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Man Believes Fiance Is Cheating After Riding In Car With Man (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
with the Cutlers. This is the case of
Davis vs. Dorns. You all grew up together, reconnected about
four years ago,
and you all are engaged, but that wedding
has been put on ice until you, Mr. Davis,
find out is Ms. Dorns, being
true to you. Is that true? That’s correct,
Your Honor. Would you share
with the court, what have been
the warning signs
for this matter? Well, I’m here today
to find out if my fiance
is cheating. I have recently caught her
on dating sites, I have recently
also had her riding around
with other fellows. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) I have had disturbance
at my household, where people are knocking
on my windows, (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) and beside every good man
needs a good woman. And that’s what I’m here
today in this court room
to find out. All right. So, Ms. Dorns, you’ve heard
these allegations against you. What are you here
to prove today? That I’m not a cheater, that the things
that Chris…
The accusations, that a lot of them
are just made up
in his head. because a lot of it
is so untrue. So you’re not just saying
that something’s
been misinterpreted, or misconstrued, you’re saying
it’s all in his head, completely made up,
never happened. About seventy percent
of it. KEITH: Okay, so… There’s thirty percent
out there
that might be true. Possibly. Portions of the story are true,
not the cheating part. DANA: All right. 30 percent is enough
to make you worried. Yeah. That was like,
“Hold up, wait a minute.” KEITH: Yeah. DANA: Okay. Has she ever been
cheating in the past? No, ma’am.
No. None. DANA: All right.
So why do you believe
she’s cheating now? Just recently,
about a month ago, I was in the bed,
about one or two o’clock
in the morning, we’re just sleeping
or whatnot. I mean, just having
a good time, and she… Her ringtone kept making
different ringtones. So I look through it
and there you have it. It’s a dating site
with her name on it. Why is an engaged woman
on a dating site? Okay, first of all,
when I… When I made the profile,
we were separated. Second of all, it’s the… The email… We wasn’t separated. Yes, we were.
We were separated. That’s not called “separated.”
It’s called getting space. When I made…
(SIGHS) You’re saying that you
got on this dating site ’cause you all
were separated. We were separated. DANA: You clearly do not agree
that you all had a separation. You just had some space. No, Your Honor…
Yes, its… He kicked me
out his house. DANA: And you’re here… That’s “separated.” Why didn’t you take
yourself off the app, when you all
got back together. To be honest, it was
so irrelevant to my life, like, I made it,
and I didn’t even go on it, I didn’t care about
the notifications, it was just general emails
coming through. So is this part of that
30 percent? That kind of looks bad… FRANKIE: Yeah. That’s it. It did happen, but you got
some explanation for it. That’s it. And you have not dated
anybody off of that website. I have not dated anybody
like I told him… When he caught it, I said,
“Well, here.” I opened up
the whole app. It will tell you
the last time
I’ve been on the site, Last time somebody
sent me a message, last time I replied
to a message. He didn’t wanna do it,
he like, “Oh, no, I trust you,
I trust you.” And then 24 hours later,
he flipped about it. I didn’t say I trust you.
I just said that I’m not gonna sit here
and keep arguing with you
about it. Okay. Okay. Mr. Davis, have you ever
caught her with another man? One day that I was
coming from home
from work, to bring some lunch, her daughter and her sister
was sitting on the porch.
Um… I was talking to her,
wondering why she
hasn’t come out yet. And next thing you know,
a Lexus pulled up
in the neighbor’s yard, and she got outside
with a male. So I goes over to question
and the dude was like, “I didn’t…”
Dude’s hands were like, “Man, I never
touched your girl. “I never talked to her
or anything like that.” So my question was,
where did you all go… So just unsolicited,
just out of the blue, “Hey, man, I didn’t do
anything with your girl.” That’s not true.
That’s not true.
That’s not true. Well, you know what,
if he was coming over there
like… He’s like, “Ho! Ho! Ho!
