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Giving $10,000 to CELEBRITIES who respond to my instagram DM!

– Hey, future Rocky, future Flip here. Obviously you can tell,
because we have our glasses. I have my… Okay, I just wanna tell you this video’s a little longer
than normal, but it’s worth it. I can’t wait for you to find out the celebrities that respond, and also I need your help in giving away some of this money at the end. (energetic electronic music) Today, we’re gonna be
DMing 100 celebrities to see who responds. I got this idea from FaZe Rug, and he got it from the
originator, Ryan Trahan. All right, so we’re just
gonna jump right into it. I’m just gonna message Kylie Jenner. Say something nice, I don’t know her, but I’ll just come up with something. Oh, and what I’m doing is
I have $10,000, so we’ll DM 100 celebrities and whoever
responds will donate $1,000 to the charity on their
behalf until we hit $10,000. I feel like that’s some incentive to get them to respond really fast. I would! Hey Kylie, I love your lip kits. I don’t know, I mean what
should I say for Kylie? So, my wife is is my–
sorry, my amazing wife Kelly is running the camera. She said just talk about business,
cause I love the business so that’s easy. Um, love. Okay, yeah! So, then I think we need to
be straight to the point. If it’s gonna catch, it’s gotta be good. I would like to donate
$1,000 to your favorite animal charity, just
let me know which one. I have $10k to donate
that will likely go fast, so let me know soon! Should I just send it? – [Kelly] Yes! – It makes me kinda nervous,
because what if she’s reading this and responds? It’s a lot easier to talk
to dogs than celebrities. But I just, you know? It’s to help dogs, we’re
giving away $10,000 to– for dog rescue, so here we go. Okay, okay I did it! I did it (laughs)! That’s fun! All right let’s see here, she
probably gonna respond here any second. Just uh… (crickets chirping) Just probably reading it. And then, uh. (ticking) You know Kylie, I can’t
wait around for ya! I got other celebrities
that probably want me to message them, so, just. How many follow her? She has 93 followers,
93 million followers. All right, let’s see if she wants $1,000. Let’s just go straight into it. With her, let’s see. What uh, are you, is the, how’s the wrecking ball holding up? (laughs) That’s not, we’re not gonna– what should I say to, I don’t really know
anything about Miley Cyrus. She’s married to Thor, right? – [Kelly] Liam. – Liam.
– [Kelly] I’m sorry. – That’s his brother. I don’t know. Those guys are awesome but
I can’t keep ’em straight. Okay, so we’re just gonna copy and paste our main message. I wanna make it unique to every celebrity, I also don’t wanna spend all day here. I think, Miley could respond. Boom! Let’s see. You okay? (laughs) Here’s good one, Zac Efron. He- I relate a lot to Zac Efron because we largely have the same abs. (laughing) No?
– [Kelly] Yep. – No? [Laughs]. We do, but he spray tans. Hey, Rocky and Flip here
from the future with our glasses on. Okay, so because we’re from the future, we know what celebrities have responded. There are at least five $1,000 donations that we still need to donate to charity. So we thought, why not let
you guys decide where the money goes by simply
leaving your favorite group in the comments below. So, here’s how you can’t get selected. Subscribe, like the video,
leave a comment down below what group the money should go to. And I’ll go through the
comments, select some of you and shout ya out in the next video! And, you might be wondering how I can just throw out $10,000. Well I’ll tell ya, HelloFresh
stepped up to the plate and they are sponsoring this video. So I said, “Hey Flip, let’s go give out some
money and help some dogs?” The reason I love HelloFresh so much is it’s product that I use. It saves my wife and I so much time. We’re out running around,
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– Okay. – Okay, HelloFresh is now
from $6.99 per serving. Get started with eight free meals. That’s $80 off your first
