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Freezer, Fridge and Pantry Mukbang | Chicken Dinner

tasting McBaine taste McBaine eads y’all
I am here today with some chicken and I cut in my electric skillet I cook the
whole chicken if you want to see how I cook that go to my other channel Vanessa
my life my journey I did alive on cooking this I could spare this I cook
some mashed potatoes and we have some sweet rose I got my point right here
yeah and I’m gonna fix my plate cuz I’m hungry this is my first meal of the day
you guys I just had a I didn’t just wake up but I just got up I’ve been in the
bed and just didn’t get out of bed just been thinking meditating praying today
I’m gonna use my hands y’all I love using my hands to eat and to serve
myself cuz I’m the only one eating this food so we’re going now okay and we got
some taters anybody want anything you got a union with yuca Feeny okay let’s
do our thumbnail or another feminie kebab it took one what
happened to my paper towels my napkin my towel I got some distilled water over
here let’s say how great find the guy we thank you for this – we’re about to
receive your blessings your love your kindness your mercy and your grace all
the provisions that you have made upon our lives we thank you for protecting us
against all her home in danger and encamping your angels round about us in
Jesus name we pray amen amen how I’m being kind of quiet yeah my neighbor is home and I don’t want to
disturb her she probably sleep maybe maybe not I don’t know so yeah I talked
to my subscribers when I was live yesterday on the nest of my life my
journey and I was asking him do they like the recorded videos or do they like
the lives when I do the live my bangs and they was like we like the Lima
things better so I do too but with the live mukbangs there’s not a certain
schedule that the video is gonna come out it’s not a certain time that the video
is gonna come out every day when I do lives so but they like it they like
their lives mukbangs they like to interact with me and they wanna eat with
me live and they like the craziness of the lives like the fun and humor so
saying all of that how was your guys day today thank you for joining me if you
haven’t gave the video a thumbs up I’ll get a video a thumbs up if you haven’t
hit the subscribe button hit the subscribe button if you haven’t noticed
I like even with my hands some things and what do you guys want to talk about
today what topic do you want to talk about I’m gonna read my comments in a minute
y’all know and got my glasses on and another thing like I’m doing the freezer
fridge and pantry challenge mukbang like what do you all want to see me I got the
habit in my refrigerator or freezer i pantry though so what do you I want to
see me eat next I’ve been doing pretty good because with
the fridge the fridge and pantry challenge I’ve allowed myself like if I
need like one ingredient to make that meal happen to be able to go pick that
one ingredient but I haven’t had to go buy anything extra I’ve just been using
what I have y’all use asparagus is so good is on yesterday I think I ate a whole pick a mystery
child saying I ain’t got my glasses on let me speak to everybody
hey miss Bonita hey HD hey nitsa hey you II I know I’d be pronouncing it wrong
hey Terrence oh I think they telling me I need to turn the volume up that what
y’all see let me see okay is that what I was telling me to do
turn the volume up I don’t know I need to check that before
I come mr. kitty say hi tasty chairman say hi to the room miss kitty say hi
Terrance and may speaking to each other um everybody’s speaking where have you
been all day tasty in the bed hey Pat y’all again I stayed up all night long
and I did not go to bed until I think it was 2:00 p.m. I didn’t go to bed to 2:00
p.m. so that’s why I’ve been hey miss busty hey
Tasha hey cam Campbell okay so tell me what y’all want to talk about
hey pip we come thirteen people in the house y’all get a video a thumbs up
please y’all tell me what we don’t talk about tonight which I want to talk about
now y’all know it’s very unusual did I ask y’all what y’all want to talk
about so y’all gonna jump on this once in a lifetime what is it little girl in
here y’all better jump on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and tell
me what I want to talk about cuz ya’ll mine I get the opportunity at him who
like asparagus I haven’t beaten my breed yeah good I got mashed potatoes and mashed potatoes
and bread like that’s too much hmm you know where the meat is really crusty
and like burnt this is so good I’m still got missing which Alison what what a minute what is time is
talking about Tara saying how girls are bad and they suck you don’t have to
elaborate on that cuz I don’t know what you don’t Matt no idea what you’re
talking about um miss busty say talk about the cold
weather we are having I can’t stand it charm when I say
something about the cold weather I’m just gonna make one sentence in this I
don’t like the cold weather I don’t like this time change how about the time
change do y’all I was telling a friend of mine I’m gonna protest I want to take
a vote I see how many people agreed if they
don’t want the time to change and we’re gonna protest
I see if something to be done about it he was like that many people are not
gonna want the time to are not gonna vote with you they want the time of
change I’m like I don’t know nobody there won’t if the start getting dark at
5 o’clock I yeah almost everybody wants to stay daylight until 8:00 I don’t know
what’s wrong with that man he’s kind of cuckoo like he say cuckoo
you’re going cuckoo who wants it to get darker fire I don’t know nobody I ever
met the ones in the dark a fire Perico said hi about Thanksgiving what
are y’all doing for Thanksgiving well all the topics that I’m giving
y’all to talk about you gotta want to talk about Thanksgiving whatever you have to elaborate on that
