Girl’s BFFs Are Two Pigs — Who Act Just Like Dogs | The Dodo Kid’s Best Friend

[grunts] – Gizmo, Bentley, come on. It’s time to eat. Are you hungry, Bentley? – The thing I like most
about my life right now is having my two pet pigs, Gizmo and Bentley. – Here you go. Come on. – They’re like my brothers
more than my pets. – They are definitely like
having two little toddlers
in the house full time. – Yeah. Come on. – [grunt]
– Yeah. Come on. – [grunt]
– Yeah. You’re sleepy, baby. The first pig to join our family
was Gizmo. And at that time, Miley was
almost 8 1/2. – Gizmo was very excited
to get to know me. I wanted to protect Gizmo, because I wanted him to
feel safe with us, and not scared. – Gizmo’s not very trusting
with anyone else but Miley. They’re very loving together. Bentley wasn’t like Gizmo. He didn’t accept her
at first. We got Bentley as a rescue. He initially came from
a breeder, went to someone that decided that they no longer
wanted a pig. Miley was like, “Mom,
we need to get him. He just needs somebody
that’s going to love him.” – When we got Bentley, he did not trust anybody. – He was always afraid
that we were gonna leave him. He wouldn’t let us touch him. It took a lot of nights that she would sleep with him
on the floor to gain his trust, and she was very
patient with him. – It took about a year
for me to get his trust finally. – I don’t think any other kid
probably would have been able to do that. They probably
would have just gave up at the beginning. – There you go. – Miley’s developed
such a bond with him, and has brought him
out of his shell. – Good boy, Bentley. – [grunt]
– Good boy. – Bentley and Miley, they love to go on adventures together. – Me and Bentley really like
to take hikes together. I think Bentley likes
when we have walks, so then he has the fresh air and he can spend time with me. Gizmo doesn’t really like
going on hikes, so it’s just me and Bentley. – Gizmo’s a homebody. He likes to stay home. – All right, Giz. Time to
get ready for bed, okay? – [grunt]
– Time to get up. Time to get up, buddy.
– [grunt] – [grunt]
– Come on. – You need to get up.
– [grunts] – [grunt] – Good night, Giz. Good night, Bentley. Good night. Today I’m bringing
Gizmo and Bentley to my school for
show and tell. I’m giving a presentation
to my classmates to educate them on pigs. – Gizmo, blue. Good boy! I’ve been working on this presentation for about three weeks, and I’ve been practicing
every day. – The blue one. No, that’s green. – I think Gizmo and Bentley are gonna do good
at the school today. Um, just a little nervous, because I don’t want them to act up and like they don’t know anything. – Okay. Which one has almonds? Good boy. – I think the pigs are gonna be
a little nervous. But I think they’re going
to do great. – Okay. Come on, let’s go say
bye to Miley. – It’s okay.
– [grunt] – Bye, guys! See you at school. – Bye.
– Bye. – Have a good day at school. Bentley. You gotta be ready for anything
with these guys. They’re just like little kids. – Hey. – Hi, Gizmo. Hi, Mom.
– Hey. – Come on, Giz. – Good boy. – Bentley, you really excited?
I am. Don’t act up, okay?
You know what to do. – [grunts] – Miley, who are your guests? – My guests are Bentley and Gizmo. [grunt] – It felt really good to know that Gizmo and Bentley were not
scared of the classroom and were just ready
to go in it. I get a lotta questions
from a lotta people, and they always say, “Well, aren’t they not smart?” They’re more smarter
than dogs and cats. They’re actually the fifth-smartest
animal in the world. Does anybody want
to see any tricks? – Yeah! – Gizmo. Circles. Boy. Sit. Sit. Good job, Gizmo. Does anybody want to volunteer? Gizmo. Get the green one. The green. Good boy. – My classmates were listening and thought the pigs
were really cool. It made me feel really good. – Do you like pigs the most? – To be honest, I actually do like ’em
more than dogs and cats, because they are full of energy, we always play outside, we go on walks together. Our bond is very, very close. They are like my best friends, and probably more my best friends,
like my brothers. [applause] – I really didn’t want to stop, because I thought it was really fun to show my pigs to my classmates. Everyone got a turn at the end to give them a snack
and pet them. Gizmo and Bentley really liked it, ’cause they had a lot of snacks. – Okay, ready? One, two, three… Bentley and Gizmo!
– Bentley and Gizmo! – I think the presentation
went very well. I think all the kids enjoyed
Gizmo and Bentley. – I think you guys did
a really good job. Okay. Are you guys ready
to go home? Did you like show and tell, Bentley?
Huh? Gizmo! Did you have a good time? – [grunt] I’m very proud. – So you think it went
pretty good, Miley? – When I see Miley, Gizmo,
and Bentley together, I feel blessed that they have
such a strong bond. They’ve all come from
three different worlds, but they trust her. They really do look at her as a sibling. – It makes me feel really good
to know that Gizmo and Bentley are there for me
and love me. When I grow up I want to
have a rescue farm with pigs, and all different
kinds of animals. – Home sweet home, huh? – She has a heart for all animals, but Miley’s love for Gizmo and Bentley is unconditional.

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