How Did a Pug End up with a Mugshot?!

New Jersey Police were called when a suspicious looking character was caught roaming on private property. Luckily the suspect was quickly brought into custody. The cops posted her mug shot on social media. The photo went viral for an unusual reason. The culprit is a pug. (audience laughing) So this is the pug shot. It’s awesome, this is Bean. Say hi to Bean, picked up by the cops walking through a neighbor’s yard. The Cape May Police Department in New Jersey posted the pug mug on Facebook. Of course this was shared. Bean has since been reunited with her family since the viral posting, Bean’s owner instead of posting bail brought cookies to the police station. (audience laughing) And all these pictures the Facebook post said. (audience laughing) The Facebook post said this is what happens when you run away from home. (audience laughing) I love how the tongue is always out in defiance right, like Bean is there. Bean behind bars.
Bean behind bars. And I love this police department having fun with Bean. And also it’s a nice reminder. For the police department and obviously pet owners and some tips to keep your dogs at bay, keep them from wandering. But you know a good dog will want to wander. I mean it’s in their nature. All the dogs that we’ve ever owned, they had spunky personalities and they always tried to get out of the backyard. You know unless you live in the country you have to be very careful, they get out, especially traffic here in LA.
So dangerous.

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