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Iranian General Qassem [Ghassem] Soleimani, in praise of martyrs of the Iran Iraq War حاج قاسم

Thank you, please be seated please sit down please sit down, thank you please sit down, thank you please, sir my god please salam alaikum [the Muslim greeting] Bismillah Rahman Rahim [Muslim prayer] If you would be kind enough to stop the projector, sir the totality of the martyrs the martyrs of the Revolution the martyrs of the Holy Defence [of Iran during the First Gulf War] the martyrs of this incomparable province [of Gilan] For the health of our dear and great leader, this precious scholar … who is today the captain of the ship of Islam We salute him I have seen many gatherings but this congress has a different feeling to it it is as if the martyrs themselves are present This harmless metal is transformed into into a magnetised substance to a magnetic substance and attracts all other metals to it It is for this reason that people venerate the martyrs because he has become absorbed within the deity The philosophy of martyrdom is the philosophy of this state of being, it is a drop of this state of being which when it arrives at the sea, becomes invisible, and merges with the sea an ocean of spirit the drop is no longer seen It is an eminent rank When Ali, the Commander of the Faithful, in all his greatness, with all the wounds that his body sustained with all the greatness of the Commander of the Faithful from childhood until the moment of martyrdom and until the Prophet did not designate him as a martyr he was unable to rest. And when his honoured body was penetrated by the sword, He spoke the following words ” [Arabic] … “I have prayed to the God of Mecca” Martyrdom The father and mother of the martyrs too, this gene of martyrdom has been passed down by god, generation by generation until this day from these two honoured parents of the martyr And he is also thus, he has such a status and it must persist in our society You should know the value of these agèd mothers and fathers who are departing from among us, you should know it that all of the divine mercy sometimes comes about in a strange way, from an old man an ordinary old man from an ordinary person from a peasant woman this martyred child from the tears of the eyes of this mother that night which you and I do not see they are the divine grace when these people depart from our society, we must feel sorrow, and lamentation one of the great pillars of the divine grace departs The second point, these 8000 martyrs, this is no simple matter 8000 martyred men in history, ask 8000 people have been martyred for what purpose did they depart? We who are gathered together here and we who are NOT gathered here and we listen and who will later hear we must ask this question of ourselves and we must provide an answer to this question we must ask this question from the depths of our souls Why did these martyrs depart? It was not a sudden event. It was not like the bombing of Hiroshima that 8000 people in one place became martyrs no, this was an enduring 2000 day conflict and when he became a martyr his agèd father was left alone, his agèd mother was left alone and his young wife was left alone but they departed these 8000 people departed over the duration of 8 years If we divide the time, each year 1000 young people the finest flower of youth were martyred here Why? Sacrifice is important But more important than sacrifice itself is that thing for which the sacrifice is made the greatness of the thing which inspires the sacrifice is more important than the sacrifice itself Hosein is Great but greater than Imam Hossein is the thing for which he sacrificed himself And when his children too became martyrs he said “[Arabic] … He saw PAINFUL scenes The martyrdom of Imam Hussein That paradigm of Islam and the Koran embodied in his august person and he asked he said {Arabic] What is this? It is that thing which is the essence of sacrifice and Imam Hussein’s sacrifice and Imam Ali and all of the children of Zahra and 8000 children of ours became martyrs for It is ISLAM It is greater than everything, it is greater than Imam Hussein It is for THIS that they were martyred [Arabic] This has great implications for all of us the Imam did something that that nobody in the history of Shiism has done the Imam did this at the pinnacle of unbelief Even against the resistance of many of the most eminent Whom I do not now wish to name The Imam laid the foundations of Islamic Government and carried it out at the first opportunity Islam This is very important in our society today this discipline of religion and national cohesion of the nation l This was the talent of the Imam The Imam, for the insurance of this nation And as an insurance policy for Islam for the 1400 years of its history in less than 100 years the pure Islam intended by the Prophet he propagated Islam more than 13 generations of Islam the Ummayids, the Abbasids the Ottomans in a long history of 300 years, 500 years, 700 years these Islamic dynasties and these deviations which came about in the Islamic world those corrupt, self-described Islamic governments the Imam came and brought the pure Islam And he propagated it in this nation This is an extremely important point and the wisdom of the Imam The Imam saw a nation worthy of this task And this nation was Iran This was not only for the salvation of Islam It was also for the salvation of Iran for 700 years, Iran had no history 700 years of the history of Iran is the history of non-Iranians usurpers in this country generations of invaders and barbarian hordes came from various places, the Seljuk Turks and other usurpers ruled over this nation The Imam did two important things with Islam, with the discipline of religion And the national cohesion of the nation throughout the land He did two important things, first he insured the Iranian nation If it were possible without Islam without the stimulant of the Muslim religion For 8000 young people to go to a distance of 1000 km from here without their house, their village, or their town being attacked or threatened they went to the borders in the mountains of Kurdistan to risk their heads there, and to lose their lives there to send men as tall as 2 metres high to run home and hide behind their mothers’ skirts Was this possible without Islam? If today this country, were without the support of a religion, the religion of Islam in all of the attacks against this country over the ages this country would have been obliterated, like in the past and secondly, the Imam