month of HelloFresh. Go to and
enter promo code ROCKY80. That’s, ROCKY80. I’ll put the link down in the description, click on that, and then
enter promo code ROCKY80. Are you almost done? (laughs) (music) But look, if you’ve been
thinking about HelloFresh, now’s the time. I mean, they’re supporting
what we’re doing, it’s supporting animal rescues. I think if there’s any
time to try it, it’s now. Zac Efron. Good work on those sit-ups. From one washboard ab guy to
another, boom, there ya go. All right, let’s see who else. I actually, on my computer,
I did some research because, you know, we wanna reach out
to celebrities that have dogs, that love dogs, that
believe in animal rescues. All right, Ashley Tisdale. Her dog Maui, I know that one, it’s an easy one to remember because I’m from Hawaii and obviously Maui is an island there. So I already follow her,
so let’s message her. Maui is awesome! Then we’ll just send. And I think Maui, I hope that Maui is still alive. That’s the risk, right? I did a lot of research last night, I know a lot of celebrities
that do have dogs, but because that would be
horrible if someone messages you about your dog who’s not there anymore. I don’t wanna be that guy. One that I do know, Halle Berry. Because, my store is the Dog
Bakery, I actually bake cake– all right, we’ll just send that. I just sent her the standard message because you know, look, she already, I’ve already sent her
another message awhile back, for her dog’s birthday after
I made her dog birthday cake. Here’s a good one. Kristin Bell! One, she’s awesome. But two, she supports Marley’s Mutts and I love Marley’s Mutts and do a lot of work with Marley’s Mutts, so boom, I’m just gonna message her. Okay, done. Let’s see if she responds. Oh, and! We should message her husband, right Flip? Right? Right buddy? (laughs) Look! “Okay, dad, all right, okay
dad. Message Dax, dad.” In my mind, basically Kristin and Dax are just hanging out on the
couch, they’re eating popcorn, all the rescue dogs are there. Dax gets a DM from me and he says, “Oh, Kristin! Check this out!
Rocky Dm’ed me for $1,000.” Love your podcast, I would
love to donate, okay boom! Gonna send that. It just says “Love your
podcast,” and then, “I would love to donate $1,000 to your favorite animal charity.” Let’s see, next one I have on my list is my friend George Lopez. I mean, we’re not friends like
we’re hanging out friends, but we definitely have
worked together in the past, and he adopted a dog from me, Owen. Oh yeah, look! Even back in November 16th, in 2017, George mentioned me in one of his stories. It’s really hard to come
up with all the names for celebrities, and also their dogs. But I though what we could do too, is go with like “Game of Thrones”. “Game of Thrones” has the giant wolf dog. I’ll tell you a really cool story. Sophie Turner, after the first season, one of the wolf dogs was gonna
be re homed and she said, “No, not on my watch.
I’ll adopt that dog.” Boom, thank you for rescuing dogs, I said. You know, some of these are
just straight to the point. Emilia Clarke, which is, let’s follow her. Oh, nope that’s a fan page. That tricks me all the time! Congrats on the finale! That, that works. That’s nice. Maisie Williams, okay there she is. And by the way, if I get
any of this information wrong, let me know down
in the comments below, because I will, I’ll fix
it or I’ll message them. All right, let’s follow her. And, let’s send her a message. Boom. Congrats on an awesome show. And then, $1,000 dollars. Okay, I forgot. One of the Jonas Brothers
is married to Sophie. So let’s go, all right
well he likes ferrets. Thank you for rescuing all of your dogs. Boom. Lena, I know she has a dog named Nugget. I actually saw that on the news. Let’s follow her, and
then send her a message. And then Peter Dinklage on the show, he definitely has a dog. Boom. Congrats on an awesome series. I’d like to donate
$1,000 dollars, perfect. You know who would be a
really good one, is… Sorry Snoopy. Here, switch arms man.
