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[Eng Sub] As Expected, a Dog? ~Ange Finds Where Inui Hid Her Bones~ [Nijisanji Vtuber]

I want to craft it, yeah – – but, every time I think to myself, “Let’s smelt something,” These chests, you see… Uhm, this wasn’t the plan, really. It wasn’t supposed to be a cafe, like, the cafe- “Should I hide it here?” And so on is what I said [to myself]. Here, or here. Like, as a cafe, it’s a bit off as expected, right, so… Was there a nook [like that]? Yeah, probably, that’s this here, I think-… *Laughs* This… *Laughs* Is this Inui’s [doing]? Huh? Are you hiding your bones, Inui? Inui~ Inui, are you hiding the bones out back? *Laughs* Aren’t you cute~! Nobody’s gonna take ’em from you! Nobody’s gonna eat ’em~! [She] put a flower there too. Aren’t you cute~ *Laughs* Inui’s own personal- Ah! Ah- Are you hiding your meal~?! *Laughs* Aren’t you cute~ *Laughs* *Laughs* Inui sure is cute. *Laughs* “Chest for important stuff”. *Laughs* Somehow, the feel I get from her hiding it is totally that of a dog… Uhm – To end [the stream], let’s make some more wheat before I go.


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