Wait a minute! “I didn’t do nothing.” Hands up. I mean, there are
many times we come home,
when the boys were little, and as soon as
you hit the door,
“I didn’t do it.” (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) “Didn’t do what?”
I mean… You know… You know
something’s happened. Well, I understand it,
but if you saw something broke, and the boys
were standing there, and you come
walking in there
like… (SCREAMING) So I can kind of see
that he’s coming at him
in a way that makes him think,
“Yo! Yo, man!
I’m not… I’m not…” I don’t know.
I don’t know. All right, so what happened?
Let me know what happened. Okay, so first of all,
me, my daughter
and my sister planned on moving
out of his home. We were on
really bad terms,
we were on bad terms… That’s not true. We were just in the process
of moving out of his home. CHRISTOPHER:
That’s not true. So this guy, he presented hisself,
like, with his sister,
you know, like, “You wanna go
hang out with us?” And my daughter,
my sister encouraged this,
so I did it. We were on bad terms. But you in your mind,
Mr. Davis, believe that
she had gone with him, and cheated with him. That quick.
In two hours. I did so, because… I don’t even know this man. I’d been at work
all morning, and they’re
just now pulling up. She has no business with him
in the first place. What it sounds like
is almost like a date. This guy calls,
“Do you wanna
go hang out?” And she’s like, “Yeah.”
So you go hang out. Was it a date? No, it was
my neighbor’s, uh…
Family member. It was like… That doesn’t
make it not a date. That doesn’t… No. It was not
a date at all. Okay, let me
get this straight.
Mr. Cutler, Mr. Cutler. Yes? What are you doing? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Nothing. Just chilling. Why don’t you
go with me to the park? All right. Cool. Is that…
Right now. Let’s just go. All right. All right. Okay, so is that a date? A specific place,
a specific time,
and… DANA: Specific person. Sound like a date to me. There was another incident
that happened too. All right, tell us
about that. We was staying
in a room, just… Laying there.
And all you here was…
(KNOCKS ON TABLE) So I’m stunned.
I jumped up like,
“Who is this?” It’s like one, two o’clock
in the morning. So I walked
outside the bedroom… You’re lying. And goes down
the hallway, and there you can
hear the voices, of them whispering talking back and forth
to each other, and they was
making their way
towards the kitchen. Who did you hear talking?
Who were these voices? It was two males. DANA: Two men? Yeah, it was two males. You’ve submitted some
pictures of this, correct? Yes. DANA: All right. All right, so that’s
a picture of your home. CHRISTOPHER:
The front window
will be my room. DANA: Your bedroom? Yes. KEITH: Is this…
right here where this is? CHRISTOPHER: Yes. KEITH: Okay. And I walk around to the hallway window
which is on the side. KEITH: The second window
back here. CHRISTOPHER: Right here. And they made
one last knock as a response
and kept on going. FRANKIE: Just like
if somebody… So what does that have to do
with your cheating allegations
against Miss Dorns? ‘Cause anybody… Because it’s not normal
for somebody to be
knocking on my window at two o’clock in the morning. So you think they were
knocking for her. CHRISTOPHER: Yes. But they know
you are in the house. Okay, what I really can say
about that is that, when I sleep,
I sleep real hard. because I work hard
at jobs, I work hard at my job. So when I’m asleep,
that’s like another thing too, she goes places
while I’m asleep. When I’m asleep,
she’s going. (AUDIENCE GASPS) He works third shifts. ‘Cause she knows, I’m not getting up. I mean, you can
thump me on my head, or whatever you want to
I’m not getting up. He works third shift. KEITH: But you say
he works third shift. He works third shift. So what are your hours
on third shift? Eight to six. So why were you home? A-ha! I took a day off
from work that day. Oh, so you weren’t even
supposed to be there. There it is. There it is. CHRISTOPHER: Yeah, I wasn’t
supposed to be there. Okay, you weren’t even
supposed to be there. CHRISTOPHER: Yes. You took a day
off from work. CHRISTOPHER: Yes, I… Why would I
bring somebody… You think they’re
doing a knock-knock
to get to boom-boom. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) CHRISTOPHER: I hope not. I still hope not. DANA: There it is. Nobody comes to
visit me without calling. And it’s usually
only my sister, nobody comes to visit me. Chris’s yard is a path, okay? He has a party house
when I move out, okay? Every time
we have a separation,
he has a party house. They don’t respect his yard.
