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I took this way too far… **SORRY MOM AND DAD**

Alright what’s going on guys faze rug here and today I’m bringing you guys a brand new video And I have to keep my voice down because I am about to pull the biggest prank on my youtube channel now before we get into this prank I’m gonna need you all to go down and smash that like button and hit that subscribe button if you are new because we are On the road to 10mil and we are getting closer and closer to 8 million so if you’re not yet subscribed already What are you doing become a rugrat and hit that subscribe button so as you guys saw Bosley was with me right there like two Seconds ago. I don’t know where I don’t know where he went hold on give me a second boy He’s hiding behind the chair. oh my god Alright, so this guy right here is playing a huge huge role in today’s prank. You gonna do good You gonna do good so today Bosley, and I are actually gonna be pranking my parents so bad And I feel really bad for them But I really hope that I can execute this perfectly but basically if you guys don’t know we live in an area where there is A bunch of coyotes and just about two weeks ago We had a close encounter with a coyote and Bosley like a coyote was inches away from Bosley and was about to eat him now I’m not putting the full blame on you guys the I read all the comments on that video And you guys were all like rug you should do a Bosley eaten by a coyote prank and when I read those comments I’m like nah That’s cruel like I can’t do that like that’s my stuff, but then I kept seeing it over and over and over again And I’m like you know what whatever the Rugrats want to see I’m gonna Do so I’m not just pulling this prank on mama rug I’m pulling it on papa rug as well, so let me just explain how it’s about to go down So I found this old first sweater, right here That’s kind of the same color coat as Bosley And I’m going to put blood all over this and I’m basically gonna be putting this like around the street area Because that’s where I’m gonna find Bosley’s body after the coyote ate him I know I know guys as I’m explaining this you guys are probably like you are a cruel son I’m gonna have like three cameras set up throughout this whole prank and two are gonna be outside Because I’m gonna run outside, and I’m pretty sure my mom and dad are gonna run outside as well So I’m gonna have the camera angles as best as I can hopefully we could execute this now I’m gonna take Bosley downstairs And I’m gonna tell my parents that I’m gonna take him out and kind of be with him And I’m actually gonna leave the main door open so I’m gonna go back through the main door quietly stealthy and I’m gonna take him upstairs and put him in my room so bosley’s gonna be in my room throughout the Whole prank, but my parents think I’m outside with him And then I’m also gonna be putting a trail of blood from where Bosley usually sits all the way towards the street so they’re gonna See like a blood trail when they come out, and then I’m gonna run towards the street. I’m gonna find Bosley’s remains I’m gonna scream. I’m gonna cry. I’m gonna make this seem like this is Bosley’s body I mean what’s left of his body so they’re gonna figure out. It’s a prank once They know what this is and they find it and touch it And then I’m gonna say that it’s a prank and I feel so bad for my parents right now I’m gonna go set up all the cameras right now and have that already And I’m gonna try to do this as quick as possible. I hope you guys do enjoy I know I’m a cruel son But honestly you guys want to please smash the like button for this prank this might be one of my biggest pranks yet And you guys all love the FaZe rug pranks I know that so Let’s get right into it all right Bosley. You’re gonna promise me that you’re not gonna ruin this prank, okay? Shake my hand if you’re not gonna ruin this prank. Okay. Good boy. Good boy That’s what I like to see all right so right now I’m actually gonna go crack open the front door so I have a way of coming in to put Bosley and while I do the Prank Bosley, please just don’t ruin it because Bosley tends to bark if he hears loud noises And I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be a lot of screaming involved in this prank so Bosley you better not blow our cover all right Okay guys so right now My mom and dad are in the kitchen and I snuck out through the front door and I have to put the blood on this Thing and blood on the driveway to make it seem like Bosley got dragged in there’s blood like as messed up as the sounds hey I’m a prankster. I gotta do it to them so I’m gonna plant this like right here, so this is where I’m gonna find Bosley’s body, and I’m gonna put some blood on it, and then I’m gonna pick it up And they’re not gonna tell that it’s not Bosley from a distance only when they come close to it So I’m gonna fill this stuff with blood real quick Sorry Bosley Okay, I think that should be good But I’m gonna like make it look legit hold on so they’re just gonna see like a little body with blood on it and now We