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Floyd Mayweather & 50 Cent: Will They Ever Make Peace Or End Up In A Physical Fight? – Daily News

From how these two are going at it, it’s hard to believe that 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather were once friends! We EXCLUSIVELY learn if these two are headed for a fight – or if there’s a chance they’ll bury the hatchet    Boxing matches are usually limited to twelve rounds, but the beef between 50 Cent, 43, and Floyd Mayweather Jr, 41, entered its thirty-seventh round on July 21, with the boxer tearing into Fiddy and his crew for being “snitches ” While there is a mile of bad blood between them, Fiddy and Floyd were once tight Well, don’t expect them to be friendly anytime soon. “They are going to have constant beef with each other,” a source close to Floyd EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife com. “They just really hate each other.”    “This will never turn into a thing where they become friends again,” the source tells HollywoodLife com. “There has been too much said between them both and each others’ camps. …They just don’t like each other or who each other hang out with The ties between their former friendship are broken forever.” However, considering the circles these two run in, it won’t be long before they’re in the same club in the same city in the same state When that happens, people better be careful. “If and when their respective crews are around each other in the future,” the Mayweather insider added, “it could get a little dicey and very heated because all the animosity between the two ”  Yes, Floyd and Fiddy were once friends. The two struck a bromance in 2006. While it wasn’t always perfect – the two supposedly traded punches in 2008 over a gambling transaction that went wrong, according to Vibe – they still remained tight, to the point where 50 was one of the first people to greet Floyd after he gout out of jail in 2012 Yet, Fiddy and Floyd’s friendship didn’t survive a trip to the pen, as the two would start fighting that year From there, the two would engage in a bitter feud, firing shots over Twitter and Instagram  The latest round of beef came in late May. 50 Cent shared screenshots of a text conversation between him and Floyd where the boxer accused 50 of dealing with a “certified snitch” and he doesn’t care “about nobody but yourself all you do is dog your own people ” After sharing this and a second convo, Fiddy mocked Floyd and once again accused the boxer was illiterate Floyd responded with a massive Instagram post — where he called out 50 for being broke, washed up and hated by his own family, more or less “Money” followed that by FaceTiming with 50’s estranged son before offering $1,000 to any fan who trashes 50 Cent online So, yeah – these two aren’t going to be buddies anytime soon.

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