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Match the Dog to Their Owner (Post Interview) | Lineup | Cut

– Walter’s really flatulent
and he just farted. (crew member laughs) It stinks so bad. (relaxing music) – My name’s Erin, this is Riley. He’s a rough collie. – My name’s Christian
and my dog is Walter. – Way too many, way too many. – Oh yeah, I know Jack did. I don’t know about me. – It was interesting that they matched me with the poodle, the designer
looking dog, two times, and then the pit bull. – I don’t know, she just looks
like a tough, tough bitch. – So I think I’m just
kind of hard to grasp. – I was surprised I was
matched as often as I was. But I also think it’s
funny that the other dog I was matched with, I’d kind
of consider his opposite. – Are you a dog person? – Definitely, yeah. – All right, I think
I’m gonna go with Jack on the final answer here. – I think people were
definitely overestimating their abilities to match dogs and people. – I feel like that’s your dog for sure. This dog really knows you. I think I did, that was the best one. I hope I got one of y’all right. – Right. – Yes, it’s very expensive. So, altogether, he was 2100 bucks, which is pretty pricey for a dog, but if you think about it in the long run, it’s kind of an investment, so you’re paying for companionship, you’re paying for a best friend. – People do have a tendency
to pre-judge people based upon their dogs. If you have a designer
breed like a French bulldog, you’re probably some rich yuppie who lives in an apartment
and works for Amazon. If you have a pit bull,
you’re probably aggressive and your dog is probably aggressive and you’re a big gangster thug type, probably not gonna be the case. I’ve been working with dogs
since I was three years old. I’m 29 now, and I’ve never
been bitten by a pit bull. They’re just the sweetest, so. – I was really impressed
by how much comfort everyone’s dogs brought them. It’s crazy, there was a service dog and an emotional support
dog, and then there were just people struggling with
depression and their dogs help them with that too, even if they’re not an
official service dog. – He came into my life at a point where I didn’t really care
that much about my life. I wasn’t motivated to do anything, and it was just really good for me to have somebody else to take care of in the days that I didn’t even wanna take care of my own self. – When I was in the military, I got stationed over in Spokane. I really felt out of my element, and I wouldn’t say I was depressed, but I was definitely
heading down that road. I just kind of pulled the trigger, I started looking around for a dog, and found this guy, he was,
I think, three weeks old when I saw him on the internet. – My mother, she grew up with collies and fell in love with them, which is how our family ended up with
Riley, but unfortunately, when I was 13, she took her own life. So that was, of course,
really difficult to deal with, but on top of that, I have
an immune system disorder, so I was very sick, especially as a child, and hospitalized a lot. So to always have Riley around was really, really great. He’s just been a rock for me. – With my panic disorder, you never know when you’re just gonna break down, and so it’s
nice with him because it’s almost like they pick up on it, when you’re starting to gradually have those smaller symptoms. – I’m actually kind of nervous right now, which is why Jack’s in my lap. He was originally told to sit, and he obviously did so immediately, but what he’s doing now is
called intelligent disobedience, where he knows that he’s
supposed to be sitting but he can sense that
I’m needing his presence. What they call this is
deep pressure therapy. – He just gives me all
the love that I need. He brought me out of a really dark place. He was bought for me for my depression. And the day I got him,
I could already feel less worthlessness. – He eases my anxiety and my nervousness. – He loves everybody,
everything, every animal. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. – Oh yeah, oh yeah. I want ten. (laughs) – We really don’t deserve dogs. They’re so great. (groovy music)

  • “I’m 21 and I’ve NEVER been bitten by a pit.” J have a blur noes pit and she’s the sweetest thing.

    Who can relate!?

  • Is that one crying 2:05

    Or did she have to many beers.. we will never know….
    Just kidding… or maybe not………

  • This is a great video. I do wish that they took more time to explain Service Dogs and ESAs though. The owner of the ESA didn't seem to completely know herself, and didnt quite give a clear answer. Service Dogs are highly trained to perform specific behaviors known as 'tasks' , in order to mitigate the handlers disability/disabilities. Also, please note – Therapy dogs are trained to provide emotional support for many people, that are not the handler and ESAs require no training and therefore have no public access rights.

