Hello folks it is Barry here welcome to my
virgin kitchen and I am here today with my youngest daughter Chloe, say hello mate. What
did we make today? Bones, well we did make bones sort of we made some homemade dog food
this is peanut butter and honey dog biscuits and it is for our pug Boston so these are
actually edible for humans too, Chloe has had some but obviously not from his bowl,
if you want to have a go at making this, so quick and simple, easy for the kids to get
involved too, hit pause on the video now, write down all of these ingredients right.
This is how you do it. The first step could not be simpler right
mate, what was it? Chopping up bananas, we did chop them up Chloe mashed them up with
a fork until they are nice and combined. I am going to lick the fork! Oh yes. Once the
bananas are mashed up it is just a case of transferring them to a larger bowl and adding
in all the rest of the ingredients. So in went the peanut butter�.I will lick it,
tastes like nice, in goes the egg and the honey for some sweetness. And just mix it
together until thoroughly combined. Chloe that mixture was quite wet, yes it was
like a swimming pool. *Chloe sings a song* what is that? It is from Ben and Holly little
girl show. So all we did was dried it up by adding in some wholemeal flour and some porridge
oats aka oatmeal give it a good old stir together until thoroughly combined.
How does it taste ok? Yep. Basically what you are doing is making it into a dough so
I got more flour on my board to make it easier to handle then you rolled it out with a rolling
pin right? Yeah. Was that fun? How fun was that on a scale of one to a billion, it tasted
yummy and I eat it in my tummy. Ok. This is the best fun ever, this is the best
fun ever? Really? Give me five! Alright, well roll it out and do some work! I will hold
the board for her! Chloe is waving around there some dog biscuit cutters which is the
next step there is a link down below if you want to order some but you could use some
normal ones. And we just cut them into dog shapes right? Yeah. Once done we put them
onto a lined baking tray and did you brush it? Yep this is some egg white mixed together
brush them on the biscuits and slam them in the oven to the temperatures on your screen
for a good 20 minutes. Where are they going now? In the oven! Do
you think boston is going to like them? Yeah. Ok lets find out! It was time to see if boston
liked the biscuits so Chloe went out into the garden with the cooled down biscuits in
his dog bowl and did he like them? Yes. We will put boston down because he can smell
the biscuits but give them a go, do you like them? She ate them as they were out of bostons
bowl! They are super, super good! Really easy and healthy for your dog, high fibre and all
that stuff! Give them a go guys and send us a picture @myvirginkitchen of you and your
dog enjoying these treats. Say bye mate, she is really tired and sucks
her thumb when tired! Bye!

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