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Long Haired Dog Grooming Instructions : Dog Grooming Brushing Tips

One of the best ways of keeping your coated
dog in a nice coat is frequent brushing. So this dog here that we are working with had
a bath about 2 weeks ago. She was all brushed out for a show about 7 days ago. So if I want
to maintain that in her, I need to do frequent brushing. The more frequent brushing, the
less problems you are going to have to deal with mats. So if I am doing frequent brushing
on her, good girl, you can see that it is fairly easy for me to bring this pin brush
right through her coat. So this is just maintenance brushing and if you do frequent maintenance
brushing, you are really not going to have to deal with mats. If you bring your dog to
the groomer’s for regular brushing, you still ought to do frequent brushing at home to keep
up on the work that your groomer has done. That way when you bring your dog back to the
groomer, the groomer is not going to have to deal with a lot of mats. They don’t have
the same amount of time that you would have to work through the mats. So if you bring
a matted dog to a groomer, they are going to pull right through those, it’s going to
much less comfortable much less pleasant experience for your dog. If you have frequent brushing
session with yuour dog in between your more regular grooming stages or your dog’s appointment
to a groomer, then the coat will be nicely maintained and the dog will be mat free and
comfortable. It is also a way of finding out whether your dog has any debris stuck in their
coat such as leaves, twigs if you frequent the woods. Make sure your dog does not have
any parasites, ticks or fleas or anything else that might be unusual in your dog’s coat
or on the skin.


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