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GIRLFRIEND meets MOM for FIRST TIME EVER!!! *Super Awkward*

yo so Morgz:keera has just Morgz:got in the house Morgz:as u can see Morgz: as u can see she really flipping exicted Morgz:not because she’s in the housee Morgz:keera theres one reason why your excited and why is that Keera:Dunno? Morgz:its your destiny right here Keera:yeah just open Morgz: the end of the long distance relationship Morgz:OH MY GOD!!OMG!! Morgz yo yo yo yo where is she where is she MorgzMum:what you doing in my room? Hello team Morgz and welcome back to another video. I am in a good flippin mood today Why am I in a good mood today you may be asking number one because I just got out of the bath Can you tell you can probably tell and number two because I lowkey he have like an insane day plan for you guys You’re in for a treat today and the main thing that’s happening in this video is Keira is coming up here Which means Lowkey guys the wait is finally over? That will finally be a female in this room however talking about mom you guys are probably wondering why the hell did mom agree to this and She hasn’t guys, so I’m gonna keep that quiet until later on when she actually gets here so mum literally has no choice It’s genius now guys if you’re new to the channel and you’ve never seen my face on your screen before my name is morgz you guys a Team morgz and currently if you’re a little bit confused me and mom a head-to-head in an intense prank war and we’re also having our own Merchandise competition where we’re challenging each other to see who can sell more merch now mum stole my merch so yesterday I burned her merch It’s getting pretty intense now mum was ahead on the merch sales competition for a little while But after the prank yesterday team morgz have pulled it back to neck-and-neck It’s all even guys so remember to go down to the description below get your prank King merch less or team together to show team mom But team morgz are the strongest army and we’re the true prank kings now guys I have some really good news for you like listen up This is some insane news now literally all year you guys have been asking me morgz How come you’ve never done your own? Meet-and-greet and to be honest guys I’ve been thinking the same thing Me and Greets are so cool Whenever I see you guys out on the streets or an event it’s the best thing ever I get to meet you guys take pictures we get to talk we get to chill it’s always so much fun so I decided I think it’s Finally time that we do the first-ever morgz meet-and-greet now I see a lot of YouTubers doing meet-and-greet where they get their fans to pay loads and money – just like queue up and then Meet them But I thought how can I do this without scamming you guys so that you get to meet me and have fun in the process? And I thought why do I combine a fun event with a meet and greet and there was the birth, Jump Inc X morgz now jump Inc is a crazy trampoline park in Sheffield Which is my home city and me and jump inc are teaming up on? November the 18th to bring you guys the jump Inc X morgz Event now you guys are gonna get to meet me and get a jump on the trampoline park There’s gonna be the merch sold there. It’s gonna be so much fun now I have announced this already on my snapchat Instagram and Twitter So the tickets are already selling out really quickly so if you want a ticket guys you’re gonna have to be super quick the link Is down there in the description remember to go get your tickets? I just want to see as many as team morgz There as I? Possibly can because I always love meeting you guys and it’ll be dope to see loads of you there The link is in the description for more details Now guys the next part of this video could be very possibly Traumatizing and I don’t mean to like startle you guys well the next part of this video Could possibly ruin my life for the next like month as you guys have been known the blonde has been starting to fade away Gradually and gradually, but guys the thing is I think this could be the last haircut where the blonde finally goes now what I want you guys to do is drop a like on the video right now if you think the blonde should stay and If you think the blonde should go comment in the comment section down below The blonde should go and also feel free to hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already Hey the thing is guys I kind of just realized something Now I could get a taxi to go get my hair cut however Seeing as Keira is coming later a mom still doesn’t know I feel like I should maybe try and you know like be civil with Mom, so I’m gonna try and go like this civil with her now a little bit. Let’s see how this goes Mom, okay Don’t think I’m saying this because I want to make up with you the prank war is still going on and it won’t stop Because I need to prove that I am the king however mom I think maybe for the rest of today. We should be civil Why? Why should we be civil Morgan after what you’ve done. You’ve burned all my merch. I’ve got to wear this now What why would I want to be civil to you just go away? I don’t even I want to get my hair cut alright, so that’s the reason you want us to be civil. Yeah