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Kedilerin Sıra Dışı ve İlginç Özellikleri

The pets are animals that live independently with their characteristics. They live almost everywhere in the world, especially people. The city is intertwined with life. You can come across a municipality in homes, streets and almost every corner. There are more than 500 million pet cats in the world that grow 33 different races. What are the known and unknown characteristics of cats? First of all, the pets are very flexible animals and their mobility is very developed. They are 290 bones and 517 muscles in their bodies in response to being small animals. The cat has a 185-degree view. Dark places can see 6 times better than a man. Cats have color blindness. This blindness is the same as people’s. So they see red green or greenish red. One of the most interesting features of cats is that there are no clavicle bones. The absence of this bone provides them with many conveniences. For example, the fit of their heads can easily pass anywhere. Thus they have the ability to pass without being forced even from the narrowest places. When we envision the cats in our minds, it is most likely their miyavlamaları mind. In fact, the cat just mews people. We think of them communicating and speaking. Cats have the ability to make people do what they want with their meals. When communicating between themselves, the pussies make a far different sound and use a separate language. Cats can produce an average of 100 kinds of sounds. The cat is the cleanest pets on earth. It is very easy to understand that they are clean and rigorous. When they do their toilets they use sand or earth to cover their feces and lose their feces. They regularly dig their own fur and their bodies. The reason they do this is because they want to stay clean. They spend thirty percent of their lives licking their feathers. You will never see a cat with hair spikes. Because when something is spilled or spilled on it, it immediately begins to lick itself. As soon as the hair cleans. If a cat does not bite its hair, it means that the cat is thirsty and thirsty. When they are dehydrated, they cannot lick their hair to waste water in their bodies. In such a case, it is necessary to drink water urgently so as not to damage the condition. Cats generally do not like swimming and swimming. So washing is not for them. When you wash a cat you can hurt the body of your cat. It may also cause the cleansing ability of the cleanser to decrease because it will want to lick itself after cleaning The cats are sleeping and sleeping animals. They prefer to sleep at every opportunity they find. When the kittens and elderly cats are left to their own conditions, they can sleep all day. Adult cats can sleep for 14 hours a day, although they spend less time sleeping. A cat spends most of his life sleeping. When the cat dies, he spends 70 percent of his life sleeping. Cats have different colors and types. Especially the three-colored cats are always females. This is because of the unique characteristics of the cat. The cat can hear even the slightest voices. It can detect a much wider frequency range than humans. Cats are more capable of hearing than dogs and humans. It is very curious and when he hears any sound, he starts moving his ears towards that direction and listening carefully to the sound. There are 20 muscles around the cats’ ears. For this reason they play their ears very easily. The cat can spin their ears 180 degrees. When you look at the municipality, you may notice that he has heard something and that his attention is somewhere. But since you do not hear the voices he hears, you cannot understand for a while what it is. For example, when someone arrives from a distance, the cat hears the voices that he or she is leaving and turns his attention to that direction. You cannot understand what it is and you will be curious about where the cat’s attention is. The person from far away comes to the distance you can hear, or until you see it. One of the most prominent features of the cat. Especially when you love the docile cats who love you, you realize they are constantly mulling. This mourning demonstrates that the calf is calm and happy at that moment in peace. It feels very safe if she lies on her back, opening its belly. The glutton of the cat is useful for people. The pets emit myrating vibrations in the range of 20-140 hertz. Scientific research has shown that vibrating vibrations in this frekans are effective in the treatment of many diseases. When you like a moody mood you calm down and your stress is reduced. Your chance of having a heart attack is reduced by 40%. Tendons and muscles relax their injuries. Reduce the risk of infection and swelling of the wounds. It lowers blood pressure. Not every cat wants to love its. This is due to the characteristics of the cat’s own characteristics. The loving cats may not want to be bored at one point and love themselves, and may want to get away from it. In such a case, it is necessary to force the cussy to love and leave it to its own. The cats always want to get on top of something and watch the world from above. They climb and jiggle where they are not the most. A cat can jump its height to three times its height. When he climbs somewhere he uses his fingernails. Its fingernails allow it to hold tightly. At the same time he can use these nails to defend himself in dangerous situations. You can draw your target with your fingertip with a quick and pati action. Each cat has long mustaches on the face. Someone might think that these mustaches do not work. But it is very important for the mustache cat. The whiskers of the cat are extremely sensitive to the movements around. A sudden movement is immediately detected by the mustaches. The unseen cats owe their mustaches to move around as if they were around. Mustaches help the cat find directions. The cats decide with a mustache that they cannot enter a small place. The pediatricians become very actors, especially in infancy. They play a ball or something nice. They’re curious about everything from babies. They enter every place to explore. They make mischief and are aware of what they do and get away. While female cats use their right fingers better, male cats often use the left fingers better. The brain structure of a cat is very similar to that of a human. Feelings, producing parts are the same. The cats try to crawl on people and show their territory. Cat’s IQ levels are lower than dogs but they are better than dogs in solving complex problems. Like humans, they have milk teeth in their pussies. Adult cats have 30 teeth. The surface of the cat’s noses is unique, like a human fingerprint. The cat feels terrible under the pods. The cats know people’s voice. In some cases, the municipality may hear you when you hear it. You do not need to shout at him because he can hear the voices. Because he will hear you in every situation. The cats accept their place as their home. They also go as far as they can go back to their homes. The cat is known as nine lives. This is why they are relieved from harm when they fall from high places. Of course if something falls too high, something can happen. If your kitten hunts and brings you a bird or mouse, it means giving you a gift because you love it. According to the cats, the people in the house are slaves who are obliged to look after them and love them. A steep tail pride, a swinging tail is a sign of aggression. Good-looking pets can live an average of 16 years. This age is equivalent to 86 years, compared to human age. The pets are undoubtedly one of the pets that people love and prefer most. Thank you for watching my video. Subscribe me and watch my other videos see you 😀


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