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KoB Kyne AvA Tactics

What is up Twitch, Facebook, YouTube! This is Dragon Slayer and we are streaming live in Cyrodiil. What is up KoB! [Pug] What up boss. Congratulations Ghostbunni! Outstanding
work gaining that Empress! [Ghost] Also, like anytime any enemy sees me now like 10, 20 of them all come running straight for me. Been killed a couple of times today but not too many. [Weber] With a day and a half left, we have more than two thousand points lead. But they can make that up in 24 hours so we need to make sure we hold on to those Emp keeps and hold on to those Scrolls. [Driz] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Dragon Slayer live stream! [Team] Yea, they’re going over to the Mine. Oooooooh. Avenged the
death of angel with the meatbag. King of Battle! [Team] That was a hell of a toss.
[Weber] Right!? Warheads on Foreheads! I need three volunteers. [What for?] I need two volunteers [Laughter] Volunteers are moving out to Winters. Let’s go. Right. We’ll go to the
Front Flag and then the Back Flag. AOEs. We are heading over to Bruma from
Winters, meeting Pug. [Ghost] Outer door is down to 12% at Ales. [Weber] Back flag, back flag. AOEs. Synergize. [Drizz] In a world, where Keeps fall and Emperor’s rise. KoB’s banners fly above them all! [Weber] Stealth up on crown when you get here. They’re not going to know we’re coming
here. This is the last place they’d expect us to hit. Right. You guys are gonna love this strategy when we’re done here, but… We are streaming so I’m not
gonna give it away right now. Sorry. All right. Let’s hit this door. Clear it. Everyone that’s here at Carmala, take
this Keep [Outpost]. [Driz] Fight it on the Ram. I can’t heal you
way over there. [Weber] Back flag. Good. DC’s attacking Roe, but guess what? They’re really gonna hate this next move. [Driz] I love it [Weber] Team up, siege up, and get into Discord. [KoB] [Too easy!] Don’t worry, we’ll be taking all those
other Keeps too. That’s right! Don’t be shy. Nut to butt. [KoB] [Going dark.] Ram is going up. Back Flag. All right. We are not bothering with
resources. We are riding straight to Glade. Right? All right, let’s take this
door. Front Flag. I think both the flags are flipped, so let’s rep this up. Rep it up. [Driz] Nicely done. [Weber] Got any guesses where we’re going next? They might have things well in hand at Ash, so… …let’s just get all the resources. Let’s do Mine, Lumber Mill, and Farm. Boom! [Team] They took Ash. Yes. We destroyed the map
tonight. All right. Thank you King of Battle. You did outstanding tonight. Congratulations Ghost on maintaining that Emp, gaining that Emp, maintaining that Emp. And, uh, hey. We are setup now, to win this campaign. We are, wait, 2500 points ahead. If we keep hold of this for next couple
hours, we’re pretty much guaranteed a victory in a day and eight hours. So… Outstanding work! Love it.

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