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Hazel Park family releases emotional statement after 4-year-old boy mauled to death by pit bull

  • Hahahaha……..ohhh, so sorry.
    How about we arrest this dumb mother for allowing a KNOWN KILLER BREED around her child.
    This is willful endangerment.
    How STUPID do you have to be.

  • Awwww, everyone is sooooo sad ……
    What do you EXPECT from a SHITBULL.
    These dogs need to be BANNED !
    How many more kids have to DIE A SAVAGE, PAINFUL, HORRIBLE DEATH .

    I hope these STUPID " parent " will never forget the screams , the blood, the dead mangled body ….of their son which THEY KILLED !

    ZERO Sympathy…..NONE !

  • Pitbulls and most Rottweiler's shouldn't be around little kids. The reason is that these dogs have pain in their ears with high pitches. It seriously pains their head. That's why when the child is done screaming…so is the dog.

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