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[Full HD] Puppy Dog Pals | Hawaii Pug-Oh | Part 3 – Pink Pig

Thank you very much! loading dudes are you guys here for the
chirping yes yeah this is a surfing contest for dogs yeah we poor Lakers are
gonna ride the necks way and whoever searched the best wins a
trophy before well you’re about to because you two doggies one the surfing contest
first place must have done bonus points for being extra huggable catch on the
other side okay this trophy is cooling off but our mission was to bring back
Sam for bob’s toes and we still need something to play with all that same
fire past my face into digging Rolly just we should celebrate by eating those
dog biscuits I put in our collars yeah I already ate mine on the way here that’s
okay I can share mine I ate yours too Rolly all we have to do bison Aloha dude it’s cool oh shit all
the sand that’s in my ears yeah we really got covered in that stuff
at the beach Rolly wait we have all the shit we need
follow the two of us so Bob gets home all we have to do is okay what are you
doing I’m doing that other trick Bob taught us shake
no I meant shake shit but not to Bob get home

  • [Full HD] Puppy Dog Pals | Hawaii Pug-Oh | Part 3 – Pink Pig

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