hyena

SHANDOR: Good boy, well done. 00:10
SHANDOR: Well I’m an animal trainer, I mainly work with the hyenas, um hyenas are extremely
dangerous, having a three and a half ton jaw pressure which is the spotted hyena, and brown
hyenas have one of the strongest jaw pressures of animals in Africa at five tonnes per square
inch. So that basically give you as bit of perspective on how dangerous they are. 00:35
SHANDOR: What we do is we gonna run Stinky, who is our spotted hyena, we call him Stinky
his name’s actually Themba, he responds to Stinky a little bit more, but we’re gonna
run him and that kind of wears them down then after that they tend to kind of like relax
a little bit more. Obviously they like to get rid of all that excess energy. 00:54
SHANDOR: And so we’re basically gonna give Stinky a bit of a makeover, he’s not called
Stinky for no reason, he does smell. So we’re gonna basically wash him today, get him soaped
up, rinse it off and then as I said hyenas love their teeth being played with. Anything
in their mouth so we’re gonna basically brush his teeth as well today. 01:11
SHANDOR: “Brush, brush, brush, brush, brush” 01:15
SHANDOR: Um, obviously if someone else tried to do this he’s not used to them and would
probably end up biting them or seriously injuring them. His bites pretty bad, and he’s got very
big teeth at the moment.

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