conversation cuz I don’t know what you mean by that
I miss busty say yes I am ready for Thanksgiving cooking with my daughter
Miss Kitty is laughing at Terrance I will be laughing at him too cuz he
making no sense hey Julian Miss Kitty say I will be
doing the same busty Alea say that food looks good and the way she eats is
contagious oh thank you petracles they sound like
fun Tamra say I knew that would be the best
part we called it last night while you were
making the internet a chicken yet a bad point yo mmm wow it’s just it’s so good they comin is my turn to chicken cover I
cooked it for a long time yeah miss cookie say hello everyone between the
chat please thumbs up the video Tammy’s Amy and girls are through Wow
through how you’re not okay what do you mean by that 10 you’re
not elaborating on the topic that you want me to talk about like what about
girls what about what you say you can’t just say girls are bad what do you mean
by girls are bad boys are bad – Tasha sake daddy big thumbs up Thank You Tasha
how you been doing your little man is so contagious could we could say boo can
you say yes we waited to eat all night and didn’t get not one bite I sorry I
still ain’t giving you no no I’ll be telling y’all y’all better fix our own
play if y’all hungry I hate all day long I do not have time to feed no grown
people Oh Patsy I don’t I don’t even see Tanner’s Terrace is the gaming channel
he changed his name you got to look at his picture and just remember his
picture and the number that that’s Terrance cuz he’s a demon child hey
cliff Oh miss kitty saved the vegan chicken
vegan chicken well y’all see some vegan chicken eight
okay time to say man me and this man was talking just messing around completely
legit and his big what and his be late big breasted came up and started talking
to him and Ian sleeve his number to him to leave her number to him and he gave
it to me so why do you man her she seen a man she wanted to talk to Stephen no
me I could have just been him she thought y’all was buddies so Mike
managed the helpful I got up worldwide I’m not understanding your animosity
toward women people do that all the time you could be sitting now what y’all
husband and they were trying to slide him he’s number I am so mad he didn’t
even want her and he didn’t have the good to tell the chick that he was all
in my face Wow whoa my legs trying to get to know me
alone oh man this ain’t our Terrace on 4bk
we gonna send my chicken began be here cliff is speaking Miss Kitty’s like who
we now parents okay Tamara say hmm there is a sense of
decorum that should be present did she start a company she speak to both of
y’all okay first of all I see two people talking I’m gonna walk up and say hello
how y’all doing introduce myself I said do you mind if I
interrupt you for a moment okay I wouldn’t just walk up
have a compass to start a conversation with one of the parties without
acknowledging that they were talking first so I mean I think that was wrong at a mistake see tasty you ain’t right next time I ask the line what do you I
want to talk about I’m gonna say what do you I want to talk about today everybody
but a me cuz I know yo topic of conversation is gonna be a lot they’re
gonna have something to do with a stripper pole or something is in your
trunk – um conversation you’re a hot mess I’m missing okay miss busty saying so
Tammis you don’t if yall in the live y’all gonna have to read the comment it sound like we his competition I don’t mind women but doggone find
available one find it available one yes talent you or a handsome young man
girl I’m just reading Tamara’s coming out this is not my own opinion
Tammy’s a girl district had the nerve to smack me with her hair it smelled really
good we have entered the twilight zone Oh Terry’s got the nerve to be talking
about the heifer Oh your tweet you can’t figure out which one you wanna call you
didn’t give a compliment and say I have smelled good oh my
goodness Oh help us lord help us lord help my
friend he needs you Jesus whoa Terrance is a
hot mess yeah he my prayers every day okay um it’s Kitty’s laughing and Tamara
say I do love me some kitty but kitty you got the whole state of
Mississippi next to you what that means and the girl was bad I
will be honest but goodness gracious so she was bad as and what you called
fire hmm well first of all I’m gonna just talk about the things that stand
out to me about the conversation first of all females need to learn how
to be a lady number one I don’t feel like a female should ever pursue a man especially on the bus like that’s kind
of desperate to me that speaks desperation
so I guess let that be the type of the conversation tonight guys
what are things that you think a person does male or female that you think makes
them look desperate I think when a woman throws herself at a
man it makes her look desperate you guys no matter who I hung out with in
reference to my female friends they were kind of always low-key be jealous of
relationships that I was in and wonder how did I get this person or whatever or
whatever and when I seen the way that they went about dating giving it up and
throwing themselves at me and I was like so wonder you ain’t got no man cuz you
ain’t the type of woman that a man want to be in a relationship with you just
the type women don’t understand the difference between a man desiring you
because you put everything out there and usually he wants a wham bam thank you
ma’am and the difference between a man wanting you for the long haul how you
carry yourself with the terminal whether or not a man what category he put you me
in and I ain’t nobody blam bam thank you ma’am and when I talked to a man long
enough I will find out whether or not what he’s looking for and if you don’t
get to know a person if you sitting up here meeting a person and hooking up
with in the same day that you met them you’re not giving them the opportunity
