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Meet Cute Pups by Dog Walking

>>In 2013, I was voted as Pet Sitter of the Year, and along with some of the other perks,
you get this incredibly wonderful crown. The best part of it was that I was nominated by my clients. Is it crooked? I’ve always had a love of animals. And as I got older, I found that my passion for animals
was continuing to grow. I was working in the corporate world. I was doing consulting, working with business executives,
teaching them how to be more organized. And although I enjoyed what I was doing, it was more of a job
than it was something that I was really in love with. I am 68 years young and I am the owner
of Mission Valley Pet Sitting Services. In the first couple of years, it was unbelievable how quickly it started to grow, and I was doing overnight visits. I hardly ever slept in my bed ’cause I was so busy. And I’m now currently up to six employees
and two independent contractors, so business is wonderful. Tweeky, I love you. I think the people who live in San Diego are wonderful. They’re laid back, they’re easy to get to know and easy to get along with,
and they’re super pet-friendly. I think the best part of my day
is always the doggy kisses that I get and the wagging tails when I walk in the front door. It’s a labor of love, without question. It’s not just about finding something to do
to fill your time. You really need to search your soul and see what gives you joy,
what gives you satisfaction. People will tell you you’re crazy. People will tell you
that it’s too late in your life to do it. Hold on to the dream, hold on to the passion,
and go for it.

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