Yeah, okay well no Morgan. No. I don’t see why I’m gonna minute How much you having cut off? Oh? Yeah, we know that? those cheese strings Yeah, probably what well in that case yes I shall take it to get your hair cut but only because we’re gonna get rid of that then out of your hair So you won’t look as stupid and embarrassing when you’re out with me If you play that diss track Morgan then I’m taking you home, and I mean tomorrow We’re just literally pulling in to the hairdresser’s and mom she’s just ignoring me. How’s your day going? You’re beautiful mom well guys. I guess I’m gonna go get my hair cut right now in three two one bang oh my gosh guys You’ve got mini cheese strings guys. I’m calling you all right now Why need you do is drop a like on this video if you think it looks bad now Or if you throw a little bad before tell me in the comments guys. I’m kind of feeling it You know it’s nice to get a bear weight off my head so there It doesn’t feel like I’m lugging around massive chunks of bloody blonde on my head that made no sense But we’ve got home right now, so yeah, I’m happy about that Kiera You said Kieras come you you said keiras come coming Coming where here. No. I don’t know what your talking about, you went keiras come keiras cool Yeah, Kiera is cool. Yeah Mm-hmm guys that was a close one Mom’s just gone to the shop right now Kiera is Literally sat on the train right now her train arrives in one hour one hour so guys. I think what I’m gonna Do is get a taxi to the station? To meet her and then get a taxi back home here and just show up on the front door With Kiera and obviously that’ll be their first time meeting and we see how they react But like I don’t know what I’m gonna Do I think what I’m gonna do guys is do it like a little bit of a prank? I’m gonna try and kick mom out of her own house because Kiera’s coming I’m gonna say how the pranks have been going too far so I replaced you and then I’m gonna just turn up with keira and See if I can somehow managed to force mom out of her own house This could be the best prank yet by a mile, and I literally can’t wait. Oh my god It’s gonna be so flippin good. Okay, so Kei ra has just arrived in Chesterfield for the first time ever How are you finding it so far okay? Cause you can say is to Be felt my viewers are from right around here, so they probably will get ready There’s nothing special if you like trees you might be happening Yeah, I don’t care about you oh Okay guys, I didn’t actually tell you mom is literally out right now, so we’re gonna go back and then she can see the house everything for the first time and I think Mommy’s literally staying so sick she sent at mine’s house tonight I thought she like never does that so I think your hit off the radar you like sneaking in this could go wrong Yong-seok earrings just got in the house as you can see she’s pretty flippin excited. Not because she’s in the house caret There’s one reason why you’re excited Why is that joy tell them about your long-distance relationship with poor girl we face crime along and it’s really good But it’s also really sad because it’s long distance They never get to hold him in my arms, and I really want to do that so I’m gonna do it today And I’m really excited can carry out these Europol go is Upstairs right now go well G. Yo yo let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go You ready you ready? How you liking my house so far is it? Better than yours no way yeah Wow You like it oh Okay This is Karis first time seeing my weird house stairs design So look we got a mini staircase here wait what you’ve just gone up the stairs, so yeah Where’s the rooms you gotta go Kari you gotta go up another senseless? Y’all pull go with is in that door right there. Oh, no. She’s seen the photo. She’s seen that iconic family always that Yeah, yep So thanks for that is your destiny right here is in the end of the long-distance relationship. Oh my god Oh So just look for your legs bye so cute you like him Jonah pick him off oh the end of the long-distance relationship oh, no he’s oh the affection, but oh No, I think he likes you more than he likes me already You enjoyed yourself oh No one can please perfect care like okay Your cure is going on an adventure up another flight of stairs in the Malthouse oh My god, Jonna see the lounge. It’s really good Look this is turtle in there This is where the pranking up is of course give me a second give me a second Kira There’s one condition of being in the morgues house you got away the pranking oh? Yo boys and girls quick change of clothes obviously in the prank King merch link in the description But Kara is obviously loving a bit of poking out Are you ready to see the main room the room where the magic goes down I? Mean you can say that One more flight of stairs later, which room she’s gonna go for first. That’s a real question. Yeah, here. We go the big reveal oh That’s why you’ll sleep in ah yeah obviously because I’ve only got one bed in yeah of course you can stay in oh yeah Nobody’s such a horrible horrible thing no. Yeah girls. It goes. I like guys well it goes Okay, are you ready kara the room is right there Okay Taking dope with me yo check this care. I