to get to know you they barely even know your name and you gonna give if you keep doing
that you’re gonna keep getting more of the same yeah I snuck about Oh Sammy say I don’t
know I don’t judge I’m a I’m a homegrown head of hair myself Tami say it look good and healthy kind
of like Pamela Anderson honestly with the glasses who are you talking about
who look like Pamela Anderson busty say I will women today some of them do just
a little too much I have to step back and look at them yeah that’s kind of so yeah what are some of the things that
you think people do that makes them look desperate
like on ready to love have y’all been watching me turtle oh I’m ready to love
this man if you don’t know what ready to love it it is when you have all these
single people they come together they they mix they mingle I try to get to
know each other and he try to find lo so there’s one man got eliminated last week
because he seemed desperate like the conversation he was having with the
women we’re like first of all young as a man you can give a woman a compliment
but when you just meeting her and you start complimenting her on her rack up
at the top and her trunk in the back that’s letting her know that that’s all
you seen when you seen her and now that you sitting down with her and you have
an opportunity to talk to her and get to know her you’re not even trying to get
to know her past what you’ve seen already and you still focusing on what
you see and then the same dude who told his other lady
you weren’t even I wasn’t even attracted to you when I first met you
Wow you sitting down having dinner with me and you’re gonna tell me you’re not
attracted to me well why aren’t you having dinner with one of them people
that you is attracted to cuz baby like my friend stay you can say your little favors for little Lulu you ain’t got to
do me no favor by going out to eat with me you not even attracted to me like
don’t put your foot in your mouth and then he got the number phone number you
don’t even have one particular woman that you’re interested in you will talk
to any woman that talks to you I do not like people like that like anybody that
like you you will like them so he gave all the women his phone number on every
one every morning he sends all the women the same picture of him like I’ll need to send me no pictures of you
what woman needs a man to send her a picture of him that she’s not even
attractive to but she don’t even know yet like you ain’t even my man you ain’t
my boyfriend you ain’t my brother you’re not my son you know my child why are you
sending me a picture of you every morning how many pictures you got it’s
365 days out of the year you gonna send me 365 pictures in a year
oh my goodness that’s too much that’s desperation y’all desperate I can’t see
what y’all see Tammis say the girl looked like Pamela
Anderson okay black or Cartesian Miss busty say when
the when these women go out half dressed showing such showing much I can’t stand
to see that on a woman list is more true true true
classy and not nasty miss busty saying that one-night stand I don’t believe in
that me neither I never believed in no one-night stand
Miss Kitty say eyelashes long as a football field and the little clothes Oh
Lord so yeah I asked him what seems what cries
desperation to you so she said eyelashes long as a football field and two little
clothes miss busty say I was looking at the news the other day and they said
that HIV in Memphis is on the rise cha I got some food in my mouth right now y’all that’s why I’m single like some people might be like you single
cause don’t nobody want you let me tell you something else somebody won’t
everybody you got somebody they want everybody I just don’t want to be wanted yeah I think when you carry yourself as a
lady in general terms men are attracted to that but when you carry yourself like
a hustler the man that’s attracted to that is not even worth wanting I don’t
want to be in this attractor to a hustler because that means he’s not
really serious he’s not really focused and he’s not really honing in on the
things that are important so anything else y’all want to talk about cuz I’ve
been Tammis just mad it’s a lady he just mad it’s a lady he just mad at the lady because she was fine and she look like
Pamela Anderson he say he just died and walk away because he turned compete with
that don’t shoot the messenger that lady was on a mission mm-hmm let me see what Tamra’s gonna say to
that y’all I know he’s gonna have some smarts the same Miss Kitty say that’s
true there is someone for everyone I miss but to say these people out here
laying up with Tom Tom Dick and Harry no ma’am
they can have it like my friend say he said ain’t doing number recycling aids
and that’s not a good thing I don’t want no recycled knitting miss busty say they
found a transgender dead in an empty church they sleep they sleeping with
these men and not letting them know they’re gay it’s just sad Tammis say I don’t mind if a woman if a
woman are forward with me and go for what you want uh Miss cutie say do your
friend did your friend apologize Terrence um Tammy say but the gay but the gay oh he’s saying he’s saying that man better
prefer me are scared to tell women that he prefer a man Oh Lord yeah you just
need to wait on the Lord to send you your mate lord have mercy Terrence miss kitty said
I will be upset with the guy o-tama say kitty he ain’t my friend I didn’t give
him a chance I just left miss kitty was like will
Dane see I think you were wrong for leaving Terrence because if I was
talking to him enough and another woman walked up and slid him
Huk phone number I wouldn’t got up and left if I was
talking to him first I just stayed there and let her be as
bold as she wanted to be she had to make another move make another step make
another approach and you could even tell her excuse me ma’am do you see me