Khomeini for the sake of the renewal and revival of the religion saw this nation as worthy of that renewal today the defence of the Islamic system is the same as the defence of Islam Why did the Imam Khomeini say that defence of Islam is the pinnacle of important duties? He thought it more important even than prayer If prayer is wrongly carried out it can be repeated But if he system is damaged then prayer is injured, religion is injured For this reason, Imam Khomeini believed the defence of the system to be more important than the prayer itself this was a great purpose with this purpose it gave rise to a great joy in fathers and mothers this mother, who is the image of resistance was shown here to with her four martyred sons in the war the father with his children and we have many such in our towns, the father martyred with three of his children The father a martyr, the 3 children martyrs, and the son-in-law a martyr For what was it? It was for Islam This matter is very important It is also important in our own internal debates This system which today brings us a peace There is a ring of fire around us – look ! Here is Iraq Here is Afghanistan Here is Pakistan, which has a nuclear bomb This is the Caucasus, this is Turkey These are in our vicinity we have calm, we have peace, we have security to where can we compare our system? with what shall we exchange it? With Turkey? With which system is the Islamic Republic comparable? With what system can it be substituted? this beauty of freedom, of scholarship of security, of peace, and of manifold other amenities the system had this value yesterday that 8000 people gave their lives for it and today it has the same value that 1000’s of others follow their example of martyrdom that is the islamic system Which the dear, and great Supreme Leader at the summit of this system in this way is the guardian of the system and whatever threatens the system that wears it down that makes it less islamic that reduces its national character that reduces its independence and diminishes it dignity he stands against it who cares if anybody accepts our passport or not? Is it more important than our dignity? Our dignity is more important than anything the dignity of this nation The independence of this nation. Independence is not one-dimensional Independence is not simply a geographical consideration so if that anything threatens us, we become enraged Independence is multi-dimensional Independence is in our culture Independence is in our religion Independence is in our economic structures in our cultural matters Independence includes all of these things. It is not uni-dimensional It is a comprehensive matter For this reason The Supreme Leader concerns himself with cultural matters with political matters in economic matters The independence of this nation in all its manifestations must persist intact and then true dignity arises our martyrs made their sacrifice for THIS for the preservation of this independence in all its manifestations the value and greatness of this system It is for this reason that the Islamic Republic has remained immaculate for 30 years there has been a war on many fronts to attack every aspect of our independence but this nation and this people because of wise and prudent leadership the faithful people of Iran have been able to to resist all this and bring the enemy to its knees this bringing to its knees of the enemy did not only occur in one war in overcoming the enemy’s desirer to defeat the will of a people this is the most ignominious defeat (for the enemy) Today, your enemy or the most important supporter of all your enemies that Great Satan what is it’s perspective on us today? Why is it so importunate? This is the second point, the third point… which is important for all of us, is the matter of is the behaviour of our martyrs the wise demeanour of our martyrs what gave them such endurance? I apologise to our religious scholars if my words perchance on account of the weakness of my intellect and learning there are errors or inconsistencies but, today Hossein Kharrazi [the commander of IRGC’s 14th Imam Hussein Division during Iran–Iraq War.] among your martyrs Ahmad Kazemi [ was an Iranian commander in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and one of the most notable commanders in Iran–Iraq War.] Hemat Baakeri are more worthy of imitation than a cleric not theoretically but in the emulation of their many qualities to emulate their fine qualities I went to Bandar Abbas to speak several girls came up to me and said that each of us has given ourselves a name they had never seen Hemat, or Baakeri they had never seen Kharrazi they said this woman’s name is Bakeri we call her Bakeri she has christened herself Bakeri this one is called Kharrazi, this one is called Kazemi this one is Kazemi and then this girl said to me, when I sit down to dinner I feel that Mehdi Baakeri is sitting at the table with us [Mehdi Bakeri (born 1954 – died 16 March 1985) was an Iranian war hero in the Iran–Iraq War.[2][3] He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tabriz} This is that connection one of the outstanding features of our war is that the summits of it were high if the summit is high the mountain side is beautiful the mountainside blooms hot springs descend from the moutainside this high summit had serious influence the Prophet of Islam governed for less than 10 years but it has a place in people’s hearts for 1000’s of years This is the summit the Imam Khomeini ruled for 10 years but the effect of the Imam was more than the effect of all of the government of the last 50 years one individual crowd chants – Allahu Akbar, Khamenei Rahbar “Khamenei Leader” Down with America ! Down with America Down with Britain Down with Israel the summit – please forgive me, there is no time the summit – when there is a high summit, it has an influence today the influence of the great leader in our society is more than the influence of a government, it is the influence of a high summit one of the special features of the war was this one of the things that gives faith to any martyr these are the pillars of the Sacred Defence Medhi Iwill give you an example Mehdi was not an ordinary person this was your instructor in the scene of battle when he was martyred he was in a pit there was no “go” there was “come” – there is a difference between these two words in the words “come”and “go They were at the peak and they cried, “come” not “go” – the one who says “come” is daring our commandments were daring in the mouth of battle our martyred commanders he sat in the