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How to Take Dogs Camping

How to Take Dogs Camping. There’s no need to leave your dogs behind
the next time you go camping. With a little preparation, your best friends
can join you when you head to your favorite campground or park. You will need Vaccination records Temporary
ID tags Food Water Dishes Towel First aid kit Clean-up bags Extra leashes Lightweight,
collapsible crates Dog backpack (optional) and sunscreen (optional). Step 1. Contact the campgrounds or park you will be
visiting, and be sure your dogs are allowed in the camping areas and on the trails. Make sure your dogs are in shape to keep up
with you while you’re camping. If you want to hike, make sure your dogs can
handle the distance and difficulty of the trails. Step 2. Check to be sure your dogs’ vaccinations are
up-to-date. Make temporary ID tags for your dogs and include
a phone number where you can be reached while you’re camping, and the phone number for the
campground or park where you’ll be staying. Step 3. Bring supplies your dogs will need. Pack food and water, dishes, a towel, a first
aid kit, bags to clean up after your dogs, and extra leashes in case your first ones
gets broken. Buy doggy backpacks if your dogs are over
20 pounds and over a year old. Then they can help carry some of their supplies. Step 4. Decide whether or not you want your dogs to
sleep in the tent with you. If you don’t, buy lightweight, collapsible
crates. Step 5. Keep a close eye on your dogs if you go hiking
and use a leash to keep your dogs close to you. Inspect their fur and paws carefully for any
cuts, ticks, or burrs when you return to the campsite. Apply sunscreen to your dogs’ nose and ears
when you’ll be in the sun for a long time. If you have dogs with short hair or light
skin, you may need to apply sunscreen across their back as well. Step 6. Respect other campers who might be staying
near you. Keep your dogs from barking, and clean up
after them. Never leave your dogs unsupervised outside. Step 7. Involve your dogs in all of your activities
while you’re camping. Take them for walks, grill them some treats,
and play fetch around your campsite. Have a great time, and your dogs will be excitedly
waiting for your next big camping trip. Did you know In 1872, Yellowstone was officially
established as America’s first national park. Today, the park stretches across parts of
Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, covering over 2.2 million acres of land.


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