talking to him like and when he would’ve gave when he gave you number I would
have just said excuse me ma’am you forgot something and gave him back to
her to let her know that he wasn’t interested it’s always another way to
handle stuff like I would have been with a guy and some girl gave him her phone
number and then he turned around and gave me the number I’d have been like
excuse me ma’am you forgot something and gave her number back and embarrassed her
but I bet she never would leave that no more cuz that is disrespectful but on
the same token Terrance the thing where I think it gets kind of sticky your situation is that if a woman see to
me and talking she don’t think she interrupting anything maybe she didn’t
know what do you know maybe she didn’t know that the guy was trying to give get
to know you so I think in that instance you might need to give her a pass cuz
she probably didn’t even know what she was about to get herself into and that’s
the thing about dating period that we need to be careful of you don’t even
know what you’re getting yourself into you shouldn’t be so eager to be with
somebody and certain type of ways when you don’t even know who they are what
they subscribe to what are their extracurricular activities when I was
there last night no no none of that I can’t y’all I can’t do it I’m so
content with my status I don’t have them kind of issues I feel like people need the Lord people
need them though oh that’s the song I need to add that song to the playlist
you like you like the song Miss Kitty people need to move people my heart yeah
y’all remind me to add this song to the playlist
next time we only answers prayers let me see Miss Kitty saying I am with tasty I
would have just sat there with a great big kool-aid smile Oh miss Buster say
Terrence I would have left – you did right she was rude um Tara says yeah but
I don’t have time for foolishness I need things in the bud no chance for
speculation hey Marcella how you doing Oh Tamra say
I paid the tab I know he felt salty as a mood oh yeah was it oh where was y’all
net a club I thought y’all was on the subway or something
did you tell us from the beginning he was at a club Oh miss busty say well I
am single much garner much going around can’t trust nobody mean and women they
don’t know who they want to be miss Q say he has he called you yet oh no I
don’t think Tamra’s J you got his number I told the server to put it all on my
account and walked out like a true diva I can see you now okay yeah you need counseling taras need
counseling those feelings get hurt yo you can’t go through life letting
people making you make you run away like you can’t go through life like that I don’t know you just can’t go through
life like that you can’t let people intimidate you like they are better than
you and you can’t let people intimidate you to thinking that they deserve
something or like they’re entitled hold on yeah whistles it look like something
going on okay I thought it was something going on my
screen but I’m so blind I can’t see oh oh yeah I was at the restaurant downtown
I am dude you salty when did this happen today
you is salty boy they wanna put some salt up in your wounds but Terry’s
you’re gonna have to realize in life there is always gonna be some beautiful
person oh and you’re also gonna have to realize they’re also ways gonna be
somebody with more nerves and more goods and even less decorum
didn’t you so you can’t go through life letting people piss you off because they
pretty and they have the attitude to go along with it and they not ashamed to go
after what they want you can’t let that piss you off because at the end of the
day I personally feel like whatever God have for me it doesn’t matter who else
tries to compete against me if God have it for me then it’s for me and there’s
no competition so that’s just my personal philosophy for my life whatever
God had for me as long as I’m living for him and
surrendering my all to him then at the end of the day he has certain blessed
and set aside for me so how can somebody compete with me for my blessings it’s
not possible we’re supposed to say Terrence you so have to be careful out
there it’s some myths of folks out here Tamron say a few minutes ago oh did you
stop Miss Kitty’s say I am so sorry my friend I hate that happen to you
busty say I hate to say this but them pretty ones is warns you got to watch
mm-hmm Tamara says yeah you right busty but I am getting back into the dating
ring I know what I am doing I just gotta be more vigilant I guess well Terris I feel sorry for you Oh cuz
hi into the dating ring and the dating scene and who it’s just too much
so like Miss busty say be careful be careful just be careful any anything else y’all
want to talk about tonight before we go anything else any other
problems y’all have the child warned to ask dr. tasty some things I can’t help
y’all on cuz I don’t identify with so like some things I just I just got to
give you a common sense general lusatian answer but the essence if I don’t
identify with it and I don’t you know know anything about it then how can i
really give you an answer i can only give you an answer from from my
perspective what I would do and some situations I’m not gonna even get caught
in like the dating scene I can’t really answer too much about that other than
what I would do or what I have done in the past because I’m not a part of the
dating scene I don’t want to be a part of the dating scene I don’t hung up my
dating apps which I never did apps but I hung up my dating whatever uh
and that’s how she votes I’m retired I’m retired no more dating for me I don’t
wanna date I don’t want to get married I don’t want a boyfriend I don’t want to
kiss I show late about the hair sex outside marriage and I don’t want to get
married so that mean I’m not gonna have sex no more so like all them come
conversations are off topic for me well I talk about something if you don’t plan
