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How To Dog – Episode 1 – “The One with the Warm Pug”

[In text:] Good Life® presents – How To Dog: Episode 1 How to use the WarmPet™ Hi Good Lifers, it’s Mary Poppins and on this episode of “How To Dog” I’d like to talk to you about our WarmPet™ infrared heated pet mat. If you’re like me, you want your dogs and cats to be comfortable in all stages of life, and our infrared pet net can provide just that. Our WarmPet mat uses safe and gentle heating technology to keep your pet comfortable day and night. [Music] The energy that it outputs uses no harmful elctromagnetic radiation. It’s ultra-flexible, carbon-build design means that the mat can slip inside, underneath, or on top of your pet’s bed keeping it cozy and warm all day and night. [Cricket sounds] Because of its flexibility, you can roll it up and store it away when not in use or while traveling. What makes our mat so unique is that it uses edge-to-edge warmth while most other mass use coils that transmit uneven heat – leading to hot spots. Our WarmPet mat uses carbon-fiber film that heats the entire mat surface. Old-fashioned heating coils tend to emit high amounts of EMF which can cause health problems when used over time. Using the WarmPet eases arthritis, inflammation, and other joint pain while keeping your pet comfy. It’s waterproof, durable, and created with your pet in mind – even the cord is chew-proof It’s perfect for use indoors and out. And here’s a testimonial from a customer who purchased our WarmPet heating mat off of our amazon store: [Hallelujah music] Look at how comfy that cat looks! Thanks for watching. If you’ve purchased a WarmPet mat, eave a comment below and let us know who your pet enjoys it. If you have any questions on this product post them here and we’ll get back to you and maybe I’ll do a video in the future. As always, sign up for emails and join the pack Have a good life!

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