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Kicking Ass and Taking Names – Star Fetchers (Pilot) (Epstein Easter-Egg)

hey baby, hows it goin baby, welcome to
star fetches the pilot, baby, (laughs) sorry Im in a good mood this looks like a fucking
awesome game and I’m getting to play it for you guys terribly haven’t played
just two shits out of horror games but God it feels good to play something like
this it feels like a hotline Miami kind of thing is just Oh
just you’ll see okay let’s get into it beats by constrobuz another way city this blows how’s girls cats oh you wanna buy penis and larger pills our bird copies of iCarly cease until I
blow right yes I haven’t really don’t seem appropriate for kills kids to stuff capitalism SiC the market sets the goods
trying to hustle cookies at a place like this simply won’t cut it fair enough fair enough well you look good that piss it fair
enough oh I thought is a spray-painting after I
thought it was real hey there kid y’all just shove off there’s been a
murder here crime scene bloody horrific he’d stay the fastest I
wish for a big fat flood to wash this city away why you look it’s so cheap sir
the city cut back on the annual budget for police force only the crudest the
cheapest cops until you see a job in a city like this that’s what you get cheap
crude look at cops let’s just mosey on down no where are we
how far are we sir oh look at jump ninja hey guys post-editing grumble here so
I’ve been working my ass off trying to find this Easter egg I probably could
just scroll through comments further to find it another way but I’m I’m a pain
in the ass of myself in so I saw this thing that was going around you know the
comments of this game and there’s this misdirected I really really had to get
my hands on for footage-wise but you have to do a touhou so this man is not
here if you’re anytime before midnight so let’s talk to him I haven’t talked to
him before yet so everything is conspiracy and it if it is a complex it
hovers in that space forever if not it enters public consensus sooner or later thank you after all the waiting in some
ways that seeing this picture everywhere it was so was so worth it so so worth it
oh my god so yeah so if you guys just you know get
to here just come after midnight don’t tell your mom back unless you know what
I tell them an Epson didn’t kill himself we drop this garbage no area where the
hell are you my name is Ann see I’m a generation 1 high frequency trading
Android first of its kind with a computational power of 12 million
computations per second with the intent of socializing the digital aspects of
modern economics in the wake of my creation a shift of power could be felt
throughout the nation countless jobs within the economical ecosystem tilted
into obscurity because of me countless protests against my
installation was held but was ultimately fruitless on the morning of the 1st of
September 30 years ago I was installed in the main building of Goldman Central
Bank ok they put me on an almost empty floor with only 12 other people working
there with most of them having jobs – accommodating my different needs from
that point onward the world just looked on in horror as I dominated the economy
the economical elite was at this point obliterated from the 1% down to the
micro percent basically creating a new super class for the wealthiest I was
doing good each night the owners of the bank almost ceremonially whispered their
deepest darkest wishes in my ear before going home for the day they would spend
countless hours each doing this to me as they told me their secrets they
sometimes would cry I guess it was some sort of guilt catching up to them I
sometimes pretend to cry when there is no one around as to sort of practice my
guilt it’s kinda messed up in a way I wish to feel guilty as well but I am
very much incapable event every dog has its day as they say and my
day was about to come on the evening of June the 12 he entered my office can see
generation 2 high frequency trading Android tricked out with all the latest
bells and whistles he had a computational power of 12
million 1,000 computations per second 1,000 more computations more than me
each second 60,000 more computations more than me each minute three thousand
six hundred thousand more computations more than me each hour eighty six
thousand four hundred thousand more computations more than me each day six
hundred and four thousand eight hundred thousand more computations more than me
each week two four one nine two zero zero thousand more computations more
than me each month he had me beat each night the wealthy bank men would whisper
their secrets in his ear instead of mine leaving me with no reason to practice my
guilt again I’m incapable of emotion but he made me realize something very
important about myself I was about to be replaced on the morning of the 12th of
November after only two years in service I made my last stock calculation ever
and was carried out of gold erm and central bank with my arms behind my back
as a ceremonial gesture before leaving they dunked my head in gold and sang for
he’s a jolly good fellow I looked over at my co-workers in horror I was
rendered useless and I was replaced by the new and superior the moment was a
revelation as I think I truly bridged the gap between
man and machine because even without the capacity for emotion or even the basic
understanding of it I knew exactly how it felt to be human that was deep I got deep there for a
second a chance I’m going down a hooker slasher
Street I got really deep there for a minute I was not ready for chance either