pit Ahmad Kazemi who until the moment of his martyrdom was writhing with pain he said “Ahmad, come here” I see something here, which if you saw it too, you would not want to leave this place My dear brother General Zahedi, General Abdollai In the Majnoon Island in the South I was in a little trench Martyr Zeinoddin was there [Mahdi Zein-eddin (Persian: مهدی زین الدین‎; 1959–1984) was an Iranian major general who was killed in the Iran–Iraq War.] Martyr Bakeri was there Martyr Kazemi was there That day, Mehdi’s brother had been martyred Hamid had been left behind I did not at all feel that I did not see a trace of sorrow in his face When they wanted to retrieve his brothers body he did not allow them He said if you can bring others Then bring my brother’s body then the commander of Gordan had written this sentence in his own office My Arab brother who seeks me and I seek you I swear to God If you martyr me, I will pray for you I read this for Ayatollah Rizvi he was beside himself When this young man spoke to this spiritual man He said sometimes we pray and our clothes are covered in blood what is the ruling on this? He became sorrowful and said, “By God, I am willing to give all of my prayers for the sake of that one doubtful prayer of yours Our war was a treasure that the pilgrimage to Mecca is small compared to it It was Arafat, who in his Hajj message said Oh you who are sitting in the House of God pray for those who are STANDING UP against the enemies of God see how much greatness it has Oh you who are sitting in the house of God, pray for the those who are standing up against the enemies of God It was them. These paragons It is this which gives faith in the path of war and the rights of war and the reality of war He came to me and he was wearing an overcoat was on his shoulders Sincerity of expression, sincerity of action sincerity of THOUGHT Adhering to flawlessness He came to me with his overcast over his shoulders He was not wearing socks, I looked at him And perhaps my look had no meaning He laughed and this laugh, remained in my heart He said, I know why you looked because my overcoat is on my shoulders but I am not wearing socks He said I had been praying in this same state I thought you needed to speak to me I came to get my socks and to put my coat on I said to myself “Hosein” have you gone to God like this? brothers and sisters a society becomes righteous in which righteous people arise decent people make society decent the society of war, became decent because this youth was a young man he loved this poem and wept at it “If like Sina do not say as you pass by And he himself answers, with reference to that passage in the Koran When Moses on the mountain asked God to show himself and the answer came you will under no circumstances see me hear the voice of a friend you are always with me the real meaning of a spiritual man the real meaning of a devotee this was the important contribution of the war and another was that in the heat of war they had no feeling of fear of any retribution There were no degrees of honour or reward in our war These epaulettes of mine were not in evidence then the word General did not exist there was only the word brother the word brother, brother Hosein, brother Ahmad brother Mehdi This was the meaningful word at one time at the end of the war, nobody thought the salary of the commander of the Revolutionary Guard was 2500 Thomans the salary of of an ordinary solider was the same This was war These are the beauties of it which brought our war to this point then in Operation Dawn 8 I heard that one of our commanders his son was killed in a crash in the midst of Operation Dawn 8 I called him and said to him this war is long I thought let me not tell him that his son had been killed I said this war is long these operations you go and leave your lieutenant and he laughed he came to me, and he was very joyful and he laughed at the manifold difficulties of the war he said do you know what you are saying you are saying that in the heat of operations I should LEAVE?I said yes He said “are you saying that because of my son?” He was a keepsake from God and I prayed time passed and on a certain day one year before his martyrdom I was among the guardians I said let me come and see one of the guardians I came to meeting and started talking about the leader of the guardians and he was sitting at the end of the room and had a white cloth around his head he had his hand under his chin this face is burned into my memory when I got to his name, the guardian was a great transgression in the war I made a great mistake When I got to his name I said I felt as if the ground opened and he sunk into it he cried so much they lifted him under his arms and they brought him towards me when he took my hand with eyes full of tears he looked into my eyes and said he said you have been cruel to me this culture this is the culture of salvation It is this culture which raises the heads of the martyrs in difficulties in extremities those difficulties and pain and not the ordinary pains of the body these are life-giving difficulties it gives life this war it is for this reason that it is treasure that is why the most elevated exemplars of this system these effects of war are our pride, whether in official or in unofficial meetings with international leaders why? one reason is the greatness and respect and holiness of this culture it is like a cloth why do we take a sacred cloth and place it on our eyes and take it with us and bless it one looks at the cloth of the memories of the war like this the exigency of our society and the existence of it today and the pain of our society for this reason these congresses are important, these memorials are important this must never end this must in all towns and villages persist for this reason god consecrated this blood I am forbidden from sharing some of these words the consequence of the blood of our martyrs today in the islamic society what has happened to it ? I fear exploitation of this and there are beautiful scenes for the hearts of mothers to these Zahra’s that these scenes be known May God, by Mohammad to all of the precious hearts in this meeting protect the Revolution and this Sacred System until the End of Time and the Hidden Imam may it be protected our dear leader this scholar and wise of the Revolution protect and keep him for us protect his friends and crush his enemies and our martyrs commemorate and give comfort to their families two anonymous loved martyrs today to commemorate


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