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Dog Show Grooming: Smooth Coat Chihuahua PART THREE

we’re back for episode three of how to
show groom your Chihuahua just so you know a lot of the techniques covered can
be used on other smooth-coated breeds as well not just chihuahuas so pull out
those smooth coat brushes and other items from the loot you purchased from
episode 1 and let’s go groom a smooth coat Chihuahua we got more grooming action coming your way so be sure to subscribe and ring
that little bell so you don’t miss one episode Lana’s subject for this episode is Blondie probably one of the sweetest
dogs you will ever meet and while there’s not as much grooming on a smooth coat as there is on a long coat there is still a lot of work to be done they are
not a wash and go kind of dog in true Lana style she always starts with the
feet so pull out that Dremel and get those nails as short as you possibly can
watch how she tap-tap-taps on those nails until she
gets it as close to the quik as you can and this is extremely important not just
for your show dogs but for your couch dogs as well again as close to the quik
as possible nice and tight that way their feet don’t
splay they have good grip on the bottom of their feet it’s for a lot of reasons
other than show but health reasons as well now it’s time to pull out your wahl
trimmer to clean out between each of the pads the hair on a smooth usually is not
as long as a long coat but it does grow in between the pads so to make sure they
have the best traction possible clean them out if you are showing them or not
and yes do this to your couch dogs too back when I first started showing and
grooming my dogs I used to hold my dogs in my arms vertically and then do each
foot individually holding the dog and the foot in one hand and the Dremel in
the other struggling with each and every toe I learned from Lana to lay them on
their back in my lap it puts them in a submissive position and honestly even my
most unruly dogs seemed to calm down rather quickly and allow me to get the
job done so I suggest you give it a try all right after we’re done with that I’m
gonna put them on the table put them on the lead she then goes around the
outside edge of each foot with her straight sheers getting as close as
possible helping to create that very tight and neat looking foot we’re not
gonna come to the top of the foot it really isn’t any hair on a smooth coat to trim at this point I
definitely need to remind you to go back and watch episode two because for each of
the long coat and smooth coat varieties she shares different techniques but they
can be intertwined and used on either variety with the smooth coat chihuahua it’s really important to look at the outline and the topline to see if there’s any hairs that need to be trimmed all of you that
we’re excited about getting that Mars stripping tool yes I read all of the
comments and emails it was like a rough of hair right here and I’m gonna go ahead and pull a little bit of that out guess what you get to
use it on your smooth coat too go dig it out my handy dandy stripper and just like an episode two with
the long coat rake it over that spot and go in multiple directions because that’s
gonna pull out the undercoat and smooth everything out beautifully
some people clean up a little bit they’re rough by breed standard they are
supposed to have a rough so I don’t I don’t clean anything around the neck if
they have a pinch of hair sticking out cuz they are smooth so you want to be
able to see their outline I’ll just snip it off just like that so that it goes
straight you also want to clean up the underbelly just a little bit so you can
see her girly figure and don’t forget to get that little notch where the hind leg
attaches I do a lot of my trimming on a smooth coat Chihuahua with this right here
because they don’t have a lot of coat so I can get a little bit more precise
honestly you don’t have to do much just clean it up a little bit see how that
enhances the rear and it shows the ribcage probably the biggest challenge
to a smooth coat it’s the rear when the hair and the rear grows out
unfortunately it adds unnecessary length to your dog and of course it hides a
pretty rear the main trimming that I do on a smooth coat Chihuahua is back here she
starts with her wahl trimmer right at the butt trimming up and cleaning at the
base of the tail just like with a long coat she uses her thinning shears to
blend any of the hairs to have a distinct cut line from the trimmers yes
you can totally do this with your thinning shears but with some practice
she prefers to sculpt it out with her trimmer you might want to pull out some
non show dogs to try this technique on for the first or even second go-round
and she says it definitely helps to keep them steady all you’re doing is taking
that extra hair that grows over by following the natural line you can
actually create angles but blondie already has them so this will definitely
help show them off comparing the two sides you can definitely see the result
instantly once you’ve gone over it with your trimmer you can then take your
thinning shears and make the lines look much more natural with both sides done
you can definitely see the outline and loves these they do not make a line it doesn’t matter of you make a bad cut or not they totally make it blend in with both sides done you can definitely see the outline it looks quite amazing again blondie has
an awesome rear but cleaning it up allows it to really be showcased I
have noticed that people have started balding the tails like rounding the chihuahua’s tail or nipping it off so that’s like flat or round at the top I don’t know
why you guys are doing it doesn’t look good it’s not the way
it’s supposed to be if there’s some hair sticking up off the tail I will gently
take just to top of that off but it should still be a point it should not be
round it shouldn’t be bald should not be flat there we go on to the face trim off
all those whiskers and don’t forget those that are under the chin like the
rest of us 40 plus year old women have don’t even deny that they’re there girls
we all know they are okay now remember what I said about the ears on long coat
do not shave them out well that’s a totally opposite for smooth coats you
are allowed to shave out your smooth coat chihuahuas ears because there are smooth
coats right now she has extra hair covering up her big beautiful ears it’s
not enough to trim with a thinning shear I’m just gonna go in and shave it out
I’m gonna go right around that little spot like I told you it along and I’m
just gonna kind of go up and get that extra hair out again the difference is
seen instantly and yeah getting it to match perfectly is just as impossible as
with the long coat but you can get it to pass a little easier on these guys just
like on the rear use your thinning shears to make the cuts look a little
bit more natural this definitely helps accentuate that round Apple head once
you are done with all that trimming and cutting and blending use the purple ionic
brush to get out any dirt this is the brush you use in between shows because
it’s your work brush the Chris Christensen ionic brass boar brush is
your finishing brush that’s what she brings to the show with her and uses
ring side just before she goes in and it helps bring out the natural shine in
the coat but of course before that it’s time to bathe em and just as with the
long coat she uses the Blanc to whiten that coat and get it nice and clean by
using it fully concentrated don’t forget to add a little bit of Dawn dishwashing
soap for that extra clean let it sit for a few minutes then rinse it out and
follow it with the hydrating shampoo and I towel dry them and I use the same
protein leave-in conditioner on the smooth coats as I do for the longs just a dab
will do you a very little bit will go a very long way instead of allowing them
to partially dry like the long coats she lets them completely air dry Lana says
air force drying them really doesn’t change much so why waste all that time
god only knows when it comes to showing dogs we could always use a time saver
right so you are very welcome and of course miss Ali says why couldn’t I be a
smooth coat that is all I do for a smooth coat chihuahua oh don’t forget all the
items that we use in this episode are linked below and feel free to rewatch
all three episodes over and over again because each time you watch it you’ll
quite possibly pick up something new truth be told we did end up using the
air force dryer on blondie but it was for a really awesome reason you see we
decided to not stop here I feel quick and simple techniques warrant their own
special quick and simple video Lana wanted to share how she does a
basic chalking but of course the dog has to be completely dried hence the air force
so watch for that in the next couple weeks but we didn’t stop there Lana also
performed her infamous burrito trick I’ve seen it in action many a time and
tried it on my own dogs it’s a surefire way to get those nails done on a dog
that is not too happy about it she gets so many requests for how to perform this
technique that I’ve decided to give it its own video so everyone will know how
to find it until then happy grooming

  • These Chihuahua grooming videos are great. My 17 old daughter & my 14 year old son have just started showing our Chihuahuas. These videos have been so helpful. My daughter showed her long coat male for the first time last month & we used your video as guidance for the pre-show grooming. He went in the ring and got a major ! Thank you for making these videos.

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