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[ENG]아기에겐 조심스럽게 대하는 천사 리트리버

It’s aunt Youjin’s first visit to our house with her newborn baby Milan has been waiting for her favorite aunt She forgot the pin code lol it’s been too long (Milan: Why can’t you open the door!!) Milan saw the baby in her aunt’s arms so she runs to her uncle first She normally greets her aunt by jumping really high but today’s a bit different She’s not jumping because you’re holding onto the baby Hey Kang Hyun! She’s not jumping because of the baby! Oh..she does Milan wants to welcome her aunt just like how she used to but she’s being careful at the same time lol She’s quite frustrated because she can’t express her real feelings We’ll calm her down Now that she’s quite relaxed, she comes get the patting (Milan: Hey man(Awkward)) (Milan: Aunt Youjin’s hands are the best~) (Milan: I was quite sad coz she didn’t come after giving birth… ) (Milan: It’s all good now tho :). You’re here) (Aunt Youjin: You missed me, didn’t you Milan?) (Milan: I missed you much much!) She’s suddenly acting all matured because her little bro is watching (Milan: This is how 7yr olds act!) (Kang Hyun: You’re still the same sis!) She keeps coming back around her aunt and the baby (Milan: The baby’s grown so much since I last saw him) (Milan: Heard that you’re gonna start the wean pretty soon?) (Milan: Hopefully you would drop a lot of food while eating…) (Milan: You wanna touch me?!) (Milan: You’re a good patter~) (Kang Hyun: Where you going! I wanna touch you more!) Milan sneakily goes next to the baby again Come up Milan! Good girl. Sit She does everything that her uncle tells her to do Give baby the ball, Milan! (Milan: R u guys for real? Do I have to give you the ball?) (Milan: Oh, no…) Imma give it the the baby, okay? (Milan: Whatever~) (Kang Hyun: I’m okay…) (Milan: You got me nervous… I thought you for real…) Aunt Youjin starts to steal everything from my fridge Makes latte… (Milan: It sure does feel as if swarm of grasshoppers have passed after she leaves…) She thinks that she can get some food if she stays close to her aunt A song made instantly from the aunt who’s really into Korea’s got talent Song: Ruin your house No chocolates! It will cause big trouble for you (Milan: You say all food causes me trouble) Story of aunt, Kang Hyun and Milan


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