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Handling Road Romeos: Cute Dog Sasha (2019)

Looking pretty is a curse at times But if you are beautiful then there will be guys running around you and our beauty is called Sasha Sasha is nothing less than a Miss India If you don’t believe me, then watch this video till the end. because best is always reserved for the last So let’s meet Sasha and her Romeos This mister is Mr Raghu Romeo, always carries his heart on his sleeve when ever Sasha crosses him, just keeps staring and at times even whistles and this is Salman, not Salman Khan the actor, but Salman Butt, interestingly he too is an eligible bachelor He feel that for “Love At First Sight” , one needs to jump infront of the girl, and that is what he does all the time most of his time during the day is spent pumping iron in the gym and this is Platonic Friend Mikku, Tops the list of guys in the friend zone, safest of them all, so safe that you can take him along with you in a lonely pond to swim, he has nothing to do anything with any thing beautiful, He is bit the running bug and is always running around without any rhyme or rhythm and this is Kaluah, the butterfly killer Mikkus friend,and is always with him at all times, but as soon as he spots a butter fly, slam, bham, thank you ma’am but he does not know how to hit on girls, and as soon as he spots Sasha, he just sneaks away without making eye contact, Shy Boy! This is Dumb Gangu, when ever he spots Sasha his heart starts thobbing hard but as soon as Sasha comes closer, he gets dumb folded as is he never spoke before. and this is Mr Under Cover agent, he always remains in the shadows, never comes in the front a glimpse of Sasha and that is all he needs And this is Mr Shake, always on comes running as soon as he sees Sasha, even if she ignores him most of the times and sometimes in anxiety , poor guy does this.. and this is Ganesh Gaitonde, hero of Sacred Games, the superhit Netflix series, and there you can see Bunty on his wheel chair Ganesh is never alone and is always accompanied by few men. but till date, he has never gone a date, too bad with this kind of approach he will ever get a date after so many suitors, Sasha is stressed out and she runs off to her sanctuary close to nature, just to clear her head But this peace is shortlived This is Peter, the Painful, he is always staring and ogling at passing by girls and as soon as he makes an eye contact with them, he winks and runs away, leaving the girls fuming but when he is caught he falls to the ground and seeks mercy This is Sasha’s Bestie Misha she understand Sasha and with her Sasha is the happiest in her true colors, running around, j umping in the bushes , just mindlessly playing around it is she who keeps Sasha de-stressed, and these are Raju Colorful and Guddu Colorful, the colorful brothers, true blood homeless guys, always lazying around, doing nothing to earn their a decent living but as soon as they see Sasha, they get an electric shock of 440V they run around her but cannot gather the courage to say hello but they keep waiting, hoping that Sasha will make the first move little do they realize that to go on a date, you need to first say hello to a girl this is Shy Shahrukh, little eccentric one can hear him grumble to himself “I Love You Sasha” as he walks around , He is violent too, it is quiet possible that he kills the guy Sasha decides to date. after facing these kind of weirdos, Sasha cannot help but rush to the wilderness and lay there in the tall grass. but this peace is short lived this is Mr Unknown because no one knows his name, but as soon as Sasha approaches him ,he gets so nervous that he wants to bury himself under tonnes of mud and this mad Hyper Bhola, super hyper and super dumb, somebody told him that if you want to date a girl you need to be funny and since then he makes a fool of himself again and again and again and again while running around in the fields he stepped on a glass piece and cut his foot, the bandage was removed just the other day and this is New Gabru- or new stud, his hormones has just started raging and as soon as he sees Sasha, he starts singing cheap love songs he looks so silly that Sasha always chases him out of the park and this is Sasha’s step brother, Jhabrila, brother from another mother though he looks very different, but they have true brother sister bonding, he is always finding ways to irritate his sister Sasha and these are three puppies, Changu, Mangu and Deshpandey, cute but irritating , Sasha does not have any interest in them, and this is platonic friend Mikku,
“Super Cool in the Pool” where other dogs are queuing to get to be with Sasha our gentleman here is busy wrestling a stick from her But snatching the stick from Sasha is not just difficult it is next to impossible these are the poor lot. This is the 50% gang their love affair with Sasha is 50% complete, their part of the love, but they know that Sasha is truly out of their league these are few teenagers , they are just trying their luck and finally the Silly Goats, as soon as Sasha spots them looking at her, she starts chewing on the grass. and look at the expression on their faces they are wondering we are black goats, how come this goat is yellow, we surely are unlucky so ladies and gentlemen with this we end the first list of Sasha’s Romeos. if you like video please hit the like button, subscribe button and do share this video. because if you liked something, sharing is caring


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