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[Eng Sub] ซีรีส์รุ่นพี่ Secret Love | Puppy Honey | EP.1 [1/4]

Go away! Don’t get any closer! Is that the woman who was with Eau yesterday? How could she do this to you? If I were you, I wouldn’t let this go. I think we have been stalked by those two men over there. We just want to talk with you So, what are you going to do? About the club. I think I’m giving another try and go talk to him again. I won’t let our club get closed down. Or we should just let it go Our study is getting harder this year anyway. I’m afraid that it will be too much for you to take. Are you still my friend? Um… or you prefer me as your wife? Fine, I’m with you no matter what you decide. Look at how he grins at us. Hey, Eau! What’s up? Can you help me about the club? Nah. I already helped you once. But this time, I have come up with a new framework. Help me one more time Why do you have to care so much about this club? It won’t make any f**ing different to our life. To me, it’s the same with or without the club. You better spend your time on studying alone. The dean is your uncle. That’s why we are asking for your help. Just go see your uncle and convince him for us. That’s all. Later then. I don’t feel like to do it now. If he hadn’t walked away, I would have smacked him in the head. I have always hated him since we first met. Who’s she? His chick? What should we do? Forget him. Let’s go talk with the dean again. I believe that your reasons are good enough. He should have sympathy for you. I hope so. It’s the only thing we can do now. Let’s be persistent. There’s a will, there’s a way. It’s what I’m good at. If you are concerned about the expenses, we don’t need much. And we can set up events to raise funds for ourselves. This way, we don’t need to share budget from the faculty. I suggest you to consider merging your club with this one. So we can allocate funds to you all at once. But our objectives are different. This club aims to help and educate people. But mine aims to help animals that cannot help themselves. Please. Please let me continue this club. There’s nothing we can do now. I cannot see the way to convince the dean to save our club. What are you looking at? Is that the woman who was with Eau yesterday? Over there. Right there. Yeah, I guess. I don’t think she is Eau’s girlfriend. She looks more close to that guy. True. Or perhaps, she’s just a fling. Possibly, yeah. Look! They are feeding each other. maybe we go tell Eau about this… that his girlfriend is cheating on him. He may appreciate our good intention and help us talk to the dean. Do you still expect to get help from him? What are we waiting for, let’s do it. We should not let this chance pass and take a picture. This will be a solid evidence. She can’t get away with this. Is your father a paparazzi or what? Let’s zoom in. Don’t stop. Take more. You want more? No problem.


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