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Hide & Seek with my dogs [english substitles]

Hey, welcome to the channel “Life of the boxer dog” today with Venice we will play hide and seek we’ll see how her search will go by the way, this fun is on purpose learning a dog to look after the owner okay wait… look for your lady where is your master ??? search your master search where is your master ??? where is Bartek search good dog you found me super wooow super Venice, well done hey woooow super well done Venice these are the identifiers we received from Mr. Paweł they are made of stainless steel with the possibility of engraving on both sides there are various sizes and designs on offer if anyone would be interested please visit the link that will be placed under this video sometimes we need to help Venice in the search but i think she has possibilities to be a tracking dog 🙂 If you liked our movie, let us know in the comments I would also ask for a subscription to our channel by clicking the boxer icon see you later


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