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Dog Learning To Talk Already Knows 29 Words

dog who’s learning to talk using custom
keyboard already knows 29 words sure to subscribe and like our video before we
get started if you’re a pet owner then obviously you speak to them how else
will max know he’s a good boy but don’t you wish they could talk back to you one
lucky dog owner Christina Hunger 26 can save her canine pal does in fact
communicate with her that’s because Christina a
speech-language pathologist has given her dog Oh Stella a customized keyboard
which allows her to press what she wants to say Stella
an 18 month old Catahoula blue heeler mix has been learning to communicate her
thoughts and feelings since she was 8 weeks old christina from san diego
created the device herself all Stella has to do is press on the button with
the word she wants to express not only can Stella say when she’s hungry wants
to go for a walk or just wants a belly rub Stella has been able to form
sentences to date she knows 29 words her most remarkable progress came when
Stella was able to convey that she missed Christina’s fiance Jake the
clever dog Oh typed want Jay can come and when he arrived a short while later
Stella pressed happy that’s one smart dog christina uses a similar device as
part of her job teaching one and two-year-old children she began teaching
Stella in her infancy too now Stella can combine up to five words to form a
sentence I’m in constant amazement and shock Kristina told people every day she
says something cooler than she said the day before the way she uses words to
communicate and the words she’s combining is really similar to a
two-year-old child christina has been documenting Stella’s
learning journey on her blog hunger for words the pair now excitedly chat with
each other as much as they can Stella is also delighted to be able to
chat with her human when she first learned what the walk button does Stella
repeatedly pressed on it I didn’t realize how much she was waiting to say
it added Christina she also loves saying beach she was so happy and still says it
very often I think how important dogs are to their human’s notes Christina I
just imagine how much deeper the bond will be happy ball want outside all right you
can go outside and play with your ball

  • wow, amazing. speech language pathologist. Wow. making a sentence? Incredible. So interesting. I'm very interested since I'm a linguist. I'd like to see more videos.
    I am now your youtube friend.

  • Does anyone know what behavioural conditioning is? Dog pressed outside. Then dog goes outside and is happy to be outside. Wow. That's crazy considering how many times I let my dog outside and hes NOT happy to be outside. This is much more a demonstration of human conditioning as well as a demonstration of projected anthropomorphism. Change the words to random movie titles then tell me that's what the dogs favorite movias are

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