on participating it’s like I don’t know I don’t need to
talk about dating I don’t want to date I need to talk about a man cuz I don’t
want one I don’t want to be married so like we don’t have to change the subject your word lord help me Jesus
helpful sister out can you help us out okay my phone ain’t acting right I
wanted to turn sideways come on turn sideways okay there we go
Oh them see Oh No Tara said please don’t end it on
all my say but life please come on anyone well what else y’all want to talk
about Tara’s want to be in company Tara’s we could go to he answers prayers let’s praise and worship God tonight every time not tears I think God is
trying to tell you something don’t you think God is trying to tell you
something Tamra’s I think you’re just ignoring the things that God is trying
to tell you because every time you think every time you decide to do what it is
that you wanna do God let a monkey wrench get thrown up in your plan I
think God trying to tell you something what you think it’s best to say tamra’s
it’s alright you not saying don’t say that miss kita say your life is
interesting it’s not saying don’t say that and I’m supposed to say Tammis if
couldn’t come to where you I could kick it with you sound like a farm person
come on Terrace answer my question Oh Sammy’s getting quiet nah Oh Tara’s
getting quiet on me he in the balcony Tara’s don’t win I can even say excuse
me Sammy’s to put up the two fingers it
gives me hmm tell me what you didn’t hear what I just
said go back
Oh God is trying to tell you something God is trying to tell you something
maybe trying to tell you something hey I think it was just the case of a
mismanage emotion emotion knight Teron say I hurt you it’s best to say Terrance
about to give you my number so you can call me and be friends
oh you bet I put no no number up in this life you are not allowed to pass phone
numbers on and email addresses and all that personal information on YouTube yo
ain’t gonna get me in trouble you cannot share personal information on
YouTube you guys it’s against YouTube’s policy so no you ain’t gonna do that but
anyway terms terms just got his feelings hurt he’s gonna be all right gonna be
all right oh he gonna be all right yo we got to learn how to not let stuff get us
down and just you know Terrence in a place where he know we love him so you know we love him you know we love
his crazy but so Terrence what else you want to talk about victim and catch the
possums thing I get the girl off the top of my head that the man catch the
possums Terrence Oh bussy say yes Tammy she will be all
right hope you feel feeling is not hurt Terrence say I love the movie Steel
Magnolias I still don’t know what that is about
I still don’t know what that is about what was still Magnolia about y’all yeah
they’re gone but my cat ran outside and I don’t know where he the possum ate him
you know a possum you attack a cat or a dog and kill them and eat them the
possum ate them is more than one possum a possum family will be like Oh eight to
ten or more uh miss Q to say and fried green tomatoes I can’t remember what
still make know years about did y’all have me watch that movie one night how
many of y’all want to go watch oh the movie uh about what’s-her-name the slave what’s her name the slave what’s the
name of their movie I want to see that movie al Tammy say stop be tasty stop
what Terry’s I’m telling you the truth Oh possums family is one of the possums
is a family like a herd of foxes and lions they travel together and they be
together for life and they have big families they have big families so when
you think you caught a possum you just caught one of the family members but you
still got bitey motor cage I’m sorry to tell you Terence I’m just telling you
from my experience cuz when I caught the wounds I caught I thought it was over
with and me went over we still have more I’m just telling you the truth you want
me to lie to you boy Oh Terence say no mom loves that movie
fried green tomatoes yeah Harriet I want to see that movie
windows do anybody know when to come out Tammy say that it that it busty y’all
need to see black and blue good movie black and blue
let me see they got that on YouTube yeah I don’t know I don’t have cable so don’t
power cable I’ll have Netflix so I go to youtube and see if somebody put it on
YouTube is it a new movie black and blue four months ago let me see do anybody care than on
YouTube I think somebody might have it on you too
let me see oh yeah somebody got the whole movie on YouTube yeah let’s see
let me see this will be might be watching tonight well maybe not oh yeah here it is yeah uh-oh
this will we gonna watch tonight yeah are they dancing in the movie okay yeah
let me go let me get mine let me get my hair said tonight I can’t watch the
movie and Oh beat ya’ll comments at the same time so which I want me to do just
watch the movie and the child talk in the lab and let y’all watch me watch it what y’all want me to do cuz I can’t do
both I can’t read your comments from my phone and watch the movie at the same
time so yeah I want me to watch the movie or talk to y’all in the comments Miss Kitty said just like rats and mice
10 to 15 in a little Terrace a okay Oh cute he don’t want to hear the truth
miss kitty he want us to lie to him he turned my uh Oh kitty stop oh my
goodness I’m trying to tell you Terrence and Oh possums they stay
together they stick together so where if you caught one or two the rest of them
is still gonna stay in that same area like it don’t matter you got rid of two
out the bunch but you still got my Tennessee team over go oh came out last
night okay yeah well they got it on YouTube already Oh Miss Kitty say that’s
Neddy from the color purple playing Harriet oh really
I’m gonna have to how do you recognize him I love Nitti um I haven’t seen Eddie
is an actress what is her real name miss busty say
download the movie app on your phone tasty you can’t see the movie before it