They walk through it
all the time. I don’t… So what you’re saying is,
either this was people using the path to go
to the apartment complex. Uh-huh. Or some of his friends
trying to come party. FRANKIE: Exactly. But they were not
coming to see you. Not for me.
Not at all. Nobody comes to
visit me without calling. I see you brought
a witness, Ms. Dorns. My sister. Okay, would you please
step to the podium? DORIS: Thank you, Jesus. Let me help
this situation. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Would you state
your name please
for the court? Doris Smalls. Mrs. Smalls,
what is your relationship
to Mrs. Dorns. Her sister. Do you help your sister
cheat against Mr. Davis? DORIS: No.
This man here is crazy. How can she want to cheat
when he has a sand yard? He rakes the yard
when he leaves to see if any tracks…
Coming in to see her.
He’s crazy. So you’re saying
he rakes his yard. DORIS: Yes, ma’am. It’s sand in the yard. DORIS: Yes, ma’am. And he’s looking
for steps in the yard. To see if somebody have
walked through the yard. Okay. His yard… DANA: Mr. Davis,
is this true? That’s not true, Your Honor. It is true! I always clean my yard,
because, you know… If one tried coming there,
my sister been seeing a man. My sister stay
at my house
with me now, because he threw her out
because of whatever
stupid reason. Well, let me just ask. How do you feel about
your sister’s relationship
with Mr. Davis? I already told
both of them. If they do not
trust each other, they need not
be together. This man has a problem. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) When I first met her,
she already was
in a relationship that was rocky. And she was… Jumped into
a true relationship with me. Well, you know,
how you get ’em’s
how you lose ’em, Mr. Cutler. Yeah. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) So is that true,
Miss Dorns? That when you got with him,
you were with somebody else and weren’t quite
through with that?
There was some overlap? There was some overlap.
But I wasn’t in
a relationship. You know, like, we were
just reconnecting
on being friends. Hanging out. So, yeah, I was
still seeing somebody. Not in a relationship,
but just still seeing them. So it kind of overlapped. Well, you say that
you were overlapping
when you first met him. And now he feels,
right now, you over
in somebody else’s lap. (ALL LAUGHING) All right, let’s take a look
at what we have. Her phone rings
late at night, shows up,
when you look at it,
it’s from a dating app. You saw her in a car
with another man and you believe
that she is having relations with other men
when you are at work, and all of this has
caused you to believe that she is
cheating on you. CHRISTOPHER: That’s correct. And if you found out
she is cheating… Guess I’m done,
Your Honor. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) And Miss Dorns, you understand
what’s at stake here, right? FRANKIE: I do. KEITH: You understand
your relationship is at stake. Yes. It is.