You’re getting heavy. Okay see, Flip will stay
here and hang out with us. Okay, Jason Momoa. He’s a good one because, well, because, I don’t
know if he has a dog. But because he’s from
Hawaii, and I’m from Hawaii and so that obviously
makes him a good one. He’s got– I’m sure he likes dogs. This one’s easy. I’m just gonna start
this one off with Aloha. Perfect. We speak the same language, there ya go. Dylan Minnete, sorry Dylan I don’t know how to say your last name. More importantly, I do know how to say your dog’s name, Langford. He comes into our stores
and Langford is such a, he’s a really good dog. Dylan is from “13 Reasons Why”. Thanks for stopping by my
stores, The Dog Bakery, Langford is so cute. I wrote Vin Diesel down because
he has a dog named Roman. Boom. I’d like to– I’m just gonna send the standard message, Lisa Vanderpump, the “Real
Housewives of Beverly Hills”. The thing about Lisa that is awesome is she does a lot in the rescue community. She has a rescue, and
honestly I’m surprised we haven’t run into each other, because we kind of run in
a lot of the same circles. So, hopefully she writes back, cause that could be
$1,000 to her non-profit. And for those of you asking me, I don’t have a non-profit. I just work to help other non-profits. If you want to kinda be
a part of what I’m doing on a regular basis, you
can join the channel and you get cool things and discounts, and you can become supporter and it’s really awesome
because it helps me to continue to rescue dogs and do
fun things like this. You just click the join button or the link down in the description. Here’s another one, Paris Hilton. She loves dogs. I think, she does stuff
in a dog rescue too so let’s reach out to Paris Hilton. Love all your– yeah, that’s good. And let’s just go straight to the, let’s go to our messages. I can see us having
one, let’s check it out. Okay, not yet. Okay, that’s okay, we won’t give up hope. Look, I will keep DMing,
even if we get through the 100 celebrities, I will keep DMing until we get this
$10,000 to animal rescues because we gotta help these doggos. Okay, so Amanda Seyfried,
See-freed, See-fried. Amanda, sorry, I think I’m
butchering your last name. You gotta be kidding me, look at this. This is why I love this, look. She has in her profile picture, she has a picture of
a dog, likely her dog. If you watch my Instagram,
you’ll see me obviously follow, you know, almost 100 people. If I unfollow some of them
because I never hear anything or what have you, I will not unfollow Amanda
because everybody should have, everyone’s profile picture
should have a dog in it. I think. (laughs) Mine dones. If you’re following me on
Instagram you know that. If you’re not following me on Instagram then you probably don’t like dogs unless you follow me,
so you better follow me. Love your profile pic. (laughs) It sounds like I’m trying to pick her up. I’m married, let’s go
a different direction. Love that you have a
dog in your profile pic. Oh, Emma Stone! This is a good one because
Emma Stone actually worked at the bakery at the farmer’s market, that was one of her first jobs. So I’ll just message her
and let her know that, and say “Hey, you remember when, “your first job was baking dog treats? “And now I’m baking all the
dog treats ’cause you quit. She doesn’t, I don’t think
she has an Instagram. No, that’s crazy. I guess not. We will not DM Emma Stone. Does she have a boyfriend? Is Andrew Garfield still her boyfriend, or did they, am I way past
that and they broke up? Let’s message him and say,
“Hey, could you tell your ex–” We say this, wait, no way,
he doesn’t have one either? No! Yeah, I don’t think, there’s
no official ones here. I mean, okay, whatever,
but I think, you’d think– Oh here’s a good one, Howard Stern. Even better than Howard
Stern is his wife Beth, because Beth is really
involved in animal rescue. The North Shore Animal
League on the east coast, she does a lot of great things for us. So let’s follow her and let’s message her. Love all the work you do to help animals, let’s do the cut and paste, let’s do the same thing for Howard Stern. I think it’s the show,
so he could actually be likely to get back to me first because it’s probably someone managing the social media for the show. Oh, here’s one! I feel like this should
have been at the very top. The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, the guy. Looks like you’re doing
some awesome things with the Pawsitive Change program. Zach Skow, the founder of
Marley’s Mutts, and my friend also has a program called Pawsitive Change that helps people in prisons,