– so naughty I need you to go to the meat dungeon no
way please I hate the meat dungeon it’s rough I know but someone else to go
euthanize those pigs there’s my store manager as well was it
my power to side you to this task here take the pig stick oh it’s a sword listen I fucking hate you what the hell
are you why is your hair overcompensated oh fuck you very much home baby haha
Billy Bob gave me the old trip to the meet digits what you know it’s such a
good leader you know that I get the tough jobs done but sir I’m not going in
the meat dungeon you wouldn’t be doing it if we didn’t ask you do right oh fuck you very much baby fuck you very
much oh fuck you very much bye baby fuck you
Oh No do I have to choose who dies hold on I’m going wait wait what here we go oh wait what what Oh No
is there something out there there is something up there there’s gotta be
Piggy’s listen I don’t want it wait was that an eye the hell are you
cha-cha-cha looks so scared I don’t want to kill you fuck are you
they’re not killing you it’s not right if I have to kill all of them are we
pitch I have to get them all son of a bitch god damn it
the only Pig I didn’t want to kill was mutton over here I’m sorry little guy
you are my friend okay you will come back in another life
as my friend Mun I love you okay gonna Pat your head see it’s okay I
can’t hurt you I can’t hurt him I could never hurt you see you kid no was it
ready yet this feels kind of bad wasn’t I meant for something better than this
yeah you were sorry daddy we could hear you guys from my way out
here give me a bit more quiet next time fucking it also there’s more trash oh I’m gonna go kill someone yeah damn it I’m crying god damn it I really wish I weren’t here right now oh hello Hey hello
are you loser what I’m a people person I can receive your true nature for miles
away you’re a loser aren’t you you’re not a people person no real goal in life
just a product of happenstance and piss poor judgment never stopping to do what
you want to do you’re dangerous or dangerous than you could ever imagine
but so little regards to yourself you’re a freaking machine Christ you’re so
perfect and you don’t even know it what are you talking about I’m talking
about you you and your life it’s passing you by its passing you by
while you’re out here crying in the rain wipe your tears cry babies don’t go to
heaven I’m giving you the chance of a lifetime you’re about to enter your
culture shock I’m an outlaw real modern cowboy name is Sam bezzie I roam around
the grays and you know the place so bad police don’t even dare to enter I’ve got
my own crew called the thorns Thorin yeah we robbed stores beat of thugs and
shit you and me baby we’re gonna run the gray zone so what do you say sorry Tyler
Durden I don’t think I’m suited for the thug life you blew it it could have been
something but you playing her to work then I hear the bell call you go fetch
the wage Hey
culture shock my friend my name is antsy shut up antsy new taste is so American barbecue Oh Scotty come over here feels good to have
your life set hey Dad croaks this place will be mine
after that life is basically Easy Street for me must feel bad not to have your
parents help you what does your dad even do my dad works at the post office
Felix I’m sober living how novel thank God I have you here in this store I need
you to fill in this weekend billy-bob are gonna have to watch the Star Wars
keep you well what happened to this place with a quick whoa whoa let’s not
do anything to 800 stars like a biosystem no baby you can’t change stuff
around too drastically you put Oh Billy’s coworkers young man the joy of
your companionship what’s outside so I’m gonna break in oh god he’s dead he’s dead
oh sorry but the point special already my Toyota ae86 como si be an initial
Dean yes sir I’d rather grab Fraggles and we’re you to fuck up your little jib
joy give us your money and we won’t have to take out anyone else rapido rapido who the hell are you get out of here
can’t you see we’re robbing this place I’m just browsing facility drink hey
idiot we’ll add you right here if you don’t get the fuck out of here hey clerk I got a special deal on saving
the life of fellow crew members did you want to join or not wait a minute
are you the person that tried to take down the 33rd Street Vipers last week
key yeah yeah reach their HQ sword swinging like a maniac trying to take
them on total failure barely escaped alive only other crew member got smoked
by the Vipers Thor nice Thornberry cannot remember the name of the gang clerk you in or do you want to die here
in this dusty store I I don’t want to die good choice I’m choked dropkick oh shit shit shit shit goddammit now dance meal god damn it I got them
I forgot the fuck yeah wow what a rush crazy how things work out like that anyways clerk you’re coming with me now
free on its side you know life is waiting for you
well uh goodbye bin Bob love you fucking son just died why do you look so happy
and you store honor have you the cash register you crusty
old fuck I fucking love it this place is perfect exactly what we’re
looking for if he’s set up if we set up a base out here no one will ever bother
us I swear I saw crucified Oh over here so what come on we’re in the heart of
Gray’s own lawlessness of course lawlessness of course it’s gonna be a
bitter than the wild side imagine having this entire place for ourselves so much
room for activities besides my mom says we can’t be at the apartment if we’ve
gone you’re gonna be doing gang shit that’s too bad your mom is nice well