put blood on the driveway, so we’re gonna put some starting like right here All right, and kind of have it like dripping You know oh Man I feel so bad for my parents it’s gonna lead all the way to that See the coyote doesn’t walk in a straight line So it’s gonna lead to the grass all right And it’s gonna lead all the way here, which is where I’m gonna pick up that shirt, so here’s Bosley’s blood Starting all the way from here some right when they walk out they’re gonna see blood which I think is gonna Make it the most believable now. I gotta hide this some later like right here Okay, all right so now that we got everything set in place I have to wait for the perfect time to execute this Bosley still upstairs in my room and once the timing is right I’m gonna take Bosley downstairs And tell him I’m gonna take him outside and then sneak him through the front door put him back in my room And then that’s when I’m gonna call for help and say that a coyote just snatched Bosley. I hope you guys do enjoy Come down Bosley, I’m gonna go out you want to go out. Let’s go good boy. All right. Let’s go out Alright bosley good job. We got the first step done now I know you want to go out, but we have to go put you back in my room And you better not ruin this prank, so we’re gonna go put Bosley up in my room And I’m gonna come out from the front door and go back inside as if I left him out here And then I’m gonna be like oh shit Bosley Bosley Where’s Bosley, and then I’m gonna go out and I’m gonna see him getting snatched by a coyote Oh, sweet Jesus Bosley the vet. Was right. You really need to be put on a diet No barking none of that alright Bosley listen This is the part where you have to stay in here and be quiet, can you do it. I’ll be right back okay? I Didn’t know Bosley weighed 100 pounds I’m out of breath, but ok Bosley’s in the room now. Supposedly. We’re still outside, and I’m gonna go back in without Bosley Oh my god, Bosley Bosley Sup guys You see the blood Um the coyote took him for a little walk himself He’s upstairs in my room Yeah, hold on mom let’s go see Bosley. Okay guys. It was literally just a prank obviously I had a camera set up right here and guys listen hold on. I know you’re mad at me all right I know you guys are mad at me But That was the rugrats idea Oh thank you guys Just kidding. I’m not putting any of the Rug Rats under the bus But I wouldn’t have thought of this idea if it wasn’t for you guys look at my hands. They’re all bloody Bosley’s blood You just don’t know the feelings when I saw the blood. Did you see the blood on the floor? Okay, he’s heard. It’s okay, but I want Bosley we can’t say so Yeah, I did it all the way over there, and I saw his body behind those plants I’m sorry guys you guys wanna go see Bosley though. Okay. Let’s go Then he dragged him from the blanket, huh? He’s upstairs in my room. I’m surprised He didn’t bark because I told him I was pranking you guys so he probably like knew not to bark Oh, yeah, I also had a camera set up here. Hey guys. What’s up? Is your boy FaZe Rug back with a banger look guys when I went to take him out I left the front door open Trust me you can just watch the video you’ll see how I planned it, but I executed it perfect wait Hopefully Bosley’s in there oh Bosley your blood is all on my hands, man Yeah, I’m actually so proud of Bosley I told him that he had to be quiet for this prank and he was sitting like a good dog Hey guys. He’s still alive. I had to do it to a one time guys Please smash that like one if you think I executed this perfect you guys all wanted to see a Bosley eaten by a coyote prank I tried my best to make it as believable as possible so if you guys did enjoy Please be sure to drop a like hit that subscribe button because faze rug is back with the bangers mom don’t hit me anymore please like How did you feel cause like? Oh, it’s hard to prank my dad Yeah, I was so quiet running like I don’t know it’s like in shock. Huh cause like it Bosley really got eaten by a coyote Look at him Bosley my boy. Bosley. Give me five for cooperating. Okay. I’ll leave shake my hand oh good. Hey Hey, hey there we go That was one of the cruelest period one and legit real blood thing yeah I have to throw in the blood in there or else the prank would have been as believable as it was so yeah guys I Hope you all have a great rest of your day Thank you all so much for watching, and I got some big news coming up very soon About our lives. Yeah, yeah guys other than that it’s been rug He’s mad my dad’s actually pissed and we’ll her out peace guys trying to take a thumbnail with Bosley, Bosley you want to turn around Or use, or should I? I’m sorry Bosley. I’m sorry guys look at my shirt trying to take thumbnails for YouTube man. Oh There goes my rug shirt my beautiful my beautiful rug shirt. No no all right for Bosley being a good boy. I Can’t believe you Do another year I’m glad he didn’t bark That was so shocking that was the one thing I was concerned about if Bosley was gonna bark throughout the prank Good boy


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