Forknite Entre Padre e Hijo

Let´s go on, dudes! Martha! What are you doing
spying on your teenage son? He’s going to break your heart! Listen to me! At that age they are like animals they touch themselves all day long When I was his age even
hair grew on my hands and it’s permanent, look! If I had known that,
I wouldn´t have switched the hand! He’s not touching himself! He´s being sitting there in front
of that videogame the whole day! He does not have any friends and it’s because YOU
do not spend time with him The best thing a father can do is spending time with his child My dad never spent time with me And look at me, I’m NORMAL! Oh! Well, whatever… Your mom forced me to come because you do not socialize Why don’t you go
to play outside? Because you don’t let me go out How can I let you go out! There is a world full of dangers, gangs, kidnappings out there! Besides, there is
a seminary full of priests next door Can I play? No… WHO PAYS FOR
THE INTERNET SERVICE? Well, fine … This is a one-player game but
I downloaded a device to make it have two players I do not understand Ask the screenwriter
who wrote the excuse Creative license Player1:
Ready boys,
Let’s kick their ass! Player2:
Yes! Let’s beat the shit out of them! Player3:
Fuck yeah! Screw them! Hey, guys! My dad is here Player1:
Sorry, Mr. Zambrano Did you write that? Well now, let’s start Kill as many as you can And please, do not embarrass me You´re kidding me?
Son, you are with the real Rambo Let’s smash them! That’s me? I’m a woman? So? Yes, dad, it is the 21st century Do not be sexist! Yes, Mrs. Zambrano, do not be sexist Ok, just stay with me at all times Obey my orders and I will protect you Jump now! Come on!
In the game, pressing the X Ah hehe And now what do I do? You have to shoot to kill With the harvesting tool you pick up materials and build walls so they do not kill you Dad to protect yourself, you have
to build walls Press the circle button Select with R1 and L1 And build the wall with R2 A piece of cake, right? Dad, what are you doing?
Raise your head! That’s what I want to do! Oh! move the right command! Fuck!
What is this shit? Gosh, see you later!
I’m leaving with the rest of the squad Son! Don’t go! Uh, uh, uh I’m getting the hang of it! What happened? Was I shot? SOOOOOON! Teddy! Help me! I’m dying What are you doing,
son of a bitch! Respect me! I feel humiliated Why didn’t you help me? Because the one
who killed you was Ninja He is amazing! He even has his own YouTube channel
where he shows all his victories I couldn´t have beaten him But you will be in one of his videos! Such a horrible game! Why does it show war
as something normal and innocent? Girl: We were killed,
let’s do it again! You said you were
going to protect me! Let’s do it again! Build walls, so you’re not shot! Hurry up! Hurry up! SHIT! Mushrooms? This game is nuts! Yes, and if you eat them,
you get an extra shieldextra shield Byyyy the way Never eat forest mushrooms! Because they are hallucinogenic No, and they give you
terrible diarrhea And how do you know that? Eeh … because … Look! Shoot! Did you see? I killed him! I AM RAMBO! What the fuck! Dad, you have to pay more attention Well, that was fun! you are a great son But I suck at it Do you want to play just one more time? ATTACK, MOTHERFUCKERS!! GO, GO, GO! Player3:
Fuck you, piece of shit! Player3:
Ostia, fuck… Oh Lord OH LORD! Son! Are you alive? Son! * someone approaches * Son? Is it you? Son! son, are you okay? I will heal you No, dad He’s coming to kill me! You should run away! Never! Fuck! Dad! He won’t let you help me But maybe this will work Hell, yeah! Fucker! Son, I did it! NOOOOO! … I’m right here Ah hehe Player1:
Yes, I killed the last one!
We won! We won? Son, we won! You sacrificed yourself
for your old man Your mom was right The best I can do
is spending time with you 200 Forknite rounds after Guys, let´s kick their ass! Dad, get out of my room! WHO PAYS FOR THE INTERNET SERVICE? And now let´s start with the comments Melissa says: I understood the beginning “ALV” It’s great to speak English! Exactly! Melissa knows how to speak English You have to be responsible and
pay attention in class Don´t be lazy! Orlando:
Aren´t you lazy? Let’s continue with the following comment Zeff DM says: The Simpsons also predicted
that you would make a parody of “Behind the Laughs” And Zeff is right it’s a parody … It is not a copy … Orlando:
Do not say “copy” Plagiarism Ehmm … yeah … the subscription! Subscribe! like it! Turn on the notification bell to be notified when we
upload a new video And Merry Christmas! Orlando:
But it’s not Christmas It doesn’t matter, I love Christmas Subtitulado por:
DLE Departamento de Lenguas Extranjeras de la USFQ
Taductor: Monserratte Shalila Vaca Badillo

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