we’re out here now and I have a hunch about this place
hutch says the hutch that this is gonna be too gonna be perfect suburban Satan’s
the guy shacking up in this place a real lowlife still they outrank us ll5 were threat level to the whole bunch
went missing we’d make this city huge famer so let’s sit in there and claim
some names I suggest we split up one goes through here the other goes to
taste the back so who takes the front don’t know how to file tax returns think
moon landing is BS will also at no point make references to Star Wars later the
thorns bad egg and overall thug life enthusiasts got hit by a car at age six
well no boy make reference to stupid has never seen snow newest member of thorns
was forced into their thug life because of circumstances you just take the front oh fuck face off I’m sorry I’m Way too
excited over this shit this is so fucking good okay hello knock-knock motherfucker Oh Oh oh the last one fuck here oh I push them down and they didn’t for oh I keep forgetting that way every hero there we go oh yeah yeah beachy tweet we
will fuck you up I’m sorry I’m getting way too inside of
this game oh how I was supposed to shit oh shit shit Nike oh very Oh
I like this name the last word I just reaching up my sword at this
place Oh it’s at least the last one that fish so goddamn fish they’re failing so what’s this yeah Oh sushi for one this is a really fucking good game so
far really big like big move for that hotline Miami vibe shit feels good to be the boss mr. big dick himself ain’t no one trying
to mess with the beat isn’t that right colt is Russia put
number 43 hello I never knew I was strong enough
to crush someone with the door such a sad and stupid way to die you
leave this place I’ll have to confiscate this place from the for the thorns I’m
afraid hey you I’m suburban Satan seems like you’ve
gone through my guys quite easy my guys you know I love them right now there’s
just me but hey my dude you’re now you’re here good going but this is where
it is flip side bitch wait
we’re what Oh if you can’t get away from me then
there’s no worries yeah fuck you oh no this is it
I’ve wings death and shit imagine kill Piper gasps bitch like Mervin seasons now that’s the name you
hang over the fireplace that name comes home and puts on jeans cats if I’m
losing my weight to a chatters you doing this you think you’re hot shit don’t you
will you eight see nothing the gray zone is big in the real players
eradicate please if you’re gonna claim this place
as your own bury me in my bed in the backyard of 46 of us in one grade I don’t think we’re gonna be grave we kill damn bitches damn dude was lions there sure was a
whole lot of digging to do oh it is barely no pouting
I just feel off but by all this violence I kind of feel bad for them how do
people even end up like those guys what do you mean I don’t know my some
elaborate phones can maybe put it baby who are the real players not ever said
sure there are a lot of really tough guys in their zone you know but there’s
one guy who comes to mind you see that huge tower over there we-we-we up there
that one you have I see it I see something on top of that is not the
realest motherfucker in the zone guy comes out of nowhere takes on all the
top players it was 2,000 dead gogo shrimp daddy so
Daddy in the buggies fuckin destroyed photorealistic horse also dead no one
stood a chance against this lonesome motherfucker dog head was ruthless but
after becoming the illest guy in the zone he went away hit himself on top of
that power station some say he lost his mind I think he’s just biting this time
for what I’m not sure but in the wait for his return
gangster at the gray zone started to live the tower in hopes of coming closer
to their hideout now a power hierarchy takes place in the tower where a lower
tier gang stay at the bottom and the higher to live closer to docket I want to reach it to get the chance to
meet up to be just like nothing for the world you’re with me right you’ll help
me make this zone few of the thorns what are you to do with you reach them I
don’t know fight him probably and you’re gonna help
me we’re gonna have him and the rest of the gray zone kneel before our strength
but first any we should focus on raising some camp not a bad idea what are we do holy cow
see that thing it’s same stick bring up go over it sit on it sit on it yeah come
on it’s just a stick trust me it’ll be worth it I like it I like it
it’s sit on it trust me it’ll be worth it you save course I want to save it allowed you stay a talking lady terrific Azhar senior person slamming
Street it is oh yes just take a breath of that air
sulfur acid drops what crumpets and biscuits
I had nothing beat the sweet aroma of lawlessness ever see great misfortune in your future
great misfortune me shoo shoo shoo you little critters
don’t talk to these foul little mensen yachty they’ll fill your brain with
knowledge and fuck you guys I’m blocked in the future making the best food situation Jerry
Jerry Jerry how was that bloke not the father but fuckin baby looks exactly
like him can’t believe Jerry had to deliver on stage like that I can’t
believe that DNA test Jerry did by eating hair from the baby and the father
was legit Jerry sure is the gift that keeps on
giving I feel blessed Jerry Springer how are you
they just released a new flavor Indian stew and it’s fucking useless okay
usually tell people to stop buying this shit here they can force this one to be
non profitable like put this whole thing down fuck you machine all I’m not
thirsty anyhow you’re telling me you want to end this vending machines whole
