English bulldog lifespan

In this video, I am going to talk about the
lifespan of the English bulldog. What we now know as the English bulldog has
existed since the 1200’s – that’s 8 centuries! But they do tend to live a slightly
shorter life on average than other dog breeds. The English Bulldog should be expected to
live 8 – 10 years on average. Some live as long as 12 or even more. Some, unfortunately,
live less than 8 years. English bulldogs are susceptible to a variety
of health problems which can reduce their life expectancy.
A careful inspection of the family history of your bulldog should help you understand
what to expect. Consider avoiding English bulldog puppies where a history of health
problems or less-than-average lifespan occurred. Regular check-ins at the veterinarian, a healthy
diet, and frequent exercise all will help your English bulldog live a long life.
At this point, you’ve learned a great deal about the lifespan of an English bulldog.
If you would like to know more about selecting and raising an English bulldog, please check
out The Art of Raising An English Bulldog Puppy. It is available now on Amazon and coming
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