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Horse Care & Buying Tips : How to Choose a Quarter Horse

When choosing a quarter horse, it’s first
important to make sure you have a clear set of goals, for what you would like to do with
the horse. Then, you can start to think about buying it. You want to come and take a look
at the horse, and you want to see what their confirmation is like, and you want to make
sure that their confirmation, is suitable for what you want to do. When looking at a
horse’s confirmation, you want to make sure that each part is proportional, that you can
put the horse into thirds, and it’s neck, it’s mettle, and his haunches are fairly equal
in size, and that it’s legs are straight, and that their hooves are proportional to
their body, and often, a commonly seen thing with quarter horses,is that their feet are
very small, and if you’re planning on doing something like eventing or jumping, that involves
a lot of concussion on the horse’s feet and legs, a small hoof that’s proportionally too
small for their leg, is probably not going to hold up very well. It’s a good idea, if
you’re looking to get a quarter horse, to consult with someone that has a lot of experience,
in the quarter horse industry. They can help you make a good decision.

  • it's conformation, not confirmation, confirmation is to say 'yeah, that's right'. Conformation is the way all quarter horses, or any breed, are built as a default. The more similar to that default the horse's conformation is, the better. The quarter horse is built for all round tasks and jobs, but mainly farming and that means its main asset is strength. Small feet is not what you're looking for, it's slow hoof growth. Small feet will give your horses navicular disease if you overfeed them.

  • This is a worthless video by another wanna be horse "expert", someone who thinks they know more than they do. How could anyone have learned anything about buying a quarterhorse after watching this? Ridiculous…

  • XxNewGenerationX- Well, yeah but I get tired of seeing so many useless Youtube videos on horse care and training by people like this lady who don't really know what they are talking about. Youtube is flooded with stuff like this, and it is just wasted video space…

  • @kristian0gallops I own a quater horse and I compete in hunters with him and so I would say they can do anything

  • You also want too look out for upright Pasterns in aqha horses. That's why so many have navicular is because of this. It's not just the small feet. Some can have normal size feet and still get it.

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