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LOLO SAYS : Pardon my french

This video will be sponsored by Michael Jackson, Pink… … and some zebras! Hello guys! It’s Lolo! I don’t know if you noticed it but I have a little, little, little, little… I’m talking about my french accent, bloody perverts! But, it’s not that bad when you know from what I started. In fact, when I left France to New Zealand almost three years ago Yes! I know I was… …faty! fat! FAT! So, yes! At this time I couldn’t speak any English at all and I have learned English twelve years at school… Twelve long years! It’s as long as the series Grey’s Anatomy You know! It’s long! Really long! Ho! Yes! I knew few things like… Where is Bryan? Bryan is… … IN YOUR ASS! Say Hello to my little friend! Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me?! And from some educational websites… So with that I sought I would be fine! And then… a security guy talked to me at the airport. Sorry guys! You cannot sleep here until your next flight! We gonna close soon. And I understood… and from this moment I knew that my learning will be… …long. Really long! and during those 2 years I noticed 5 awkward situations that happen when your learning english This is crazy! From your first words Good morning! How is it going ? you have automaticly the tag I’M FRENCH written on your face and they all have the same reaction mmm….French? Are you? YES! Obviously…… and from that…The english speakers…They don’t really realize it but they start to talk to you like they would talk to a retard You…want…coffee…coffee…….coffee! So to make your life easier, you answer yes to every single questions and it works! but not all the times and that can get you involved in really bad situations sometimes Done! I have cleaned the septic under the house like you asked me! What?! Mate! I just asked you to bring some bread on your way to the house! HA! I will just have a shower and go! Too late mate! I already got some. HAAA!… …Okay. And then, when you get better, you understand almost everything but for that you have to be really concentrated, and that make you look like a dangerous psycho! and when you get better, you think you can speak a proper english but no! There is always a word they will not understand even if you think you say it properly and there is the problem with the pronunciation like i said : I have been to Byron Bay, it’s a ipy town and they say : ipy? no! I dont know ipy Hippie! HAAAAAAAAAA! Bloody “H”, it’s horrible for french natives we don’t pronounce it at all but english, that make the sens of the word and there is many things like that! Like the “R” or the “TH” I sink… I fink… I sfink… pfff…pfff. I believe! Fuck you! so to resume, even if it can be really frustrating the best way to speak english is being in an english speaker country so don’t be shy even if you are really confident with your english. Just talk, talk! Even if you talk, not a good english they can understand you, and help you to improve it! I hope you reconized yourself in this video and you english speaker I hope I make you understad us better how hard it is to learn your language. By the way! I just let you know If you cannot really understand me cause of my pronunciation or my french accent you can always activate the english subtitles in the YouTube settings Just Here! So, as usual, if you liked this video, Thumbs up! and share it! and for the social networks Better! Much Better! See you for a next video

  • C'est malheureusement TELLEMENT VRAI ! Par contre le côté "everyone is talking to me like I'm retarded" c'est un truc hyper courant en NZ, et hyper énervant, mais nettement moins fréquent dans les autres pays anglophones (USA, UK, Irlande, Maurice) que j'ai visités ou où j'ai vécu. Je sais pas si c'est le fait d'être aussi isolé sur leur archipel qui fait réagir les kiwis comme ça mais quand je vois la tronche qu'on me tire ici dès que j'ouvre la bouche, j'ai toujours cette scène qui me revient en tête : (avec le kiwi dans le rôle de Jacquouille, ce qui n'a aucun sens d'ailleurs). Idem pour le fait de mal comprendre mon accent, pourtant pas si prononcé, c'est hyper hyper fréquent en NZ, ça l'était pas du tout dans d'autres pays où les francophones sont moins rares. En gros tu as vraiment pas choisi le meilleur pays pour apprendre à parler anglais :))

    Bref je kiffe ta vidéo, pouce vert, following, partagé, toussa toussa !

  • Je me rappel ces cours d'anglais ou tu me demandais de l'aide parce que tu pigeait quedal !!! Maintenant les rôles sont inversés 😉 Je kiff t'endendre parler Anglais, tout comme je kiff tes vidéos ! Continue à nous faire rêver 😀

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