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Floatplane carrying 4 Americans, 3 Canadians, crashes into Labrador lake, no survivors expected: off

Officials in Canada said Wednesday the search for several missing people will likely turn up no survivors after a plane carrying four Americans and three Canadians crashed earlier this week Three passengers have already been confirmed dead after a de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver operated by Air Saguenay crashed in Mistastin Lake in the Eastern Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador Monday  The aircraft departed from Three Rivers Lodge on Crossroads Lake in Quebec that morning and headed to a remote fishing camp on Mistastin Lake The plane was expected to return that evening but never made the trip.  True color satellite image of Mistastin impact structure, Labrador, Canada (Photo by Planet Observer/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)  MAN ALIVE AFTER PLUNGING OVER NIAGARA FALLS, EXACTLY 69 YEARS AFTER SEVEN-YEAR-OLD BOY SURVIVED FALL  Sometime after 5 a m. Tuesday, another aircraft spotted the wreckage submerged in water below, about a mile off the shoreline  Two helicopters and a floatplane were dispatched to the crash scene to search for any survivors  Three people were confirmed dead, including the pilot, but officials said Wednesday that rescue efforts have evolved into recovery efforts  TWO DEAD IN SECOND FLOATPLANE CRASH THIS MONTH INVOLVING TAQUAN AIR, OFFICIALS SAY “The hope for our finding the missing persons alive is very low,” Jean Tremblay, president of Air Saguenay, told Reuters  Maj. Mark Gough of Maritime Forces Atlantic, which is coordinating the rescue effort, said that if anyone were to have survived the crash “they would have had a bit of a swim to get to land ”  Two floatplanes at low altitude in sunset light over an Alaskan inlet. Shot at high iso with light grain  Gough said it was not immediately clear what caused the Beaver to crash or at what time it approximately took place He did add that weather conditions were “fair” the day the plane took off. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the plane was carrying four Americans and three Canadians, all men The nationalities of the three known victims were not immediately clear The Canadian Transport Safety Board said it would deploy a team of investigators to gather information about the crash  The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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