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Cute Chickens Conquer The Fashion World

What do you think of when you hear these three words Professional Top Models? Does a picture of runway models and their perfect body dimensions spring to mind? What if these top models were feathery and plump? Meet these eccentric photographers. They photoshoot… Chickens! Hi, I am Moreno I’m Matteo We are photographers of chickens. We are in Milan, in our studio. Milan is one of the world’s fashion capitals, home to expensive, exclusive boutiques, designer labels and stunning models. Yet we find ourselves in…. in a garden with chickens roaming around! This project started three years ago, when Jessicah & Samanta, our chicken arrived in our garden, and we were invited by a farmer to an exposition near Milan, a chicken exposition. And we went there to shoot some animals bu we didn’t know what to expect. We went there to shoot some pictures and we realized that there are many many kinds of chickens Matteo didn’t know that by accepting the invitation, he was about to embark on a glorious quest. The beauty of the birds captivated the artists. We began from 10-12 photos and in three years, now we have 150 photos. And we made the book. Not only a book, but the chicken models were immortalized in an entire collection of items related to the project, ranging from post cards and calendars to high definition prints. Working with so many models that do not fit the stereotype must be challenging at the very least. But not for these guys. We love animals and it is very easy for us. They are top models, it’s simple when you work with top models. They were natural born posers, being fabulous came easy for these chickens. According to the photographers, it appeared as though the chickens had been waiting their whole lives for their moment in the spotlight. Nevertheless, the artists kindly reminded us that they love animals and none of the chickens were harmed, forced or leashed during the photoshoots. The chic chickens have now found global fame as top models, and they are loving it. Now we are everywhere around the world, our chickens are famous everywhere around the whole world, from Japan to US, to UK, France Having spent so much time taking pictures of fluffy and beautiful models… What do their wives think of it? My wife thinks that I am crazy. But now she looked at the photos, the project. For her it’s a beautiful project. My wife says “stop talking about chicken, stop talking about chicken.” Everytime! Spending time with supermodels like this can get a little clumsy sometimes or a little bit noisy But it’s obvious that although the product is finished, the friendship is just beginning. Did you like the pictures? What do you think makes them so special? The photographers or the chickens? Give us your opinion in the comment section below. Want more inspirational stories about creative and talented people and pets? Be sure to subscribe to Bored Panda.


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