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How Redbarn Defines Quality Pet Products

[MUSIC PLAYING] At Redbarn, we’re
striving to be the best. Part of being the best is
reaching for goals others might not be reaching for. In the pet food industry, the
pet can’t speak for themselves. So we need to speak for them. We make sure that any raw
material that we have come in is safe for that pet. Being able to check
that, whether it be micro sampling, visual
samples, water activity samples, we do those
different tests to make sure that not only
what we received was safe, but what we actually put out
is safe for the pet as well. We put together
policy and procedure to make sure that we
are producing the safest and highest quality product. We have a certifying
monitor check that what we say we’re
doing, we’re actually doing. Why do I do what I do? I love quality assurance. I love being able to put
something out to a customer and know that what
I’ve put out there, and it’s not just me
personally, but what us as a company, as Redbarn put
out there, that we all should be proud of, and making sure
that what we’re producing is something that we’d all
want to take home to our pets. At Redbarn, it’s
all about safety.

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