connects them with dogs and Cesar Millan has been
helping those guys along the way. Oh yeah, just DMing celebs dad, let me know if you need me to fill in. Do another movie, let’s do another movie. We should do “Avengers Endgame”, we should do “Black Panther”. Robert Downey Jr. I don’t know if he has a dog. You know, you can often
tell through someone’s Instagram profile if they love dogs, not that’s the only determinate, but he doesn’t have any
dogs in his Instagram. Chris Evans, I know that he has a dog. I’m going over to the computer over here, because I feel like he’s
gotta have an Instagram. No he doesn’t, he doesn’t
have an official one. He has a fan account. We’re still counting that
as one of the hundred because we put the work into it you know. Brie Larson, okay done. Done, done, done. All right, Scarlett Johansson,
I know she likes dogs. I’ve heard of this. It catches my ear on the news when I hear about a celebrity with a dog,
and that’s what I remember. I don’t know what current
project they’re working on or who they’ve worked
with, or probably can’t even remember some of the
movies they’ve been in, but do they have a dog? (clicks tongue) I don’t know if she has an Instagram. I don’t think she has
an Instagram account. No, no, she doesn’t either. I think that one of the things, I’m surprised by just how many celebrities don’t have an Instagram account. Are you surprised Flip? This is shocking to Flip as well. Oh, oh! That’s a big yawn! I know for me the anticipation
is, is half the fun of it. Like someone is gonna DM back
and who’s it gonna be first? Is it gonna be Kylie Jenner,
the very first person we DMed or you know, I don’t know,
will it be the very last we DM. I don’t know. But this is a lot of fun. Chris Helmsworth, oh
that is Miley Cyrus’ bae. Okay, there he is, we
found him, all right, let’s send him a message. Tom Holland, Tom Holland is in the movie. Now Tom Holland has a dog named Tessa. All right, let’s send him a message. And I think, if any of these celebrities do look at my account, you know it might seem a little suspicious that someone just wants to
give out money on their behalf, but I think if they look
at my Instagram account then they’ll go “oh,
okay, this makes sense, “this guy helps dogs.” That’s why I think this will work. Oh, let’s do the movie “Black
Panther”, awesome movie. Chadwick Boseman, 6.9, let’s see if he has any dogs in
his Instagram account. He doesn’t. I don’t know if Chadwick
actually has any dogs. But I don’t know, let’s
still send him a message. You know the thing is, you don’t have to have a dog
or a cat to love animals. Like sometimes you can’t have one, and that’s okay, you can still help. Let’s message Michael B. Jordan. Let’s send him a message,
let’s just do the standard. Lupita Nyongo, there’s
an elephant, so you know, I’m saying animal charities,
so why not elephants? Let’s send her the message for sure. Oh, Randy Jackson. I have met him before. Okay, Randy Jackson, American
Idol, he loves animals. I think he could be a good one. All right, let’s message him. Carrie Ann Inaba, she’s
awesome, I’ve met her as well, and she’s really, really nice. She’s also from Hawaii,
so let’s message her. Oh no, I feel horrible! She’s following me, and
I am not following her. What a jerk I am. Well now the question is, do I follow her, and is she going to see it and think, well this jerk hasn’t been following me. Oh no! This is some of the pressure of Instagram that you don’t think
about until you’re in it. Oh no, what do we do Flip? If she asks, I’ll say that Flip’s paw accidentally unfollowed, total accident. All right, let’s just do it, let’s do it. “How are you, I am doing
something really fun,” and then let’s just go into it. Um, okay, and then we just send it. And then let’s see, and hopefully she doesn’t
see that I just followed her. Whitney Cummings, one hilarious, and two, does a lot for animals. She recently saved a giraffe,
she’s done a lot of stuff, and I’m not following her, but I think her and I
have messaged before. Ah yeah, when there were
fires, she was so helpful. She messaged me, said
“Saw your Thanksgiving–” oh no, I messaged her that. I’m not trying to make it
where people message me. She hearted me, that’s what it was. So let’s just send her the message. Boom. If you’re not following
Will Smith on Instagram, you’re just not really on Instagram. There’s a couple guys
like Will Smith, The Rock, these guys, just following
