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Hangi İnsanlar Köpek Sahiplenmemeli

Dogs and cats are among the most popular animals in the home as pets. Dogs, considered to be the closest friends of human beings, are known for their loyalty to people, their friendship and friendship. Hundreds of dogs, cute and sweet, attract people’s attention in different parts of the world. So people want to feed dogs as pets in their homes. It’s a nice thing to look at your dog, cherish and own. But a lot of people don’t think about what kind of responsibility they take before they own a dog. For this reason, some people should not have a dog to adopt a dog. After a while, they leave the dog in a shelter or a street for various reasons. In such a situation the psychology of the abandoned dog is disrupted, and even the dog may die of grief. Can people really look after a dog before they own a dog? Does the conditions and features you have are suitable for dogs? should consider the answers to such questions. After answering these questions, it would be better for them to choose the type of dog with the most suitable characteristics. In this video, I’m going to tell people who shouldn’t own a dog. If you want to own your dog and you’re in the middle of thinking will help you decide. We have all heard from dogs, friends and friends who have been given as gifts to our spouses. There has even been an encounter with such a situation in person. This movement is a false movement without thought. First of all, the dog is a living thing and should not be taken as a gift to someone. Second, can the person you give the dog really look at? Can he take charge of that dog? Beyond all these questions, that person may not want to own a dog. If you consider that a dog lives under 10-15 years in normal conditions, you give the person that you give as a gift to such a long duration. Dogs given as gifts are mostly abandoned dogs. Because it is being taken without thinking, being given as a gift and the man who receives the gift of a dog does not want to assume the responsibility of the dog for various reasons. When children meet a dog on the street, they can ask for a lot of things in the dog. Because your child has asked for a dog, you should not embrace a dog, eagerly and eagerly to keep the child happy. Because the child is not yet able to complete the development of the dog’s responsibility. He will not be able to meet his needs enough except to love the dog. Maybe he’il be bored with the dog soon. That’s why you will need to take care of your child and take care of your dog. You’re going to have to take care of your dog and give him some time, just as you look at your child. If you do not have enough time for this, your dog will become a burden after a while. Maybe this situation will cause you to leave the dog after some place. Before you own a dog, you have to think about whether your home condition is suitable for a dog. If you live in the apartment and your neighbors are looking at the dog in the apartment, this may cause problems for you in the future. For example, if you look at a dog making a loud noise in your apartment, your neighbors may be disturbed by the sound and may cause your peace of mind to be broken. Large breed dogs are not very suitable to look at the apartment. Because there is not enough space for the dog to move freely. For large breed dogs, garden houses are more suitable. Because the dog can go around in the garden. Before you own a dog, it is best to decide according to your house, the environment and the problems you might face. Having a dog is like looking at a child. Even veterinarians address dogs as children regardless of age. Dogs can be mischievous, just like children. It can mess up and mess up. At any time, playing games, to love itself, may want to see interest. That’s why people who want to have dogs should be patient. People who do not dominate their rage, cannot handle the mischief of the dog and people who will be very angry in this situation should not own a dog. In short, people who cannot control their anger should not own a dog. Dogs are feathered like many animals. During certain periods of the year, they leave a lot of feathers to adapt to the weather. At the normal time there is a small feather. In particular, baby dogs can have toilet seats in the house until they get toilet training. When the dog’s stomach gets sick, it can vomit on the carpet in the house. Therefore, the dog will have to think about the dog can pour the dog around, you should think. If a person is extremely fastidious about cleaning and even has an obsession with cleaning, the dog should not embrace. Because when he encounters such situations, he feels bad and maybe he can’t stand it anymore and leaves the dog. Dogs always want to be with their owners. The more time it spends with the owner, the more happy it is. If a person travels frequently and travels for days, he is constantly away from his dog. For human beings, this is perhaps not the case. She may not even realize she’s away from the dog. But this is the opposite for the dog. The dog does not want to stay away from the owner because he is going to want to be with his owner and share something with him. Every time the owner goes, the dog waits for him to come. It is unhappy and distressed for being away from the owner. Maybe she thinks she’s been abandoned for a while. That is why people who travel often should not embrace the dog. Before you own a dog, you should consider the time you devote to the dog you will look after. You need to give the dog a certain time of the day to eat, to do the daily exercise that you need, to carry out regularly and to play with him, you must love him. Since you have to repeat all of this every day, you must devote a certain amount of time to your dog. If you have a very busy life, or if you think it is and you do not have time for anything other than extras, you should not own a dog. Because you can not fully meet the needs of the dog because you can not spend enough time for that dog. So your dog lives alone and unhappy. You have decided that all the possibilities for owning dogs are appropriate. But for reasons you don’t have, you have allergy to the dog, or you have inappropriate doggies to look after your dog. In such a case, no matter how much you want to be dog because of your health status will be the right decision. As with all things, dog ownership also has a certain cost. For example, you should buy a toy for your dog. In order to prevent your dog from getting sick, you must have your dog examined by your veterinarian during certain periods. In order to feed the dog, you need to take the food. In addition, when you want to reward your dog you give him food and similar foods. Therefore, you must disregard a certain amount of money every month for your dog. Some people think that feeding dogs is expensive and costly. The dog believes it’s a rich job to look at. In reality the dog look is not as costly and expensive as it is thought. For example, people who have bad habits such as cigarettes and alcohol spend more money each month than buying dogs. If you think that dog feeding is expensive, costly and rich, you should definitely not own a dog.


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