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Gut-foundered – Newfoundland and Labrador Language Lessons

Gut-foundered would usually be used to describe your state of hunger at the end of the day. Your mind wanders when you’re gut-foundered. Is it going to be takeout? Is it going to be pizza?
What do I have home in the fridge? What is in the car? What’s in the glove box?
What might be under the seat? You are famished. You’re starved to death
and you can’t wait to get something to eat. Everything is delicious when you’re gut-foundered.
Stale bread is artisan loaf. Half a chocolate bar in the glove box, is like,
it’s straight from a Belgian delicatessen. Utensils get discarded or ignored
when you’re gut-foundered. Unless, of course, it’s soup. Well even then, you know, the bowl will go
straight to the mouth. It’s just a very physical form of eating
when you’re gut-foundered.


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