them is just fun. So all right, let’s just message him. Will, love your, so good, because it is. It is, I don’t, that’s pretty
basic and to the point. So good, and he just started. It’s not like he’s been doing Instgram nearly as long as most people, and he just nails it to the wall. Of course, it’s Will Smith. That would be one of
my favorites for sure. And his wife, Jada,
she’s pretty awesome too. I don’t think I’m following
her, let’s follow her. She’s not following anybody. That’s how you know you are next level. It’s like Beyonce, right? Let’s just send the standard to her, because she’s not following anyone. You know, if someone’s
not following anyone, sometimes you go into their
junk mail and it’s you know. Here’s a fun one, Jessica Biel. She has multiple dogs. I wrote these down: Buckley, Tina. For loving animals so much. Copy and paste. Of course, Justin, not
Bieber, Justin Timberlake. Let’s just go straight for
it with Justin Timberlake. Why not? Okay, Jennette McCurdy. She was Sam from iCarly. Copy and paste on that one. If we hit up Will Smith,
and we hit up Jada, let’s hit up Jaden also. Let’s just get straight to it, right? Look, look at these guys,
they’re being such good dogs. Snoop, you having fun buddy? You having fun, huh? DMing all these celebrities? He’s a celebrity for sure. Did you get the bed all to yourself? Flip leave ya? King of the castle? All right, Noah Centineo, let’s see. I don’t know if he has a dog, I also don’t know if I
saw his last name wrong. But he’s got a good Instagram account. Uh, oh! Oh, we just got straight up blocked! We just got blocked. De-nied. Okay, all right, we’ll let
it breathe for a little bit. Okay, okay, it’s the– Sorry, sorry Flip, false alarm. It’s the next day, you know
we got blocked yesterday so I’ve waited now 24 hours. So people responded, so I
haven’t gone into them yet because I wanted to do that with you all. But we need to message some other people. I don’t know if we’ll be able to message the same amount of people,
and then we’ll get blocked, or what, so we’re just, we’re
gonna keep messaging people, but soon I’m gonna tell you who responded. I knew, I knew people would respond, and it’s pretty cool, so hold tight. Definitely lost sleep last night excited about who else I could message. But you know who I thought
would be really cool to message, are some of the Royal Family. Obviously I live in America. Meghan, now I think we should message her. I think it’s under sussexroyal,
it’s a new account. Yeah, it’s new and it’s already
got 8.3 million followers. Okay, not blocked, okay good! All right, this is perfect. Congrats on the growing family, you know Harry and Meghan just had a baby, then, let’s go straight into the message. Here we go. And I will bow, I should
bow also when I send that just out of tradition, I think. Oh, you know who else is really awesome, is Sarah Rafferty, she was
on “Suits” with Meghan, she played Donna, like
everybody loves Donna, and I can tell you
everybody loves Sarah too, she’s fantastic, and we’re friends. So I can message her and
she will probably respond. All right, so hopefully all is well, I’m making a fun YouTube
vid where I DM celebs to see who responds and then I give money to their favorite animal charity, I would like to donate $1,000 to your favorite animal charity, just let me know which
one, you know the rest. All right, we’ll send that to Sarah. Okay, done. Zooey Deschanel, she’s an animal lover, let’s follow her and send her a message. Yeah, we’ll just go straight
to it with Zooey, there we go. Okay, the Rock, Dwayne Johnson, he’s also from Hawaii like me, so let’s just put Aloha in there. You know the Rock’s
pretty active on social, and some celebrities have
teams so you never really know, but it seems like he’s
pretty active on there and I can appreciate– Ellen DeGeneres, I’ve
sent stuff to her before, trying to get her attention, I don’t know if she checks
this stuff, but you know. Let’s just see, I’d
like to donate a $1,000 to your favorite animal
charity Ellen, there we go. Oh, and then her wife Portia. Okay, let’s follow her and send a message. Reese Witherspoon has
a dog, Hank and Pepper, uh so let’s say, that’s going to Reese. All right, Ryan Gosling, let’s
uh, no that can’t be him. It’s a fan page, gah, the
fan pages always get me. What about Ryan Reynolds,
he’s got 30 mil followers, so let’s go straight to it. Oh, Oprah! You get a $1,000, and you
get $1,000, you get a $1,000. All right, so we’ll send
her the message and then– Oh, look at this! Also, maybe I should have
