Graduation 2016 – Bulldog Bites

Hey, it’s Trelissa here at Graduation, I got
my cap and my robe on and I’m ready to get my degree, lets see what everyone else has
to say about this special day. My name is Cassandra Phillips, my major is Communications
and my career goal is to own my own Marketing and Advertising firm. I actually got accepted
to GSU, so I’ll be attending GSU this fall. SSC has helped me build confidence and lasting
friendships. My name is Cassie, my degree is in Psychology and my ultimate goal is to
become a doctor in counseling. I’m going to miss the sense of community, um, I’ve learned
so much, not only through academic knowledge, but just through personal experience, meeting
all types of different people, all walks of life, my suggestion for future students here
is to really absorb everything, start making connections with people, maybe join a club,
do whatever it takes but with the connections your going to make here are going to last
the rest of your life. My name is Jonathan Gross, my goal is to pursue Sports Management
and I’m trying to go to Indiana University. What I’m going to miss about SSC is the motivation.
I’ve learned to be just well organized because of the teachers in my two years here. I’m
Kyle Churney and I am an English instructor here at South Suburban. I’m here to support
my students and be part of the schools community and all of their hard work is kind of coming
to fruition, all of the, you know, hardships that they have gone through, they’ve been
able to meet a level of success or it’s a sort of threshold. My name is Bobby L. Rush,
I’m a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, I was the commencement speaker, if I could
read anything in the eyes of young people who graduated today, I saw success for America
as well as success for them, the graduates and their families. It’s official, I’m finally
a graduate of SSC, best wishes and regards to all of the grads, and on behalf of the
crew we’d like to thank you for watching Bulldog Bites.

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