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Foodie & Dog Mom Shares Passion for Responsibly Sourced Ingredients | Presented by Castor & Pollux

(upbeat music) (blender whirs) (upbeat music) – I’m Adrianna Adarme,
and I write the food blog, A Cozy Kitchen. And I’m a proud dog mom
of Amelia the corgi. I got into cooking actually
through my food blog. I didn’t know how to cook that well, and it sort of taught me
how to become the cook that I am today. Amelia is absolutely my
cooking partner all the time. She’s just always there
following me from room to room. She’s my best friend in the kitchen. Every once in a while, I really like to have my girlfriends
come over for brunch. It gives us a chance to catch up, and also gives me a
chance to try new recipes. Cooking for my friends and family with high quality, responsibly
sourced ingredients is a way I show how much I love them. People love seeing Amelia. She’s always the life of the party. (dog barks)
She loves having company over. She loves meeting new people,
and they really love her. When I can, I love to source the highest
quality ingredients possible to feed to my friends and family, so for me, that means tacos
made with grass-fed beef and organic fruits and vegetables. I love to offer a vegetarian option too, so I braise some chickpeas with a bit of tomato and chipotle, and people can use that as a filling in the tacos and top it with whatever they like. (upbeat music) The thing that I love about
making brunch at home is that I can control the ingredients, and I know that I can get
responsibly sourced meats and organic fruits and vegetables. I care about what I feed myself
and my friends and family, so I wanna make sure that Amelia has the highest quality food that we can give her because she is my family.
(dog food clatters) For me, that means feeding
her Castor And Pollux Pristine because I want her to be the healthiest and happiest version of herself. (upbeat music)


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