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Horse And Baboon Are Animal Best Friends

COMM: They may seem like unlikely friends but Jericho the horse is perfectly happy to
let this baboon laze on his back while they both soak up the sun. 00:20
COMM: These working horses and wild baboons live side by side in the fields next to the
Monkey Land and the Birds of Eden Sanctuaries near Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. 00:36
COMM: As strange as this may seem the animals live happily together, braising for food and
often taking advantage of the compost heap. 00:54
COMM: But its not just the case of tolerating each other as once Jericho has laid down,
this female baboon approaches and starts to groom him. 01:14
COMM: And once the horse’s coat has been titied up, she climbs onto Jericho’s back and settles
down for a rest, to both animals apparent satisfaction.


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