comes out what movie out Cynthia you rivo Ava I don’t know how to pronounce
her last name what movie app uh it’s QT say it’s about
that time okay Miss Kitty you better be careful busty say no tasty the the is about
a cop singing another cop killing people okay I think I’ve seen the preview for
that and they go after her case she is hot she know the crooked cops or kill
killer my catch is my child I can’t fathom that just stop it
cherries you don’t know let me tell you something I’m talked to real talk
you don’t know that possums can’t take down let me tell you something about
possums boy possums are vicious in their teeth or like no other animal and
possums can take down a board oh did you know that did you know that possums
could take down a bulldog I’m just telling you truth Terrence you don’t
want to hear true uh you just get a say Terry son or
daughter I’m supposed to say go on your Play Store and download movies 2009 uh
is it a free app movies 2009 you listen girl I know what you mean that’s my
little boy yes I know I’m not trying to scare you Terrence I’m just letting you
know that if you see don’t put your hope in fake security because just because
they caught one or two possums doesn’t mean that that is the end of your possum
problem that’s all I’m letting you know because possums travel in packs and they
are the type of animal that they stay together for a lifetime
so whenever another opossum have a baby or whenever they become they just make
family get larger and larger and larger they don’t go off and do they separate
een they all stay together so if it was possible in your area then more than
likely it’s more because they hang together as a big family and that’s all
I’m letting you know is you can’t just set a trap for one or two I think that’s
it you need to continually set the trap if you have one possum you got about 15
if you had one possum you got about 20 if you caught two possums then that mean
it’s pilot 30 the more you catch the more it probably is not you won’t know
truth don’t you I’ll say so bursty say go to my play store godly where isn’t my
play store I don’t even know what a play store it okay go to the place
store and download movies 2009 me 2019 okay it says free movie hd 2019 watch B
movies online in English free movie 2019 it got several apps hi know which one is
it gonna be a free app hey CJ yes tasty is free which one to download it got
like three of them how you doing CJ I’m sitting up here
scaring Terrence I’m gonna be scary Terrence oh so either one of them and when I
download it what I’m gonna be able to watch that
movie tonight Oh y’all gonna have me watching movies okay missing install
I hope my phone got enough room on it y’all gonna have me watching movies man
y’all be upgrading tasty y’all be upgrading tasty for real
are these do these be current movies or older movies Oh rusty I’m back to in
this line and go watch a movie all right let’s go say hers look like a Oreo
cookie he is a cow cat Oh Miss Kitty I mean is yeah but that’s pretty
CJ say hello everyone I thumbs up the live of course how are you doing tonight
miss CJ what you been up to CJ say are you going to do movie reviews
yeah I want to do movie reviews but uh yeah I want to do movie reviews um hot
topics I did a couple of movies views before but since I and I like to do like
TV show reviews but I don’t watch TV that much uh Tammy say miles looks like
a model kitty gray with stripes and green eyes all
Tammis that’s beautiful beautiful is it a house cat or do you normally let the
cat I said turn let’s get us a wild chance
CJ say a lot of studying so glad to catch you like child I’d be live all the
time all my different channels I go live almost every day on all my channels I
try to go live almost every day on all my channels so miss busty you delete a
joke comment what happened so how you been doing uh CJ or are you still doing
your vegan diet a bus to say tasty I watch movies all the time you can’t see
new movies before they come out really what kind of app is dead so is Harriet
over there I want to see Harriet uh tasty say no house cat but he knew the
possums were outside oh okay our son is indoors only and they
antagonized him from the window in the basement
see that’s what I’m saying Terrence if they were antagonizing the cat the
opossums would jump that cat what possum man the possum is they say the opossums
don’t fear nothing and nobody and they say possums will even attack a
human they will even attack a human and then they say like if you have possums
with young children to be careful because they will even attack a child no more vegan local low core okay so
what you doing now yeah you could buy traps Terrence you go
by traps yourself and kidding and just keep setting traps and keep catching
them you can get your own traps my friend got like traps in his backyard
right now they not set but he got he got traps 2019 is more than one app with free
movies you can you have to find the one you like I got two movie apps and on my
phone okay oh you can put it on your TV – okay let
me see okay there it is let me see what is what is gonna say so is the black and
the blue movie on on this app okay is black and blue action cuz it gave me is
say John was action animation adventure biographies comedy crime drama family
fantasy mystery horror music musicals mystery reality TV oh the guy reality TV
– okay TV shows okay okay I’ll see you Oh survivor is on yo that’s my movie
right there my TV show survivor yeah I mean to tell me I’ve been missing
survivor oh I got the watch survivor let me see let me typing in black and
blue let me see if we come up I don’t think black-and-blue is coming
up nope didn’t come up she-she-she brand came up not black and
blue okay let me see what y’all sing um miss busty say okay
yelling tight-knit the new black and blue team come up did you watch black and blue on the app