It’s at stake
because he’s crazy. And when I prove
that I’m innocent, it could be done
possibly anyway, for the years of torture
that I’ve been going through
of being a cheater. So it’s a lot at stake,
both ways. FRANKIE: Exactly. Okay. And because of that,
this court has done a full
and complete investigation to get to the bottom
of these allegations. At this time,
the court would
like to call licensed private investigator
Patricia Echols into the courtroom
to determine
is she cheating? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) How are you, Miss Echols? PATRICIA: Fine,
how are you doing today? We’re great. We’re great. Could you please
tell us what you did to investigate
the cheating allegations
of this case. Well, so I went undercover,
and I posed as a litigant Who was coming
to court as well, because I was
accused of cheating. So as I was talking
to Miss Dorns, we became engaged
in a full-fledged conversation. DANA: Uh-huh. Did Ms. Dorns reveal anything
in this conversation? Today I brought the tape. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) So it sounds like
Miss Dorns admits to
flirting with other men. Was there anything else
that Miss Dorns revealed
during you conversation? It seems like, anything could happen
if she’s not happy
in her relationship. All right, Miss Dorns,
you admit that
you’re a flirter? No, we were just having
general conversation,
and I… She was actually…
I mean I didn’t know
she was a decoy. She was telling me
that… Okay. I know. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) But I was just speaking
in general when I said that. All right. Well, Miss Echols,
to further investigate
this case, A member of your team
conducted a polygraph
examination of Ms. Dorns. Is that correct? PATRICIA: Correct. And you have those results. Yes, I do, ma’am. DANA: All right,
let’s talk about them. Miss Dorns was asked, when your fiance Mr. Davis
surprised you with lunch, and you came home
with another guy, did you have
sexual intercourse
with that man? What was her response? She said, “No.” KEITH: What did
the lie detector
determine? The lie detector determined
she was being truthful. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) DANA: One more question.
Miss Dorns was asked, since being in
a relationship
with Mr. Davis, have you had sexual intercourse
with anyone other than
your fiance, Mr. Davis? What was her response? She said no. DANA: What did
the lie detector determine? PATRICIA:
The lie detector determined… The lie detector determined
she was being truthful. Yes! (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Mr. Davis, you seem
very happy to hear
those results. What do those tears represent?
Tell her what they mean to you. I’m sorry. (CHUCKLES) I’m sorry. I know. I know… Mm-hmm. You’ve been proven innocent. FRANKIE: Mm-hmm. You have not been cheating. Do you still want to be
in this relationship? I don’t know.
I honestly don’t know. Because it’s been
years of accusations, um, the pain… I mean, he crying today. But what about
all the tears I cried for not being a cheater? (ALL CLAPPING) DANA: Yes, sir. Can I say something to her? DANA: Yes, sir. So I’m sorry for everything
that I done to you. And I just wanna know… Aw! Don’t do that! Would you… I just want to know,
would you please… Don’t do that. Marry me. Don’t do that. Don’t do that. You need some counseling. CHRISTOPHER:
I’ll take counseling. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Okay. Okay. Mr. Davis, Ms. Dorns,
I would say to you
that you absolutely have an opportunity
to build something beautiful. And you need to
take that opportunity
if you’re both willing. We have counseling
available to you, So Dr. Jeff can
help you figure out how you can stop
being so suspicious and how you can
reopen your heart. As we say in this courtroom, do not cheat yourself
out of an opportunity to have a loving
trusting relationship. Court is adjourned. (ALL CLAPPING)

  • Honestly their relationship is what you call a mentally abusive relationship. I would know because I was in one. Glad she decided to move on and regain her freedom away from such a toxic man. Hopefully he gets the help he needs to treat the next women right.

  • That’s because this fool was doing stuff. Anytime one person is pointing all their fingers and toes at you…they cheating. He has a problem and I knew she wasn’t going to stay. Good for her that she left. All stress on her because he is very insecure. I would have left too. Who wants to be bothered with constant accusations and you KNOW you not doing nothing??? 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • I mean she’s looking for someone to save her and ran into him. She looks for the next man to save her when they get tired of her.

  • The guy came across as a pathetic wimp. I knew that woman was going to throw in the towel from the relationship towards the end and who could blame her.

  • She needs to leave this man alone. There are ppl who are like this who no matter what you do they will always be suspicious of you. Best advice is to leave cuz it won’t stop. It’ll get better for a little while and then he is going to go right back to accusing you. He is not secure with himself and takes it out on you he need professional help

  • I'm so thankful she put that proposal on hold. That's exactly what you're supposed to do. So many guys on these shows think proposing will put a band aid on the relationship. No. Solve your problems first and then propose.

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