been doing this before, it like recommends people, and Drew Barrymore would be fantastic. Because she obviously loves animals, so let’s send her a message. This is great, because we
can go really fast this way. Drew Barrymore, okay so let’s see. Oh Jennifer Garner, she’s great! This is what I should
have been doing all along is this right here. Uh, let’s see, okay
let’s send this to her. I like this, I like Jessica
Alba, yeah, why not? All right, let’s send
a message to her, send. This is the way to do it. This why they cut you off on Instagram, because you could just (laughs) you could just keep
messaging people like this and just spam them to death. But this isn’t spam, we’re
doing some good things, we don’t want anything from anyone. Oh Priyanka, she’s fantastic, married to one of the Jonas Brothers. So let’s message her. Man, it’s going a lot faster this way, we’re gonna get cut off a lot faster. All right so then we’ll
just send a message to Nick. Oh, blocked! Dang it, blocked. Okay, that’s okay, I was
kinda looking forward to getting blocked also because now I get to do the reveal of who’s
already messaged us back. You ready to find out? You ready to find out, huh? (laughs) What do ya got, what do ya got? All right, hopefully you’re
as excited as me and Flip are. All right, Flip, let’s do this. Let’s do the reveal of
who has messaged back. We’re gonna give it another day past this, but these are just the people that have already messaged back. Okay, so the first person to message back, Flip, you’re gonna need
to lay down for this. Is Whitney Cummings,
and look, look at this. Very clear, we were
direct and to the point, she was direct and to the point, Stand Up For Pits. Boom, done, $1,000. Oh, she said, okay, she
said “Wow thank you” Stand Up For Pits. That’s what I love about,
someone like Whitney Cummings, I mean she is funny, she
can act, she can write, she can produce, all these things, but she can also just be kind and loving, and she responds to
people, that’s awesome! All right, let’s donate the
$1,000 to Stand Up For Pits. I don’t know, just go to
the website right now, okay, and there’s the Donate
button right there, donate. Next person, ready for this? Carrie Ann Inaba, from
Dancing With the Stars, she’s on The Talk right now,
she is also from Hawaii, so, awesome. And right away she sends, “Heaven on Earth Society for Animals, “it’s a great rescue for cats.” Awesome, love cats. “Thank you so much, what
is it you are doing? “As always, I’m sure it’s all good.” Carrie Ann. You’re awesome. All right, let’s go donate to Heaven on Earth Society for Animals Okay, and then do $1,000, done. And then yeah, I just message her back. This is awesome! Okay, who else? Ah, Howard Stern! “Hi Rocky, can you reach out to Gary,” perfect, we’ll count that
too, I’ll reach out to them. Awesome, Howard Stern, thank you. That’s who we have so far. Oh, we got another one,
we got another one. Oh Flip, you wanna come tell them too? Come here, Flip I think is
just as excited about this. Okay, so Donna from “Suits”
responded, Sarah Rafferty. And let’s see what she said. Okay, “Hi Rocky, this is amazing. “My dear friend Thomas
Sadoski and Amanda Seyfried “are very passionate about
Best Friends Animal Society “and I trust them so deeply. I hope to get involved
when I return to L.A.” She’s in Canada, filming
the last season of “Suits” “You’re the best, hope you
are great, hugs and kisses.” All right, so I’m gonna
make that donation right now to Best Friends Animal Society, okay. Uh, Sarah, thank you. God this is so awesome. I wish we wouldn’t have been blocked. I tried to send another message and just right away, right away blocked. So four people responded, we still have six donations to give, and I want your help. Okay, I have an idea. Celebrities are fun, but you’re important, this community is important,
of people who love rescue dogs. So here’s what I want you to do. I want you to leave a
comment down below of what rescue group that you think
I should make a donation to, and then I will select people
and I will make that donation. So you have to make sure you’re subscribed if I’m gonna select you, because I want to make sure this community
of dog lovers is growing, and hit the thumbs up for the video. Leave your comment down below. And make sure you go to and enter code ROCKY80 to
thank them for their support. And for more fun videos like this of YouTubers DMing celebrities, including the originator of this concept, I will put a playlist link in
the description down below, so click that now.


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