miss busty yesterday hello is anybody home
it lives again what you doing tonight did you get food tonight did you get
food in this girl okay well if y’all don’t want to talk to me I’m gonna watch
a movie CJ what are you doing there for CJ CJ
you’re bad yo CJ just gave me a super check Thank You CJ you’re so sweet child tasty I five three apps cinema HD movie
in a purple box and go okay let me go back and look purple box and go purple box in Google can you put the link in here I see a
purple box with white purple and white oh free agent movie okay I think but it
don’t see mmm can you post a link thank you Oh CJ I appreciate it so much ciao you know I got a cache up too cuz I
could have used that like right now are you there like right now is it a link
you can’t you post a link I don’t want to put on them apps on my phone and then
I be having the wrong one okay let me see the one I see this
purple and go mmm you got a little like spinning wheel
thing like a movie theater spinning wheel thing let me see I think my phone
going up telling me I ain’t got enough room moment in a minute I don’t know how many apps I could put
on my phone Terrence there either way praise the Lord thank
you tasty any movies that say free HD oh okay I’m trying to I’m trying another
one this busty is that where you seen the black and blue movie it I appreciate
it so uh CJ what are you eating now like
how are you eating now are you just eating regular food trying to eat
home-cooked meals and just eat more healthier or or would cuz I’ve been
doing my fries of fridge and pantry mukbangs
but I still think it’s like it healthier then eating out and eating fast food cuz
I love home-cooked meals I try to cook two vegetables with every meal yeah you
have to look and pick out one okay well let me see they just put another one I
just got another one up here mmm excuse me it’s called om k AR movie I
never heard that om kar movie I wish I could show it to you oh there’s
anything on pop-up okay I’m probably bout to take this off my phone
ain’t nothing popped up that’s weird okay I don’t know if I you can’t you see
that can’t you see that it’s not more anything okay
this is very weird you gonna have to go dad we’re gonna have to go look it’s not
doing nothing oh no you have great news
what’s the great news in this gale oh I have some great news for y’all too but I
changed my mind not the right one taste it oh so I know
what I’m gonna do I’m gonna just go there and show it to you Intel let you
tell me which one to pick this thing not even opening up hold on let me go take
this let me go to my settings and take that one off cuz they’re things funny
once you open it up apps apps okay I’m just gonna go to the Play Store
and show you my options hopefully you can see it and tell me what to pick okay now the first one the first one the
black I don’t know if you could see that the black and gold one that’s the one I
uploaded I uploaded that one then it’s another one to say free movies is red
and blue then it’s another one that’s look like the same one then it’s one
that’s black white and red did you say movie with a little real and then it’s a gold and black one I don’t know if you
could see them let me see what you saying I said guess what I said what it is girl
if the movie app say is 4.1 okay not the right one
I got TI sync oh you got your pumpkin pie y’all got
reacquainted you hate the pumpkin pie try one of them
okay 4.1 okay okay yeah she say 4.1 let me see okay i’ma try I’m just gonna go in a
line that way I’ll know which one I tried and you didn’t work so I’m just
gonna go in the room 4.1 so miss busty I keep asking you I don’t think I’m did I
miss your answer did you watch a black and blue on the movie app it lets get
out I had a surprise for y’all but I don’t feel like it let me show ya
let me show y’all what I’m here for y’all I was gonna eat some dessert take this chicken put it in I’m gonna channel there it is – I come
back let me go to the bathroom okay yeah let me see what y’all saying
yeah this is a oh you still here CJ this is a vegan banana bread with walnuts
wow that looks so good to be vegan yeah we don’t have to get in today we’re
gonna have to get in today with a big old glass of milk I need to warm up half
of it though I like my stuff warm let me see you out my glasses they’re not
really working they did I don’t like the way they things look out of them there’s
guests I know just a piece here and there
yes I did okay look for the app that says Cinemax HD okay thank you miss
busty for helping me okay let me look at this one the one I just uploaded I don’t know when you open them up it’s
not doing nothing do I have to wait a little bit see this one I just opened it
up it’s not doing anything mm see the first one that I uploaded
when I open it up it do something but there’s other ones deigned or knitting yeah the first one is doing something
but it didn’t have that movie black and blue the other one I uploaded you have steel
team SEAL team swats treads owns the purge Oh Lord they
look scary arrows wheels okay this new one I just put on here I don’t know what you got to do to click
on them and get him to show you something but they not showing mean it
okay so I’m gonna take this off and then this I had watch on own I thought if you
just download the app he let you watch stuff but I think you have to connect it
to your cable to watch your own let me see how this watch on own app work cuz I
like to watch Greenleaf like I want to do a Greenleaf movie review but I don’t
have cable but I have been seeing people upload it so that’s my problem
I need to okay let me see Oh for the own app Terrence taystee you have to wait till put the
movie on em I am NOT home I’m on the streets 10 hours you need to be careful
you got a pay or happen the subscription with your cable provider do you know how
much the own app is Terrence I’m not paying for Noel okay well I’m gonna take that app off my