mean, it’s just a weird coincidence place tidy I mean, I definitely didn’t idea or anything for like the first time. I’m alive Definitely didn’t I don’t care. I don’t care what you think Entire the only thing oh, yeah look you’ve got a seating option. You’ve got the bed. You’ve got the sofa. You’ve got that chair You’ve got that chair, and you’ve got the beanbag Okay, okay guys, so we’re just getting ready right now, or should I say we’ve got ready What are you wearing cured only? It was like an outfit tall Bedroom and this is but you can’t go in Obviously I’ve gone with the morgues merch it may not look like much But this is an unseen design no in all seriousness guys like I might just come up on the mortgage like low key I think it looks better than this so yeah I think I might have to put it on guys link in the description of course It’s selling super quick go get your scare wise your mods merch Okay wait, let’s change that free to one bang. Hey There you go kara Frank King merch where can you get it from? Mark oh yeah link in the description Wait Your mom’s cars outside no joking. I thought she wasn’t coming back today. No seriously. No seriously look seriously no I’m not joking. I’m not joking I’m joking guys we puns though She wouldn’t come back today, and then Kara could just go can you see? That’s I’m a sure. That’s a car. It’s blue. What do we do shoes even though? Yeah? No, I think you. Just got a mirror. I think you just got a mere Doesn’t like me well. I mean I think should have every right to I mean you don’t even know your hair. Oh God look she’s coming in right now Like sneak you out, or just go here No, okay, I guess this is going down She’s already down. No please I will mom Okay oh Hi yeah here oh, yeah, yeah Yeah nice to meet ya Yep well Morgan did walk Oh you told me to Come you didn’t She just turned up Well, they sure like to just turn knows what serious. She look to this turn don’t look like like two hours ago Really, yeah, she’s just been following me around all day you tell her you told me to come I didn’t want don’t believe it Yeah, no Tuesday, Jess you just turned up have you been sleeping it 2 hours? I? mean Yeah, yeah Oh What she wants the drinking out of the ground so? He’s staying for You no okay Does your mom know you’re here Cara? It’s just your mama knows you here If you’re not left don’t I just know she’s made that case yeah Well, maybe she could just like come for a bit is this what this is about have You just got someone’s coming live with us. I was left down. Maybe the homeless I didn’t pay rent a Clean yet, this is a baby. This is kind of getting a number brick get confused now so young Gary’s just turned. Oh yeah. She’s left. Oh. Yeah. She’s gonna live here Hey Ren, yeah, I’ve only got two bedrooms. Oh, no we’re gonna do Kira In the garage the studio the studio Yeah, can you live in the studio can’t live in the garage? Is that anything you know Because everything is alright. That was just a perk. Oh, okay, okay, so Nice kids come in to stay yeah, that’s nice Well um Carry anything to say about that Yeah, I mean I mean low-key it probably wasn’t the best way for you to meet my actual mother for the first time however Me my mother’s likely on good terms at the moment, so I don’t really care what she thinks I don’t care what she thinks of you, but yeah guys I mean, I guess that will go down in history as the first time Kara met my mom, and I mean I guess it was I Mean she was kind of nice about it We haven’t actually told her yet that you’re you know gonna be staying for a little while So guys if you want us to make another video on this where Kara Basically confronts my mom because obviously Karis staying here for a little while so basically just comment down below how we Can prank mom and have a better fun with this because me and mom are having a little bit of beef at the moment obviously? She started as always probably just an attempt to revive her dead Channel shots have been fired Guys remember go get your prank King merch. There’s a link in the description down below or just type in Wwm or Gio also one more thing guys carry You don’t know about this have you heard I’m at my trampoline park event I’m doing this November guys November the 18th as you know I’m doing a trampoline park meet up with a bunch of team mods It’s gonna literally be the best thing ever like I’m literally counting the days I can’t wait so remember get your tickets link in the description. They may already be sold out I know a few of the hours are already sold out so get them ace up if you want to come meet me Have a jump at the trampoline park. It’s gonna be so like are you coming? Probably not, but have a great time guys. Thank you all social watching and as always I’ve been bored you think yeah You guys have been awesome remember to get your merch come to the event come meet me follow all my social Medias and as always I’ve been bored you guys been awesome, and I’ll see you in my next video Hey If you dread the video then remember to subscribe to mugsy’s channel and don’t forget to leave a like if you have a big penis Thanks for watching these are boobs


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