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Dog Lovers Kiss Dogs While Learning Gross Facts About Dogs’ Mouths

– She does love going up the nose. That’s like one of her favorite spots. (fun carnival music) Thank you.
(laughter) – She goes for the face, for sure. – She is six years old, yeah I was gonna say six years young. – Butter loves to play fetch. She does love kisses, she
loves licking me everywhere. It drives my husband nuts, but I like to let her express herself. – She kisses everyone and
we actually trained her how to kiss, so on command,
Mysa, ching ching please. (licking)
Aww, thank you. – Lucy likes to chew on toys. She loves to give kisses,
like big wet kisses. It’s sort of like a storm of kisses. – She will lick my arm. She’ll smell my mouth, I
won’t let her lick my mouth, because I see her lick her butt hole. That’s the weird thing we do. – It’s just like human kisses, it’s like a sign of affection. – Maybe she makes my
immune system stronger, if I let her lick lick me. I hope so. – I have heard that dog’s
mouths are cleaner than humans, but I guess that people don’t get sick from licking dog’s mouths do they? – There’s nothing you could tell me that would make me not want
Lucy to give me kisses. I mean, Lucy has
straight-up licked her butt and then kissed me and it’s fine. – Hi.
– Uh oh. – [Woman] So now you’re
gonna meet someone. – [Lucy’s Owner] Bout
to get a reality check. – She does shake when she goes to the vet, so I don’t know if the coat
is giving off anything. – Okay, so sit, sit, stay, stay, sorry. (laughter) – So, I’m Dr. Jodie Poller. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. So I heard she really
likes to give kisses, huh? – [Man] She does. – So, did you know, you could possibly get parasites from her giving kisses. – Oh, isn’t that fun? – If your dog, let’s say,
is eating her own feces, and then she decides to go kiss you. – Oh God. – Parasites, specifically
there’s one, Giardia. – No, she doesn’t. – Does she eat other dog’s poop? – Not to my knowledge. – I know dogs from the
dog park that do that. – Yeah, I’d watch out, I
wouldn’t let those dog kiss you. – No. – Sometimes dogs love to
lick other dog’s behind. – Oh yeah.
– And if they have Giardia. – She got Giardia a bunch
cause we live in the city, she got it three times. – It’s so common. – [Hadley’s Owner] Lot’s of diarrhea, it projected to the wall.
– Yeah. – New York City is really
disgusting, and who knows. – Aww, you wanna give me kisses. – (laughter) Can you come here? – You wanna give me kisses? Oh. There’s another thing,
that’s a gram negative bacteria that’s called dysgonic fermenter. – Huh
– Okay. – That sounds like
something that goes in beer. – Let’s say that dog
bites you and you didn’t have your spleen, that
could be very dangerous to you if that bacteria got into you. It can lead to a septic body. – What does that even mean? – Rare fact, you’d be very, very ill. – Do dogs have spleens?
– Yes – But Lucy would never
dream of doing that to me. – That’s good to know. – It is. – Especially if you like
to make out with your dog. – Yeah. – She’s like, these are
my secrets. (laughter) – Dogs can have a lot of
bacteria in their mouth. Will she let me look at her teeth? Oh you have pretty, you have okay teeth. There is some tartar on
them, you have some tartar. – She needs to get them cleaned. – Oh wow! See all that tartar? – Yeah. – Cause we always worry about the tartar, bacteria going to other
organs, especially the heart, lungs, kidneys, and causing infection. When dogs turn two, about 80%
of dogs have dental disease. Do you ever brush her teeth? – We do, yeah.
– Perfect. How often? – When I say we, I mean
the person at the salon does it when we take
her in to get a haircut. – You definitely should go
to your vet and get the teeth checked out before they
all start rotting away. – [Mysa’s Owner] Okay. – Kiss? (laughter) Okay, so she’s embarrassed. She doesn’t’ feel good about this. – I heard that dog’s mouths
are cleaner than ours. – No, I wouldn’t go as
far as that, cause now she’s chewing on a ball that’s
been all over this floor. The reality is, both the
dog’s mouth, both the humans, they both have different
types of bacteria in them. – They’re probably about
the same level of – – No, probably about the same.
– Of filth. – Huh, so I’m just a snob for no reason. – I mean, at least
we’re not licking things off the streets of New
York, or I hope you’re not. – That’s a good point, no, no, no. I would never dream of doing that. (laughter)
That’s wild. – Do people ever pass
stuff on to their dogs. – No, usually cat bites are
a lot worse than dog bites. Their mouths sometimes
have worse bacteria, but also they have such
sharp teeth, the cat. So they penetrate farther into your skin. – Wow. – It sounds like you
shouldn’t kiss either but I’m gonna make an exception
for my puppy princess. – [Dr. Jodie] But do the
dog kisses make you happy? – [Lucy’s Owner] They make me very happy. – If a dog gets me
good, I’d be like, well, I’m kinda gross too cause apparently I have the same amount
of bacteria in my mouth. – Right. – Which is crazy cause she
spends her day licking her butt, and I do not spend my day
doing that. (laughter) – The kissing will probably,
definitely not cease. I’ll just ask Lucy, have you
recently licked your privates- – And she’ll let you know?
– Before I allow it to happen. – Yeah, and she’ll definitely let me know, yeah, we have an ongoing dialog. – I might change my mind if one day I have a stomach ache and
it turns out to be Giardia. – Yeah
(laughter) – But until then, maybe I’ll risk it. – If I lose my spleen, maybe. (laughter) – Good call. – But honestly, I kinda like her kisses. – [Dr. Jodie] She’s
like, I’m not having it, I’m over kissing.
– What’s going on? – [Dr. Jodie] Gave you too
many kisses already, Dad. This is very embarrassing. – Lucy, can you give me a kiss
or are you too distracted? It’s not gonna happen,
this is very embarrassing. – Ching ching.
– Ching ching. (dog whining)
Oh, that was a good one. (laughter)


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