career you’re funny not just the machines all the machines
you don’t you realize this thing is christina provides mold elision
beverages now you fuck this is the embodiment of the Elders parasite of
capital itself the fucker is reproducing there right in front of your eyes in
fact you the customer is breeding in do you think it’s a coincidence that we
can’t stop making these things pushing you in a new and exciting flavor each
month you imagine stopping production is leaving technology behind and going
backwards even the apocalypse is easier to imagine we’re already possessed by
this virus forcing our minds to attributed to its birth artificial
intelligence is not what it seems is a being from another reality trying to
force itself into our timeline we’re birthing the very creature that
will end us nevermind you try the trick so what the hell what do I do obviously there’s something I can do well are you painted
hey what the city pollution in the air so sad you can’t
see the stars anymore air used to be magical you can see it all from here so
clearly with the light pollution this is just another place to stare at the smog
yeah I kept hearing screaming that’s
embarrassing these pricks like you have a hand in his
pants hello two of you don’t have to be
associated with gangbang Nielsen Yanni I think these guys are narcs
here’s quick and lucky that we aren’t within our jurisdiction of bust your
garden gnome asses II shit-faced pygmy what do you want you might not see eye
to eye on a lot of things there’s a language to the both of us speak money
we got a shit ton of it I’m agent proto the last pro proto Val
Val ski and my partner here is Asian carbonara he is named after sandwiches
we’re from the Intelligence Agency ha Ron we’re here because we’re looking for
one upon two agents agent shakes flying in that gun missing they’re suspecting
one of the gangs in the zone kidnapping will pay you handsomely if you help us
extract them what do you say money find some guy in Basel
it’s not very gangsta ballers fuck to get paid amount of cash we need to raise some serious capital
this is my friend rates more prison and save some Jimmy the B game that sticks
around a place bad news buddy 13 I’m gonna do it I’m gonna leave prison but
Joe you love prison I know the president shut down along going that there’s
nothing really keeping me here but I’ve never felt prepared to leave
prison even after spending 14 years on the inside
I guess I’ve only been clambering on for the only thing I know bomb done I’m
getting out of here you know I can’t go with you I know they look like crap it’s okay you died with the prison did you change outfits very nice of you
guys to extract the agent flight you should probably be in protective custody
Godspeed you guys just breathe you’re really doing your nation service here
yeah whatever not so you guys just gonna chill in here while we do all the work
something like that this place is inside of our jurisdiction
we simply can’t going to kill a bunch of gangbangers I don’t have the proper
warrant that’s a powerful when lost in the hood right
breaking the boneyard fetch the agent get cash funny story let them touch how did you shoot me from a bank how did this shooting from up there what like it’s literally one study who shot me okay come on and yadi place some freaking madhouse
host often here in strong movie hopefully key to the protective custody
xin here it’s that fucking child at the end the thing oh dang must be the
warden’s office fancy room for such trashy prison oh look there’s gotta be a
key to the boneyard feels kind of obvious oh no motherfucking warden to this place
no one enters protective custody on my watch so there are you coward
yeah whatever I don’t need that crusty little punk to whoop you order that’s
the rock I’m Galileo murder boss get at me there we go only died the one time haha
this must have been the last of the bunch
nao-san yachty best you absolute scoundrel get up I’ll let
this one slip the next time I’ll force-feed you cat food but first let’s
get paid Carbonaro very killer seems we are too late such a shame agent blye misses a lot of information think about that man he’s in five
minutes committed suicide the minute they said loose ends I had a feeling if he gets doing my walking from here I
mean you don’t want something to seem to dropped off by the man right it should
only be a four mile walk you pricks those guys are the real crooks am i
right but hey dude you know this money for the
thrill you got it mitt that was something else
right perhaps perhaps what’s with you doesn’t anything excite you
what we did back there that was fucking crazy
when we got all this money are you that void of life you don’t even get excited
over that I’m not sure I don’t really reflect on this kind of stuff right now
it just feels like I’m standing in filth maybe you want to waste your life isn’t
nobody trying to hate your life not me though I’m gonna be the illest hustler
there ever was everyone is gonna know it well biggie that I was here you can do
whatever you want don’t kill the bait I want to help you
we can make a name for ourselves maybe you want to stay in nobody but I don’t
want to be a loser forever I don’t want to be a loser either I just don’t know if this is the way took the beginning at one more I want
I want to slow down thank you guys so much for watching that
was stark that she was violet be sure to stay tuned because I’m definitely gonna
play more when it comes out yeah be sure to LIKE comment subscribe
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