phone cuz I ain’t doing them but taking up some room ain’t gonna use it I wish I could find the same one you had
but you watched the movie on already miss busty you can watch Greenleaf on YouTube it
shows everything on YouTube yeah I’ve been watching it on YouTube cause people
been uploading it but uh what’s another movie I wanna watch like the haves and the have-nots okay let me
go back and try another one we just gonna have to go down the line
cuz these things ain’t working they don’t want me to watch no free movies
today miss busty okay you see it for point one I’m gonna try
did I try this one already I think I tried this one missing four point one okay I’m gonna try this a goal and black
one Terrence please you can’t be leaving your child outside alone
okay the child see the banana banana boy mm-hmm
did you get your song so Tammis what you looking for tonight
just let’s go on on and have this conversation what are you looking for
tonight what you looking for
you can’t watch that one you too – once the series in YouTube airs
all of them have a have not he ran out there he had to go use the bathroom or
something or maybe he just maybe he just wanted to go out there and get his butt
beat Terrance he thought he’d be right that thought he could handle sup handle
something he went out there to go try to handle his business you don’t know he
gonna get double-team okay so this one say new movies oh girl
on the third floor oh no what is girl I’m a third for rattlesnake dead con
are these new movies them that follow the refuge the kitchen the keel team I
see none of these movies oh maybe I need to do watch them and do a review on the
furnace kill chain Ely y’all tell me if any of these good the drôme sweetheart
little monster dead of dick long the wedding gear Mary was Mary a good movie
Crowell airplane mode yeah I’ll tell me if I say anything good Annabelle Oh
Annabelle look scary okay I just I watch the movies for a review Inside Man Most
Wanted let me type in blue is it blue and black
or black and blue okay that movie is not found okay it’s
not found on that one so I’ve uploaded to already meri was a
good movie I watched it okay I might watch that takes to keep that out it’s a
good one okay Oh busty say rattlesnake is good I
watched it the other night stop telling me to stop it Inside Man Most Wanted was
too okay well I’m gonna catch up I’m gonna do a movie I’m gonna watch one
movie a day and do a movie with you in my mcvane so I guess I need to watch a
movie tonight to do in a mukbang so which one miss
busty says you helping me which movie you want me to watch first come on tell
me now tell me which one you want me to watch first which one you want me to
watch first y’all in the wintertime my skin starts
peeling on my hands yeah my hands used to peel used to shake it like a snake in
the wintertime all my skin just peel off I’m like okay give me the damn skin you
just come on okay miss busty which one you want me to
watch first uh whatever you like they will update new just tell me which
one you want me to watch first I’m gonna watch the one you recommend for me to
watch tonight and I’m a review it tomorrow yeah I’m away too miss kitty come back
in here cuz she all her way home I’m gonna wait til she come in and tell her
she made it home and being am i eating this live spider-man
Most Wanted was my favorite up high let me see spider-man Most Wanted where is
it where is it I see spider-man far from
home okay when was Spiderman most warning okay how come I don’t see spider-man
Most Wanted that’s weird did my Justine okay rattlesnake girl on the third floor beacon them that follow dough might
dough might in my in my name the refuge the kitchen the keel team portals trick
the day shall come spider-man far from home bliss Toy Story
for the furnished the lunge WA met kill chain Ely wounds
the curse of Halloween jet the drone sweetheart little monster lucky day
three from Hale LLL come Oh a breaking a Blake breaking bad movie death Oh dick
long Wonder Woman bloodlines fat what’s that oh I can’t pronounce that
the wedding dear Mary Crowl the art of self-defense tempter
airplane mode killer sofa oh no a killer sofa rogue you warfare the ports you lose in
the tall grass riot girls the true Don something oh the
young cannibals oh they look scary I like scary movies
but that oh that cover or that movie is too much for me
jarhead Law of Return escaping the madhouse the nearly blind story Annabelle Annabelle look look all scary
how come I don’t see spider-man movie okay yeah I don’t know how I don’t see
the spider-man movie heart witches or the woods the movie the only movie I see
spider-man far from home is that the one you’re talking about
spider-man far from home that’s all I see okay let me see what you’re saying
you spider-man far from home was good okay
inside me and most wanted was my fake did I just see okay inside man inside me
a Most Wanted where is inside man Most Wanted how come I come on we’ll see him the war okay let me type in inside man it’s to me did not say inside me and
most wanted how come it’s not pulling up now I’m not understanding did y’all hear
me say inside me and most wanted I was that on the other app let me go
look at the other hat no mercy yeah maybe that was on the other app i’ma watch a movie tonight and do a
review tomorrow what about it ends it ends okay let me
see action okay I’m tired of this just getting on
my nerves I’m just gonna go back to the other app
and pick a movie spider-man far from home was good okay yeah I’m gonna in
this live Miss Kitty I hope you made it home safely
god bless y’all I would talk to y’all tomorrow
I might go live oh my he answers prayers later and listen to some praise music
other than that I love y’all Terrence please be safe out there and I will talk
to you guys later thanks for watching can I reach it can I reach it you know


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