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Dark Iron Dwarf Core Hound & Paladin Ram Mounts | In-game Preview With Animations!

Hi guys, i hope your having an amazing day. So today we are gonna look at the new racial
and new paladin mounts for the dark iron dwarfes now that they updated their animations. A lot of you were a bit disappointed with
this mount because its too similar to the molten core mount that you could get during
the event. I hear you it does look similar. this one just have one head but I kinda prefer
this small one compared to the big and bulky one and its armor have a lot more depth and
detail to it as well which I prefer, but if you still don’t like it that’s totally
fine as well. This mount really shines when you put on the
heritage armor set because of the matching colors the armor set and mount have, and again
I love the flying particles from the shoulders. So, this is the new paladin mount as you could
probably guess by the iconic yellow color, I like the blue iron on the sides and the
glowing eyes we can only hope that they will update the current paladin mount in one of
the future expansions. One downside about the mount is that the heritage
armor dosent fit with the theme since its not a class specific set but rather a race
specific one and that’s why I used the paladin tier set instead. So eventho this mount perhaps dosent look
as good as the previous one it defiantly will fit with the heritage armor set which is a
big plus in my book. So that’s it for this video guys, if you
enjoyed it make sure to leave a like and consider subscribing to the channel and turn on your
notifications to get notified whenever I upload a new video. Thank you for watching and remember to always
stay positive. Cya next time.

  • Would be nice if they updated the human charger and the blood elf chargers slightly differently as well, maybe make the human charger have the warfront plate assets like the vicious war hippo u showed the other day? 😛 like anduins horse has?, also speaking of warfronts i know theres a barrens one datamined, do u think theyll make new sets/weapons for each new warfront?

  • What if the gold and sliver one is for the Bronze Beard dwarf and the Black and grey one is for the Dark Iron dwarf they are just testing them both on the Dark Iron cause they're in the ptr still being worked on? 🤔

  • So i can use molten hound only on alliance? I m cryng , i use set from blackrook foundary for my warrior and i think that molten hound would fit that set just right but its racial for darkiron ….. :/

  • think its about time all the old mounts were updated alot of work but really needed now with these newer models

  • For some reason I think the old core hound looks more realistic, but eh, I still kind of like this core "puppy".

  • For me I’m making a dark iron shaman because I predicted they would be shamans and everyone told me they could not.

  • Liked it and the small core hound has an advantage over the large 3 headed core hound is that it can fit through small spaces like Stormwind archways which might explain to why I'm seeing Draenei 🐘 or any core hound users ended up use Night elf 🐅🐆 Gnome robotic 🐓 Human and Worgen 🐎and Dwarf 🐏🐑 racial mounts around Stormwind to traverse the archway corridors then switch to a larger mount. My guess for the Yellow 🐑 Paladin mount is that it's for the Dwarf race because they have been using the Human paladin horse since November 23 2004 (in game 25-26 adp) to August 14 2018 ( in game 32-33 after the dark portal).

  • I really hope dwarf paladins get some iconic fire spells. Like firelords verdict or purging strike

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