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K9-Online (with DV)

– [Voiceover] In class. – Okay, so we’re choosing
which sites are best for our photos to
make friends on. Choose the platform that’s most appropriate
for your message. – [Voiceover] Guide
dogs stare blankly at instructor Ruth Donaldson. – Any questions? The idea behind K9 Online
is actually pretty simple. We figured if dogs are trained
to help people who are blind navigate the world, why not train dogs to help
them navigate the Internet? It’s an intensive
12-week program that covers all the basics. – Hypertext markup language,
very powerful stuff. – Okay, you might wanna
try putting quotations around that to make
it more specific. We cover basic Web
searches, social media, mobile devices, and there’s an introduction
to troubleshooting. – I’m gonna show you how
to clear your history. – You just hit
control alt delete and everything’s great. – [Voiceover] He
paws the computer. – Close. There have been a few hiccups. Dogs and computers aren’t
traditionally compatible. Are you taking notes? I don’t feel like you
guys are absorbing this. – [Voiceover] The dogs romp. – None of the dogs have
actually graduated yet. And oh, okay is
everyone done already? – Jennifer? – Toby? We really feel like
we’re getting closer. – [Voiceover] A retriever
skids across a table. – [Voiceover] Why not just
make the Internet itself more accessible? Like, completely
redesigned to be accessible for those with vision loss. AMI, for an accessible world.

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