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Labrador plays with water. Hey, the water hound’s nature is released and he’s in the mountains~

I still don’t dare to go too high. I feel like I’ll fall. Wish me luck. I’d like to ask. Mr. and miss software. Get to know the journey. Have you ever swam?. Do you cross the river?. Have you climbed over the rocks?. As a graduation gift, I’ll take you for a swim in the mountain. Do you feel happy. Please be prepared. Don’t insult your Labrador. The face of the ancestors of Labrador as a water hound. I’m here again. You’re right. The last time I brought Kiki. And where they come to swim. But today I found my way. But I didn’t find the right place. The water is OK here. But there are too many people. Finally, the whole mountain. Finally, I choose this position. But there are still people today. But there’s no way. No other place was found. Drink the water at my feet. Come on. Splashed me all over. It’s all dog hair. You still catch fish. Come down. Cloth down. Behave well. Alas. Wow diving. Dive to dive. The Ball. A water Hound is a water hound. And dive. Now I’m trying to get the software in the middle. It’s still less daring now. Less daring to reach the water depth. Then I swam a little. Maybe it’s a bit insecure. But I am still eager to go swimming. I’ll take the rope to it now. Then bring it here. I’m in the water today, too. Behave well. Put it longer. You’re going to take me swimming. I’ll see if you can hold me. By the way, the software comes down. No go. You’re diving. Li. O. Here comes the software. Don’t come here. Software sit down. It sticks to me like this. Take a turn. Turn around. Then it’s my turn to play. OK, this is the video of this issue. Then we’ll see you next time. Bye-bye. I feel like I’m going to shit. Don’t pick up my shoes. Wait for me on your side. I still don’t dare to go too high. I feel like I’ll fall. Wish me luck.

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