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Horror as family dog pins down 14-month-old and bites her head in sudden attack

  A young mum has described the horrifying moment her dog suddenly pinned her 14-month-old baby girl to the floor and bit her on the head  The American bulldog/Akita cross unexpectedly turned on little Harmony-Rose in an unprovoked attack at the family’s home in east Hull  Harmony-Rose was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary and needed a total of seven stitches in her head after the terrifying incident on Saturday evening  Mum Dannika Richards, 19, says the dog Rocky had always got on with her daughter and she still cannot explain what triggered the vicious attack   The dog has been seized and remains in the care of dog wardens, pending the outcome of a police investigation, Hull Live reports    Dannika said: “Me and my partner were just sitting on the settee and my daughter was standing next to us when the dog just went for her and pinned her to the settee  “He bit her on the head. If it wasn’t for my partner grabbing the dog quickly it could have been a lot worse  “It was terrifying and blood was pouring from my daughter’s head. She was petrified and we called an ambulance straight away  “Harmony-Rose had to go into theatre the next day and had five stitches on the main cut and one each on the other smaller ones  Miss Richards admits she is at a loss to explain exactly why the dog turned on her daughter  She said: “We don’t know what happened. The police suggested maybe there were fireworks but we didn’t hear any  “Once the attack was over, Rocky acted like nothing had happened. It was really strange  “Rocky has always got on really well with Harmony-Rose. They often played together and he would cuddle up to her  “Now she is scared to be near any dogs, even my mum’s Jack Russell and Chihuahua  “The police said it was a good job the dog didn’t attack my four-month-old daughter as she could even have been killed because she is so small ”  It is unclear what will happen to Rocky now.  Miss Richards said: “He is still in the possession of the police and they will decide what to do They are still investigating.  “He could be put down but, if not, he will be returned to my uncle’s but he will need to be muzzled and will not be allowed to live with children under 16 years ”  Miss Richards admits lessons have been learnt but insists there was no way of anticipating such a horrific attack  She said: “People may criticise us but we never had a problem with Rocky before But now we realise it is best not to have larger dogs around small children even if they seem okay  “We certainly won’t have another dog in the house but I hope my daughter doesn’t develop a phobia ”   Humberside Police  has confirmed they are still investigating the attack.  A spokeswoman said: “An investigation has been launched after a one-year-old girl suffered cuts to the head after being bitten by a family pet  “We were called to an address in Ravenser Close, Hull, at shortly after 6pm on Saturday The child was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary and has since been discharged.  “The dog has been seized and remains in the care of dog wardens, pending the outcome of the investigation ”

  • Mother needs to be arrested for willful endangerment !
    Stop putting children around fighting breeds , its irresponsible and STUPID !

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