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Machine Spotlight: Peacemaker, a pug in a war tank!

hey there I’m stingray did you see who just broke through the doors of metal city let me introduce you to peacemaker the bringer of war sent to the tournament to fight for the imperial city of man fall and the honor of all zoomorphs general steel is one of the strongest generals of the empire peacemakers weapons are focused entirely on the strength of his tank bringing innovative elements into heavy metal machines because as you know this is the first time we see a war tank in metal city now the dogs are loose and they won’t stop until they bring their share of chaos to the arena peacemakers weapon one is supremacy shot peacemaker is loaded with large gauge cannon bullets ready to shoot whatever the barrel is pointed towards each bullet will deal damage to the first opponent it hits weapon one is a straightforward easy option to successfully intercept enemies peacemakers weapon 2 is bullseye the general fires a missile projecting a moving crosshair on the floor the missile explodes when it reaches maximum distance dealing damage and pushing opponents hit additionally activating bullseye after a missile launches will detonate it at the current position of the crosshair peacemakers weapon 3 is riot control because of the armor these makers tank is pretty slow to keep the dogs from getting cornered he can use riot control releasing a circular burst of energy to push enemies away from the war machine whether to protect yourself or an ally carrying the bomb riot control can provide a moment of relief in intense situations finally his special weapon is red carpet this weapon allows peacemaker to unroll a carpet of destruction on activation the dogs fire missiles in front of the machine that explode leaving a path of burning ground behind anyone who drives over the red carpet will be critically damaged red carpets damage output is insane so you better believe enemies will run from it like cats from dogs the generals tank is not as fast as other interceptors but you are not going to choose it for mobility right pick this machine if you’re looking for brute strength and some good old tank battles take advantage of its immense firepower and face your enemies like a menacing hound [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] you

  • Now I wonder how long I can fare against him chasing after me if I play black lotus… it seems much scarier than being chased by full metal judge.

  • I was just wondering when I should get back into HMM, AND NOW YOU INTRODUCE A WAR PUG IN A TANK CALLED PIECEMAKER!
    Well I am back in.

  • You forgot to mention the turret mechanic though, that allows you to lock the direction the tank is going in while aiming the turret.. its important, as shooting behind you is the only speed boost Peacemaker has :p

    All in all,he is a terrifying damage dealer that is kept in check by his awkward to use speed boost and being rather bat at chasing (as shooting the cannon will kill your speed). However, few things are as terrifying as a well-placed red carpet or landing the missile square in the middle of a big fight. He is acually a decent carrier as your boost also implies shooting a projectile behind you, something very few HMM characters can do. But the tank'smost definite trait is DEFINITELY massive burst damage with the missile.

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