    My Service Dog in training is snuggled up against me as I type this. Such a good boi

  • I dont know if you want to read this or if this is something interesting to read but my mom rescued a dog (hes a mamas boy) and we took him in. Ummm…I have disability (asthma ,allergy to almost everything,bronchitis and mental disorder ( i still dont know what exactly but i think borderline personality disorder)) and my our dog when he sees me struggling he always comes to me just to lay next to me or lick my tears of my face. I mean he supports me in any way he can so im really grateful that i have him in my life. Right now hes wirhy mom in another city and im having a depressive episode so its really hard for me and when i saw the owners with mental problems or any other i felt i can get through this because i will see my dog soon. Anyway best of luck to everyone,i hope you have a great day ^^ ❤

  • I love love love that jack’s owner brought up the fact of stereotypes within pits because that was such a horrible thing that girl said when trying to match jack with their owner :/

  • Another great video from you guys! I love watching all of your videos. This one in particular made me cry. I love dogs like nothing else and miss my beloved dog more than anything in the whole world. She right, we dont deserve dogs!

  • Pitbulls are the sweetest. Never bitten by a pitty either. My dad loved pitbulls I grew up with them. I was attacked with kisses that's about it.

  • Uིnིiིdིeིnིtིiིfིiིeིdི fིlིyིiིnིgི oིcིtིoིpིiིeི says:

    Why am I crying kdkdkdjjsjsks

  • Everytime I hear people talk about how pit bulls are so sweet and getting upset that people think they are aggressive. Idk if it's just me but I've literally never met a friendly pit bull. I go to multiple dog parks in multiple cities around me. I see a ton of them. And it's sad to say that every single time I see them there end up being an attack. I tried not to pre judge them. But I honestly should have. My dog was attacked pretty bad and for absolutely no reason. He was literally minding his own business and the owner let his pit off the leash and he went straight for my dog. I've had experiences where one killed a small dog, seen one attack a dog and broke it's paw, neighbors dog was in critical condition after one bit it's face, multiple dog fights at dog parks where the owner has to put them on a leash or take them out of the park immediately, cousin has a pit bull that attacked their other dogs and has to be separated from them at all times, I literally have never met a pit bull that was sweet to other dogs. They may be sweet to their owner but not to other dogs. If it's not a breed thing then it's a crazy coincidence. After my experience I will be forever hesitant to have my dog go near a pit bull. Hate to say it but the odds are just not in our favor.

  • 1:50 same I've had 2 Pitbulls in my life but I am 9 but anyways I've never once gotten bitten by them the dog that I grew up with died when he was 5 and also when I was 5 and he was my little buddy so I missed him a ton and I've always had a connection with Pitbulls, and I currently have a pitbull I am not going to lie he is kind of crazy but he really does love me and I know it because when we're walking down the street if he sees anyone he starts to bark but when I say stop he would stop and be calm.

  • Why do people pay that much for french bulldogs it’s stupid you should have to pay less for them because they get so many health problems I don’t not like the breeding of french bulldogs or bulldogs or any dog like that because the owner pays loads of money for a dog that is the most likely to get problems because of there face they get breathing problems and some have to have surgery because of the skin being rolled around the nose it causes irritation so they have to have surgery to take away some of the skin they also get eye problems and I just don’t agree with breeding these breeds

  • I like how all the people with serious issues are the ones that are not super dramatic. Then all this "panic dis-order" and "anxiety" im sorry but everybody has that.

  • I’d just like to remind everyone that we fully control the breeding of French bulldogs and these dogs will be born with a myriad of health that include spin and respiratory health. These genetics ultimately lower the dogs quality of life.

  • ya'll shut up with this whole "adopt dont shop" bullshit. i'm sorry there are so many dogs in shelters, but why should that sway who i purchase a dog from? p.s., "adopt dont shop" means dont buy from backyard breeders/pet shops, NOT responsible breeders. i have a medical alert and mobility assistance dog who comes from a respectible breeder. he was nearly $3,000! but, would i have risked adopting a potentially unstable mutt OR purchase from an AKC registered breeder who only breeds the most genetically sound and bombproof dogs? dont judge people because of how they choose to get a dog. theres so many other good dogs out there that you actually know the medical history, genetic history, family tree and temperment of BEFORE bringing them into your home.

  • I WANT TO MEET THE FRENCH BULL DOG! I have always wanted one and I think they are so fucking cute.

  • I waa guessing thru the original episode n literally got all of them right!! Its crazy how accurate it is that dogs literally match their owners personality💖💖💖💖💖💯

  • My first reaction was that the asian girl on the left had the french bull dog because my cousin looks like her and has one lmao

    Also Riley’s owner’s voice sounds so… shattered. It’s heartbreaking ;-;

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